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How to enable invisibility VKontakte: affordable and safe ways to stay invisible


Have you sometimes - or often - felt that you are becoming invisible to others? What you are not noticed and ignored? What do people seem to stop seeing and hearing you?

This is because, first of all, you yourself do not look at yourself, and other people treat you the same way you treat yourself.

If you continue to follow these 4 tips, you will become a real person - invisible.

1. Ignore yourself

How often do you not pay attention to what you really feel? Constantly hiding your feelings is not a good idea, because feelings are the source of self-control; they show us whether we love ourselves, whether we care about ourselves or give up on ourselves.

When you ignore your feelings, you tell yourself that they are not important to you. But if what you feel is not important to you, then how can it be important to others?

What do you do when you feel anxiety, depression, pain, anger, loneliness, or grief? Are you trying to get rid of feelings, to stop feeling them? Do you blame yourself for what you feel? Do you try to ask feelings with alcohol, food, drugs, cigarettes or drugs? Are you immersed in some activity, such as watching TV, shopping, work or sex? If you yourself are trying to forget yourself by any means, then it is not surprising that others will forget you.

Trying to avoid feelings by switching to something else works for a while, but in the long run it turns out that you are left alone and completely empty. As a result of such a rejection of yourself, you become invisible to yourself, which as a result leads to invisibility in the eyes of others.

2. Do not assert your innocence

You can rush to the defense of your child like a lion, even if the child is wrong. But why then you cannot say a word in your support? You tell yourself that you are right and just do not want to stir up a conflict.

But when you constantly retreat, get away from conflicts, you show others that they should not reckon with you.

Can you silently bear someone else’s condemnation, assessment or disrespectful behavior towards you? But you yourself show others how to treat you. Constantly stepping back a step, you yourself teach people that you can not strain and do not treat you with respect.

3. Enter into one-sided relationships

You are used to listening to others talking for hours about themselves and quietly hoping that they will ask you to tell about yourself (which happens very rarely).

Of course, people like to spend time with you, because you are “free ears”, you can listen well, but as long as you ignore yourself, others will ignore you too.

If you are in such a one-way relationship with your friends and acquaintances, then you are teaching these people to ignore you.

4. Try to please everyone

Many of us were told in childhood that we should first take care of others, and only then about ourselves. We were told that being selfish is bad.
And if in the end you are constantly trying to please people in the hope that they will take care of you, then most likely you are mistaken. You show others again that you can be forgotten.

Are you more focused on enjoying others than on loving yourself? Do you believe that if you give up your interests and step back, then people will decide that you are a good person and will start to treat you the same way? Has this ever worked?

Of course, there is nothing wrong with being a nice person, except when you want to achieve something with the simulated courtesy. If you are planning to get someone's approval in this way, then your courtesy is no more than a form of control, and sooner or later it will have adverse consequences. Most people don't like being controlled and they can easily understand your true goals. As a result, it may turn out that people will begin to move away from you and ignore - and this is exactly the opposite result of what you are achieving.

To cease to be a person - invisible, you must stop yourself to feel like that. And then other people will also stop not noticing you. When you learn to love yourself, others will love you too.

The easiest way to turn invisibility

You can use this technique to listen to music, view community posts, videos, or news. We go in private messages and just do nothing for 15 minutes. After that, the inscription that you are online should go out, and friends will not know that you are on the site.

This method works through a computer and phone if you use a browser, not an application. To make sure that everything worked, try viewing your page from another device without authorizing. Or ask a close friend to check your status. Now you can go into the community, view news, listen to music. But if you go to your page or visit another user, your status will immediately change to “Online”.

In order not to go into messages every time and not wait, you can add to your browser bookmarks a page that is different from the main profile section. For example, Then you can remain invisible from the first minute you are on the site until you go to your or someone else’s page. Please note that when you close the tab, the system will save the time of the last real entry into the VK and show in the profile. That is, guests will know when you were on the site.

As you can see, this option is inconvenient in that you cannot go to your page unnoticed, but only in other sections of the site, for example, to listen to music. But such is the policy of the administration.

I must say that it is impossible to completely circumvent this decision by the owners of the social network, all methods work only partially. As soon as you write a message or refresh your page, you immediately find your presence.

How to enable invisibility in a mobile phone

In the old version of the official VK application, including on the iPhone, there was a hidden feature that allowed you to hide the entrance to it from other people.

There is no such possibility in the new program. If you want to become invisible by going to a social network from your mobile, you need to download the Kate Mobile application on the Play Market. It is available only on Android.

So, we go to the store, find the program we need and click "Install."

Now you need to log in to VK through the application. To make yourself invisible, go to the menu - three dots in the corner of the page. Select the item "Settings".

In the list you need to find the word "Online", and under it the inscription "Invisibility Settings". We go here and see 3 points:

  • “Online” - allows you to show or hide your VK entrance from your phone.
  • "Close unread." If you put a checkmark in front of this inscription, you can read the messages so that the interlocutor will not know about it.
  • “Typing” - shows or disguises the fact that you are typing a message.

We are most interested in the first tab, click on it and note that we want to stay offline whenever possible. The application tells you what you can’t do to go unnoticed by the system and its users:

  • update messages, page, news,
  • Post to the wall
  • send messages to friends.

If you follow these rules and quietly sit on VKontakte, without attracting attention, then you can remain invisible.

Other ways to hide your presence in VK

There are third-party programs for PC and mobile devices. Previously, they allowed to conceal their appearance on the network. But the reality is that the administration of the social network does not want its users to hide the presence on the site, and has taken serious measures for this. Therefore, roundabouts hid.

If you decide to install applications such as VKfox, VKlife or log in to your account from, be aware that they no longer make it possible to be offline while sitting in VK. Other functions may work, but as soon as you write a message, go to your or someone else’s page, other users will find out that you are online.

That is, they act in the same way as the first and second methods described in this article. Therefore, installing a third-party application does not make sense.

If we go to the VKfox website, we will see such a picture.

We conclude that the software product is not supported. Yes, it is in the form of extensions to browsers, but there you can also see that there have been no updates since 2016.

The creators of VKlife in their group wrote a message in 2017 to users.

Since then, there have been no new messages from developers. The program can be downloaded and used, but judging by the reviews, the stealth mode has really ceased to be supported.

When you read articles advising you to use one of these programs, pay attention to the date, most likely the post was written before 2016. And in 2017, after the global update on VKontakte, they all ceased to fulfill their functions.

Using unverified applications, remember that there is a risk of getting a computer virus. In addition, for authorization through any of them you need to enter your username and password from the VK account. This can lead to data loss and page hacking. If you use programs that you are not sure about, it’s better to change the password after work.


There are 3 safest ways to turn invisibility into VK:

  1. Get into messages and do nothing for 15 minutes.
  2. Enter not through your page, but by entering the address of another section of the site.
  3. Use the Kate Mobile mobile app.

Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Choose what is closer and more convenient for you. Write your thoughts in the comments, ask questions and share information with friends.

I say goodbye to you. All the best and see you soon.