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The most beautiful bend on a woman’s body is her smile


Women with a bend of the spine of 45.5 degrees are the most attractive for men

(picture by The University of Texas at Austin).

The role is played not so much by the size of the buttocks, but by the deflection of the spine, allowing the woman to bear the maximum number of healthy children

(picture by The University of Texas at Austin).

Psychologists from the University of Texas at Austin conducted a study of the reasons why men breathe unevenly to women with particularly prominent bends in the body. As it turned out during the work, male preferences have evolutionary roots.

In their article published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, the authors write that the optimal bending of the female body from a male point of view is approximately 45.5 degrees. This term, scientists called the "theoretically optimal angle of lumbar curvature." It is this bending of the body in this area that provides optimal support for the body and contributes to a healthy multiple pregnancy.

“Our study proves that beauty standards in human society are not formed arbitrarily, but as a result of a certain evolutionary experience,” says co-author of the study, David Buss, professor of psychology at the University of Texas.

To participate in the experiment, scientists invited 100 male volunteers to their laboratory. They were shown images of the female body with different levels of bending of the lower back and, accordingly, with different volumes of the gluteal region. Most men chose pictures where the bend was approximately 45 degrees.

“It is this structure of the spine that allows women to correctly distribute the load on their hips during pregnancy. Moreover, ladies with such bends more effectively breastfeed their offspring and less often suffer from spinal injuries. For men, this has an obvious advantage: they can start large families without risk remaining widowers, "explains lead author David Lewis, who now works with Bilkent University in Turkey.

Scientists also decided to find out whether love for bends is a simple consequence of male love for lush female buttocks and whether this preference really reflects attention to the corner of the bend of the spine itself. To do this, the researchers invited two hundred more male volunteers.

The subjects were shown images of female figures with buttocks of different sizes and with different curves of the spine. It turned out that regardless of the size of the buttocks, men preferred women with a "theoretically optimal angle of lumbar curvature" equal to 45.5 degrees.

Psychologists note in a press release that the observed tendency to choose a life partner or just a sexual partner in its bends of the spine has developed over millennia. Men who “made bets” on a partner with a less or more curved body simply dropped out of the evolutionary race, as their chosen ones could not give them plentiful and healthy offspring.

You were born to be real, not "perfect"

“The most beautiful curve on a woman’s body is her smile,” Bob Marley.

Society standards strongly influence our self-perception, forcing to create false expectations about our own external data. Forcing us to focus on something and hide something, on the contrary.

Probably, now we have reached such a degree of obsession with this that we feel at ease when we just paint and dress beautifully. All this, of course, is good, but if only our desire to look perfect does not cease in mania, and we do not begin to suffer because of this. In any case, in order to feel comfortable, we need to learn to love ourselves as we are.

Love yourself, woman!

No woman is smarter than one who knows how to make others treat herself with respect. No woman is more beautiful than the one who has a big heart. No woman is stronger than one who believes in herself.

No woman is more delightful than one who knows how to maintain her dignity. There is no woman more harmonious than the one who really knows herself. No woman is happier than the one who values ​​herself.

Take care of that dearest love that will always be with you - love for yourself. Because it is she who makes you beautiful and writes melodies in your heart.

Smile when you think about yourself. Love yourself for who you are, not what others think of you. Understand that what you call flaws is your gift that makes you unique.

Remember that you were born to be real. Do not wish to be anyone but yourself. If you dream of the moon, reach out and take it. Because everything you can imagine is much closer than you think.

No one argues that the past years with all their worries do not pass without a trace for us. But a woman is able to remain beautiful always.

Carefully keep all the good that you have. Be mindful of what you intend to bring to your life. Stop talking again and again that you need to lose weight, do a hairstyle or makeup.

Remember that you must love yourself and that smiling is the only way to be beautiful always.

The past years can change us beyond recognition, change everything in us - except for a smile that will remain as charming until the end of our life as in our youth.

Therefore, try every day to give a chance to become the best day in your life. And do not forget that only you yourself can make you feel like the most beautiful woman on Earth.

We correct posture and make the figure harmonious

To make a beautiful back, how to pump muscles, you need to correct muscle imbalances.

Most often, a modern person suffers from two ailments of posture:

  1. rounded shoulders,
  2. rounded back and head extended forward
  3. the pelvis tilted back, which smooths the lumbar lordosis (deflection).

The result is a posture in the shape of the letter S, which in women is manifested by the absence of priests and breasts.

All corrective corrective exercises!

We remove the stoop and the widow's hump

There may be several culprits of the problem. The trapezoid and the muscle that lifts the shoulder blade are in constant tension, which provokes migraines. They can not be stretched, as this will only exacerbate the situation, lower your head below. The pectoralis minor muscle, the latissimus and upper part of the press are clamped, need stretching. The rhomboid muscle, the middle and lower part of the trapezium, the extensors of the back - are overstretched, need to be strengthened. To resolve this “office” problem, the following steps need to be taken.

To begin with, we will increase the mobility of the thoracic spine, which has stiffened over the years of working at the computer.

To do this, roll the muscle layer:

  • Lie with your back on two tennis balls hidden in a sock, move from bottom to top to the shoulder blades,
  • Next, you need to lie on your back, bend your knees and tilt them to the right to the floor, roll over on your side and stretch your arms forward. Then raise your left hand and touch the floor on the left side of the body. Repeat with the other hand 10 times. Do not crush the spine!
  • You can stretch your chest with the doorway: rest your elbow on the jamb and hang, feeling the stretch in the place of attachment of the shoulder,
  • Now you need to work out the activity of the shoulder blades: stand with your back to the wall, bend your elbows and spread apart. Without tearing them away from the wall, slide up to the elbows, straighten back,
  • For training the neck muscles: place a finger on the chin and slide it back with the movement of the head,
  • You can improve the mobility of the upper body and stretch your hips like this: stand with your foot on the sofa, pick up a stick like an oar, perform boat movements from top to bottom (the movement starts from the top point on the side that corresponds to the raised knee). Try to get the stick as far back as possible, but avoid pain,
  • Exercises for the back and shoulders will allow you to quickly adjust your posture. It is necessary to do push-ups with a T-spread. Push out, then turn around in the side bar, raising your hand up, while the body should move synchronously with the shoulders, not overload,
  • While practicing in the gym, you can do the pull of the horizontal block while standing: grab the rope with both hands and pull it to your face, trying to keep your elbows up and your shoulder blades to get as close as possible. At home, the exercises are replaced: take two bottles of water of 1 liter, lean forward, keeping the lower back straight and spread your arms to the sides - hold for 1-2 minutes,
  • We strengthen the rhomboid muscle, lying on a bench in the hall or at home on two composed chairs. Lie on them with your chest and stomach so that your shoulders and arms remain awning. First, extend both arms forward and raise them from the floor to the parallel. Then spread your arms to the sides and raise them, pushing the thumb up (giving a sign of your lower trapezoid - everything is cool, you work). Then bend your arms at the elbows so that they form the letter W, perform similar arms lifts to parallel.

You can make a beautiful back at home without visiting the gym. The regularity of the exercise complex is important.

As a warm-up before the main workout, it is useful to use the following exercises:

  1. ball hamstrings, buttocks and calves,
  2. stretch a camel-cat on all fours, arching the back with a wheel and deepening the deflection (without much zeal),
  3. place two tennis balls in the sock and lie on it with the thoracic spine, rolling along the muscles,
  4. standing to raise the knee and grab it with your hands, not allowing the pelvis to lean back and the shoulders to bend,
  5. make a variety of swing legs, it is possible with an expander or weighting.

It is contraindicated to do any lifting of the body in a prone position for the press!

Workouts for a beautiful back deflection

How to make a deflection in the lumbar region - the one that makes the butt visually larger and the waist slimmer? To form a natural deflection, it is necessary to strengthen the lower body in front (hips) and the upper body in the back (trapezium, shoulders, extensors of the back). The reason is not only beauty and aesthetics.

The back of the pelvis has many bad consequences:

  1. flat butt and bulging belly,
  2. high risk of developing a hernia of the spine,
  3. risk of injury when lifting weights,
  4. the inability to perform exercises correctly in the gym.

The reason is the constriction of the external oblique and rectus muscles of the abdomen, buttocks and hamstrings. Posture resembles a tug of war between the buttocks and calves and the hamstrings. Most people think that the reason is in the hips, and you need to do a quality stretch. However, the lack of flexibility in the back of the thigh is just a consequence.

Hip flexors, iliac muscle, rectus femoris, and back straighteners need to be strengthened.

The first thing you need to align the lower back. Using a foam roller or small elastic ball, massage the buttocks, hamstrings, calves and inner thighs. To activate the lumbar pillars, you need to test: stand close to the wall, pressing with your shoulder blades and buttocks, bring your thigh to your chest so that the knee is higher than at an angle of 90 degrees.

If it is not possible to hold the position for more than 20 seconds, then the lumbar muscles are weak.

To strengthen them, you need to repeat the exercise daily and gradually increase the time. Make sure your lower back is firmly against the wall.

Accustom yourself to regularly stretch your buttocks: lie on the floor, spread a double folded towel under your lower back, and pull your knee to your chest. The second leg should lie directly on the floor. Add a hamstring stretch with a towel or belt: lie on the floor, put the belt on the foot of the leg raised up, pull the belt with both hands and straighten the knee. The second leg is straight on the floor.

It is also necessary to strengthen the front of the thigh, performing squats, deadlift and back lunges. At the same time, do deadlift on straight legs to train the lower back. Keep the bar with a neutral lower back - choose this position by rotating the little fob up and down so that the abdominal muscles are in tension. Stand at the bar for 30-60 seconds, doing three sets.

It will not be superfluous to stretch the press in the position of the cobra or bridges. However, for back pain, avoid sharp bends. Perform a gentle camel pose: kneel down, grasp the heels with your hands, bend the body as much as possible with an arc, revealing the chest and shoulder joints. While sitting, “remind” yourself of the need to support the lower back with a towel tied tight around the waist.

In the gym it is useful to perform squats, deadlift with dumbbells on straight legs, deadlift
vertical block and traction of the horizontal block until burning in the muscles of the back, shrugs with dumbbells (raising the shoulders).

At home, exercises can be performed with a bag filled with bags of cereals for 6-8 kg. Squat, holding the bag in two hands at chest level, and leaving the back straight, leave the pelvis back while lowering.

Starting position: stand straight, bend in the lower back, grab a bag in both hands by the handles.

Taking the pelvis back, lean forward without bending your back - feel the stretch of the back of the hips and hamstrings. Return to starting position, straining the buttocks.

There are many exercises for a beautiful back, but all of them are aimed at solving posture problems.

Remember that a large deflection is not only beautiful, but in some cases problematic. Excessive deflection or hyperlordosis increases the risk of hernia formation when bending to the floor, and also needs to be corrected.