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6 worthy DIY gifts for Mother's Day


Every country celebrates Mother's Day with great joy, ours is no exception. It is celebrated annually, on the last Sunday of autumn. Among the huge number of holidays - this one is special. On such a day, attention is paid to the women who gave us life, the dearest to everyone - our mothers. Best of all, your love and appreciation will help to express the words, well, a gift will perfectly complement them. You can do it yourself.

Greeting card with camomile

You will need:

  • a sheet of white paper
  • color cardboard
  • glue,
  • decorative paper with a pattern or a piece of wallpaper,
  • pencil,
  • stationery knife,
  • colored paper.

Now you need to follow these steps.

  1. Draw a daisy petal template. Then transfer it to the paper and cut out of white paper about 32 petals and two circles for the core.
  2. Bend the petals slightly in the middle and use a pencil to twist their edges outward. Then glue half of them in a circle to one core, and the second half to the other. So you should get two daisies.
  3. Glue two flowers together, and then in the center of the top, stick a circle cut out of yellow paper. Bend a sheet of yellow cardboard in half. Draw a flower on any paper that resembles a camomile.
  4. Carefully cut it so as not to damage the sheet. Now attach the template to the side of the cardboard that you marked the front, and move the drawing to the center of it. Now carefully cut the flower.
  5. From a paper with a picture or wallpaper, cut a rectangle equal in size to the page of the postcard, and then stick it inside (if you have a color printer, you can print the pattern template below).
  6. Cut out several thin strips of green paper and curl them a little with scissors. Glue the strips in the upper corner of the card to the right, then attach a daisy near them. Draw and then cut a ladybug and glue it on the flower.

Flower card

Incredibly beautiful are cards made using the quilling technique. This technique seems difficult only at first glance, in fact, even a child can make a gift for mom, using it.

You will need:

  • double-sided colored paper,
  • wooden skewer or toothpick,
  • scissors,
  • glue.

Instructions for creating a postcard are presented below.

  1. Cut lengthwise into strips of 5 mm wide green paper. Wind one of the strips onto a stick, remove it and let the paper slightly unwind. Then glue the end of the strip to the base.
  2. Holding the circle on one side, squeeze it on the other, as a result, you should get a figure resembling a leaf. Make five of these leaflets.
  3. Now let's start making large flowers. Cut out several strips of colored paper, 35 mm wide (cut a sheet of paper lengthwise). Fold the strip 4 times and on one side cut it into thin stripes, not reaching the edge of about 5 mm.
  4. From orange or yellow paper, cut strips having a width of 5 mm. Twist one of them tightly and fix its end with glue - this will be the core of the flower. Now glue the lower end of the fringe strip to the core and twist it around.
  5. Glue the end of the fringe strip with glue and spread the petals out with a toothpick. Make the required number of flowers. Small flowers are made in the same way as large ones. The only thing is that the strips for them should have a smaller width of about 25 mm.
  6. The middle can be made two-color, for this, use thin stripes of different colors, for example, red and orange.
  7. Screw a small segment of the orange strip, then glue the red strip to it, make the required number of turns, then glue the orange strip again, wind it and fix it.
  8. To make a two-color flower, first make the basis for a small flower. Without bending its petals, glue a fringe strip of a different color and larger size around the base of the workpiece.
  9. Now you need to make a few curls, for this, fold the green stripe in half. From the bent end, twist it onto a stick, then let it straighten.
  10. Glue the sheet with the inscription to the base of the card (as a sheet of cardboard is suitable for it), then collect the composition and fix it with glue.

Wall newspaper

In addition to postcards for beloved mothers, you can make a poster. The wall newspaper for mother's day can be performed using completely different techniques. For example, a drawing, applique, a collage of photos, you can use the same techniques as for making cards.

Whatever you decide to make a wall newspaper, be sure to write to the most dear person at least a few kind words and pleasant wishes.

Congratulations to our mothers with soul and love!

Mom is the dearest person in our life. She loves us simply for what we are, poor and rich, successful and unfortunate, sick and healthy. We can always rely on it in everything. Mom is a man who will never betray.

All over the world they celebrate Mother's Day, however, at different times. In our country, the holiday of those who gave us life is celebrated since 1998 on the last Sunday of November. This year this day falls on November 25th.

On this Day, My dearest person wants to give something so that my mother’s eyes will be lit up with joy. To make her feel your love and care. Therefore, a handmade gift, in which not only labor and time is invested, but above all the warmth of the soul and hands of her children, will become the best for mom.

That is why today we have prepared for you several options for crafts. Among them you will surely find an interesting gift idea for your mom.

Quilling card

Recently, this technique has become quite popular. With her help, craftswomen create real masterpieces. And we offer a simple version of the card, which you can decorate and diversify to your taste.

Material for work:

  • colored paper
  • scissors,
  • glue,
  • toothpick or wooden skewer.

1. From green colored paper we will make strips of 0.5 cm. Then we wind each of them onto a skewer. Removing from the skewer, let her turn slightly. We fix the end with glue. Squeezing, slightly stretching, the result is a "drop" figure. Similarly, you need to make 5 pieces of such "droplets."

Our article will help you master the art of quilling.

2. Next, we cut 2 strips of bright colored paper with a width of 3.5 cm. Fold and cut from one edge (do not cut to the end!) With “noodles”.

3. Now we take colored paper of orange and yellow color and cut strips of 0.5 cm from it. We twist one such strip on a skewer and glue its end. Take the blank with "noodles" at the edges and glue this detail in a circle.

The ends of the "noodles" are well fixed with glue. It turns out an original flower with a bright core.

Thus, we master the number of flowers that you plan to put on a postcard. You can make flowers of different sizes. The size of the strips for small flowers is approximately 2.5 cm.

4. Now make the stems and leaf. To do this, cut a strip of green paper, fold it in half and twist on a skewer. When removing from the skewer, the strips should slightly unwind.

5. Glue pre-written words of congratulation for mom to a sheet of colored cardboard. Then we create a composition from the flowers made and glue to cardboard.

The composition, size and color scheme you can think of the most diverse. For decor, you can take beads, beads and sparkles. The main thing is that it be in moderation and consistent with the task of composition.

You can experiment with other techniques.

Box with congratulations

Not only an original, but also a useful thing - a box made using the scrapbooking technique. This technique creates truly unique pieces of art.

How to make a box with your own hands read more in our article

You can not even make the box itself, but take a finished one and decorate it in an original way. Literally everything is useful for the decor of a future gift - beautiful wrapping paper, pieces of guipure and lace, braid, satin ribbons, outdated jewelry, buttons, beads, beads, etc. In addition, you can make flowers yourself to decorate your casket.

Paper rose assembly diagram

Assembly diagram of a flower from foamiran

More details on how to make flowers from foamiran in our article

Handmade jewelry box decor ideas

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At the end of the work, in the box made by yourself, put congratulations. You can take baby cards or just cut strips of colored paper. In each of them write wishes, poems or proverbs dedicated to mom.

It will be unusual and touching. And most importantly, it will be remembered for a long time. After all, wish cards will be stored in my mother’s archive.

What can you write on baby cards?

  • Good health!
  • Optimism!
  • May all wishes come true soon!
  • Eternal youth!
  • More free time!
  • Stability!
  • Peace of mind!
  • Good news only!
  • The right gifts and pleasant surprises!
  • Let only good people meet on your way!
  • Good luck in job!
  • Caring and understanding loved ones!
  • There is so much money that enough for everything!
  • Chatting with interesting people!
  • Radiant mood!

Brooch from foamiran

Original and very beautiful gifts can be made from foamiran. This material quickly won the love of needlewomen, thanks to its remarkable qualities. Floral products from it look just like alive.

An exclusive brooch or handmade hair clip will certainly surprise and delight a loved one.

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How to make a brooch from foamiran see this master class

What other gifts can a child make on Mother's Day? Read in our article

Bouquet in a pot of napkins

In addition, you can make a very beautiful bouquet of flowers from ordinary napkins. This bouquet looks very stylish, despite the cheapness of the material used.

Materials for work:

  • colored or white napkins,
  • PVA glue,
  • stapler
  • scissors,
  • an empty flower pot or an empty pea, dried, jar, etc.,
  • Balloon.

1. First of all, slightly inflate the ball 30 cm in diameter. Or the size you plan to make a bouquet for.

2. Next, finely tear the napkins and glue the balloon over them. Do not touch the tip of the ball with thread. Because then he will need to be removed. Now we wait until the ball dries thoroughly. Meanwhile, we make flowers.

3. We fold the colored napkin in half and use the stapler to fix it in the center. Round off along the edge, make small cuts with “noodles” and, at the end, slightly fluff. Such flowers will need at least 20. It all depends on the size of the future bouquet.

If you want to make a flower two-tone, then fasten napkins of different colors.

4. After we made the flowers, we begin to stick them on the ball. Glue tightly without leaving gaps.

Bead tree

A tree is a symbol of the Universe, the dynamism of our life, its renewal. In addition, the Tree symbolizes the Feminine principle - protection and support, food and shelter. Many trees in Slavic culture are carriers of female symbolism. Therefore, it will be appropriate to present the original tree-symbol of the Eternal Feminine as a gift on this holiday.

In Russian folklore, Birch is a symbol of a young girl and patroness and even healer of all females