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How to respond to insults


It may be difficult for you to decide how to behave when someone makes a thoughtful remark that is offensive to your beliefs, values, or beliefs. It was even harder when this man was completely frivolous, but made an insulting accent. Fortunately, this rarely happens. Most often, insults are the result of ignorance. If you know how to react correctly, you can deal with possible conflicts or blowing up fire, this article will tell you about how to effectively respond.

How to respond to an insult funny and sarcasm

Many people make a mistake when they clearly show the interlocutor, his words touched them in some way. Of course, when we are being insulted, it’s not easy to control ourselves and not to show that we are offended and “hurt by the living”. And yet, if you do not cope with this task, then the opponent will understand that he was able to achieve the goal and insult you for real. No matter how difficult it is for you, try to make it clear to the person that his words do not bother you at all. Best of all, humor will help you with this, which often helps to react quickly in unforeseen situations.

If you stock up on some witty phrases, then, for sure, later they will be able to help you out at the right time.

Examples of similar replicas:

  • Your words do not surprise me at all. I would be surprised if you said something really smart.
  • And nature has a really great sense of humor, since it creates such instances as you!

How to behave when you are offended

Situations may be different, so it is advisable to adjust your behavior in accordance with them.

  • For example, if you yourself have offended a person, and understand that all his insults are only hurt feelings and an attempt to avenge the offense, then it is better to remain silent. The interlocutor is likely to be in agony, and with additional remarks you will aggravate the situation even more.
  • If you started to be offended undeservedly or completely “for no reason”, then your opponent probably wants to “let off steam”, and it is quite possible that you just fell under a hot hand. Of course, in this situation you should not be a “punching bag” - put the offender in his place!
  • If you are offended by a person who is clearly in an inadequate state, it is better not to have anything to do with him and not get involved in a dialogue. This is a person in hysteria or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You can’t prove anything to such an interlocutor, and it’s even very likely that with your answers (any!) You will provoke him to a new stream of aggression or even the use of physical force. Communication with such people is best avoided, even if you surpass them in physical parameters - do not get involved in a skirmish, which is unlikely to end with anything good.

What to do if you are called name-calling

Undoubtedly, such a situation is offensive to any person, and, at times, we do not know how to respond to insults. There are times when it is better not to get involved in a conflict and simply ignore unpleasant remarks - for example, at the moment when they are uttered by a drunk or completely uncontrollable person. Another thing is when the interlocutor approaches this consciously. So, with what harsh words can one answer the words of a rude?

  • Your imagination and mind are so primitive that these insults do not offend me at all.
  • It's amazing how easy you are to offend someone. Fate will do the same to you, you'll see.

In general, it is worth noting that more often than not, boors intentionally try to provoke us to any reaction. Often we notice that someone else’s rudeness can even arise on a completely empty place, or the reason is so insignificant that an adequate person would not pay attention to him at all. Just boors can not deprive themselves of the opportunity to hurt someone.

Most often, in such cases, we are advised to ignore the attacks of the ill-wisher, and such recommendations have been suggested to us from childhood. And yet, such advice, as a rule, is practically ineffective - in practice, it often turns out that a person who has escaped punishment for his wrecking, impudes even more. If the boor is constantly ignored, then subsequently he is affirmed in the thought that everything is allowed to him. Therefore, it is important to remember that in no case should we ignore the insults that sellers, administrators, cashiers, and other random interlocutors “give us” during their working hours. The most adequate reaction to such behavior is to appeal to the authorities, whose task is to correctly select staff.

How to adequately respond to rudeness and rudeness

You can quite easily get out of this situation if you calmly agree with the boor. This technique is especially disarming for some people. So, if someone is trying to insult your mental abilities or “ride” in appearance, then half agree with these words, then thank your opponent for not too lazy to spend time finding your imperfections. This method has a very high efficiency when spectators are present during its implementation. You do not insult the boor in return, but at the same time put him in an awkward position.

How to put in place a person who insults

Many people are distinguished by their increased suspiciousness, and if such a specimen is encountered on your way, then, of course, you can frighten him with the inevitable reckoning “from above”. After the phrases below, the offender will remember the dialogue with you for a long time.

  • There is no desire to respond to these insults. However, the day will come when you will realize that all the misfortunes are acquired by you, starting from this day.
  • It has already turned out that we are paying for everything in this life. Remember this day to know what God is punishing you for.
  • From this moment on you are waiting for bad luck. I don’t scare you, I just know about it.

6. Ask the counter-question “Why are you acting like that?”

In order not to get involved in aggression and not to fall to the level of insulting, just calmly look into his eyes and ask: "Why are you acting like that? Why are you screaming?". This must be said absolutely calmly, without raising intonation, in one's usual voice.

Ask this insulting questionand he will understand the following things:

  • The offender will understand that you do not need to pour dirt on each other and you are not interested in empty verbal skirmishes.
  • The offender realizes that it’s far more important for you to understand the cause of his anger and anger. The aggressor will understand that you see no reason to shout or quarrel. You do not understand the reason for his so emotional behavior, which has no place here.
  • Usually the caller begins to think about what he said, ponders the correctness of his behavior and his words, begins to delve into his head.

A man yells at you, somehow emotionally and negatively behaves towards you.

Me: What happened to you, why do you react like that? You are probably tired and worried about something. Let's solve it together.

How to intelligently send a person without a mat

If you do not want to swear in response to other people's unpleasant statements, but still think that you must fight back, then it is quite possible to answer intelligently, but at the same time put the person in place.

  • They say that behind insults a person usually hides his complexes and insolvency. Think about it.
  • It seems that insulting is the only thing that you can assert yourself.

7. Combine all the ways at once together

You canCombine several tips at once! When you introduce these communication skills, you will become a master! You will always know how cleverly you can respond to an insult.

Here is a seventh-way combining model:

Me: Yes, my parents were hipsters. My grandparents were hipsters. But look at yourself. Your shoes are the most hipster of all that is.

How to shut up a person with one beautiful phrase

Sometimes there is no desire to enter into a verbal skirmish, and you want to shut up a person by saying only one annihilating remark. There are many such phrases, and for each they act differently. Here is an example:

  • They say that when a person does not particularly shine with the mind, the only thing left for him is to stoop to insults.

Video “A man shut up the insulting person and made him leave silently”

In the next video, the trainer from the RSD Tyler clearly demonstrates how to react to insults and humiliation correctly and how to win in conflicts. Some stranger guy insulted him, calling him “a balding redhead loser”, “moron” and a couple of indecent words.

Tyler just trampled a stranger in the mud verbally and broke his reality. Everything about how to beautifully respond to rudeness to the offender and how Tyler did it is clearly demonstrated in this video.

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When offends the authorities

In this case, unfortunately, we do not always have the opportunity to respond as we want, so it would be most reasonable to just get away from the conflict. If this is not about superiors, but about a colleague, then you also do not need to escalate the situation - try to answer in a neutral way.

Such a technique may also be useful, at the moment when your boss offends you: at the time when the head tells you unpleasant things, mentally imagine in his place a little capricious child. In your imagination, reassure this baby, pat him on the head, feed milk porridge. So it will be much easier for you to listen to insults, and perhaps even your mood will not deteriorate at all. In addition, the boss will probably be able to assess your stamina.

Reasons why people are rude

Understand the essence of the problem, and you will understand people more, the reasons for their indignation and get less involved in it. Knowing the cause of resentment among people, you will no longer take the offender seriously and take his words to heart. You will immediately understand how to respond to the insult beautifully and resolve the conflict situation peacefully.

There are the following main reasons why people are rude and impudent:

  1. Man is unhappy, and he does not enjoy himself. Shouting at others and pouring out his anger, he believes that he will become happier. Happy people are happy on their own. Without a reason.
  2. The person is very clamped and it turns into a negative to others. People are squeezed - because they are dissatisfied with themselves, their life, they have their own inner pain.
  3. They don't pour shit out of you, they just don't like their life. Just understand them and take it easy, do not waste your nerves.
  4. A person wants to make fun of his ego, lowering the importance of another person. This is inherent in ambitious and conceited people who like to feel superior to someone.
    What is the human EGO in detail here.
  5. Emotions gripped the person, and he no longer controls himself.
  6. Due to the fact that a person grew up in a dysfunctional place, or as they say, "grew up on the street", for him it is alien to behave politely and judiciously in relation to others.
  7. A person wants to look good in the eyes of others - the desire of someone else's approval. After all, if you were alone, he most likely would not tell you anything. Again, the vain and insignificant factors inherent in small people.
  8. Inferiority complex and empty arrogance in people.

If a person is happy, then not a single insult will affect him. So be happy! And for this, know yourself.

Now you know everything about how to learn to adequately respond to an insult. Thank you for reading our article. Leave your comments below.

Buy Elephant Method

Many people remember a joke from childhood, when the opponent was asked to “buy an elephant”, thereby infuriating him and almost infuriating him. You can do the same. For each taunt, answer the same thing in a bored tone: "Well?", "And then what?", "Yes really?" And in the same spirit. Undoubtedly, by the end of this monotonous conversation, the boor will experience a real decline in moral strength.


In a conversation with an insulting person, try to use the effect of surprise, surprise and disarm him with this. For example, you can laugh out loud in response to unpleasant words, as if you heard a funny joke. You can also sneeze, noting: "Sorry, I'm just allergic to people like you." In addition, you can smile good-naturedly and curl: "Surely, your parents are ashamed of your upbringing." Try to improvise!

How to learn to adequately respond to any insults

If you understand that the insults addressed to you are completely unfair, and you realize that your opponent suspects this too, then you should shame him. How can I do that? The first thing you can do is use certain phrases. If a person who insults you is quite conscientious, then such words can penetrate him.

  • Never stoop to insults without really understanding the situation. It doesn’t color you at all.
  • I hope that the day will come when you will be ashamed of everything said.
  • It is strange that I had a much better opinion of you.
  • I hope you are just trying to look worse than you really are.

There is no doubt that a person who is trying to insult you simply wants to somehow assert himself or stand out. At the end of his soliloquy, you may very well ask coldly: “Well, did you manage to assert yourself at my expense?”

In general, communicating with such a person, sincerely try to understand what his true goal is, what he wants to achieve in his own words. At these moments, it is not so important what the opponent tells you exactly why he is doing this.

If you cannot find the answer in a difficult situation, then at least try not to bring the matter to mutual insults and impulsive reactions. Do not play by the rules that they are trying to impose on you.

It is also important to learn how to calmly respond to any rudeness without “losing face” and a sense of dignity. Although it is difficult not to admit that cultural appeal rarely makes a strong impression on the boor.

In the case when it comes to trolling or other provocative situations, the best thing you can do is ignore such a person.

The right response to insults

  • It happens that we want to answer, but you know in advance that any of your words simply will not take effect on the offender. Of course, in this situation it is better not to waste words and energy, but simply abruptly cut off the dialogue.
  • It often happens that a person who "attacks" you, in fact, has nothing against you personally - he just has a bad mood. In this case, it is enough to ask him a question: “Bad day?”. An adequate person will not argue with this, and it is even possible that he will apologize.
  • Often, it’s better not to bring back insults. Try to avoid this situation by asking the other person what he told you. Pretend you didn't hear his words. It is possible that a person has already managed to regret what was said. If the "attack" continues, then, apparently, before you is a rare boor.
  • During some dialogues, we are simply suffocated by the desire to pounce on the interlocutor. And yet, be that as it may, it is very important not to get to this point - almost certainly you will regret it. Try to keep your mind calm. It will be ideal if you learn how to fend off witty remarks, and do not show that provocations somehow hurt you.
  • One cannot but mention one of the most common mistakes made by people who were forced to face insults. It's about excuses. Often, when we hear insulting words, we try to prove to our opponent that he is unfair to us. With such tactics, you will undoubtedly find yourself in a humiliated position.

Offended by a loved one

Here it is important to immediately understand why the conflict situation occurred, and what triggered it. It is better to prevent the spread of further quarrel, and frankly tell a loved one that he offended you, and you are offended by his words. Try not to hush up the conflict, but to talk frankly, clarifying the matter.

Witty insults for all occasions

It happens that at times when they are trying to offend us with our insults, we frantically begin to scroll through our thoughts of possible answers. It becomes rather disappointing if these efforts are in vain and a witty answer comes to our minds after the dialogue ends. Everyone knows the expression that “they don’t wave their fists after the fight”, so it’s advisable to respond to the sharp remarks of the interlocutor timely.

So, let's look at some similar phrases that can help us in a difficult conversation:

  • I don’t want to interrupt you, but more important things await me. Are you done
  • Do you answer politely or tell the truth?

Заметим, что чаще всего люди, которые запросто идут на то, чтобы оскорбить собеседника, как правило, не обладают высоким интеллектом, поэтому умные ответы их зачастую вгоняют в ступор. Какие варианты можно использовать?

  • I don’t know what your usual diet is, but this menu is clearly not very balanced, and contains harmful carcinogens - they took up the destruction of your brain cells!
  • Scientists have not yet fully studied the intellectual abilities of primates. Maybe you would leave your contacts, they will be very useful to my friend researcher. By the way, there is no desire to take part in a scientific experiment?

And yet, if possible, try not to respond to insults in the spirit of the offending person. Or at least do not become the instigator of the conflict! Which people usually do this?

  • A weak man, who is actually a coward, and harsh words are his only defense.
  • An energy vampire who is trying to bring to the negative emotions of the interlocutor, thereby "feeding" himself.
  • Boors without education, who had to grow like "grass in the field."
  • Aggressors who find it difficult to live a day without participating in any scandal.
  • Dysfunctional elements, like drug addicts and alcoholics, who find it difficult to control themselves.
  • Just stupid people.

When you understand that an adequate and reasonable person will find a way to convey your thoughts without obscenities and insults, then it will be much easier for you to react to the tricks of ordinary boors.