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I did not come to American girl right away. I started to look at pintest clothes for dolls and they came across all the time. Strange, tissue body, swimmer's shoulders. But the familiarity made itself felt. It became interesting why Americans love these dolls so much. Behind the posts a whole world opened up, a huge industry of the toys themselves, and what even more captivates, all kinds of accessories, patterns. And that means it started. We are trying the 18 "format. Now I have a small collection, but I will tell you about my favorites in a separate topic.

However, the first thing I bought was not American girl (hereinafter referred to as AG for short), but our brand - Miyu doll. And I didn’t understand what was in these AGs. A wig that quickly fell off, a barrel-shaped body, legs dangling. And sho? Thanks to Tatyana, who showed on the example of her AG that the dolls are of high quality. That the wigs are good, there are no bald spots on the sides, that the body is much more elegant, and the legs can be pulled up if weakened. And the faces are prettier. In a word, it is impossible to judge the functionality of a doll by its analogues.

Structural Features American girl
- Height 18 inches, somewhere 45-46 cm.
- The body is solid-state (fabric, but inside a synthetic filler). The body itself was originally ordered from Gotz, so the shape of the arms and legs is very reminiscent of the Gotz Precious day girl series. Until the mid-90s, the bodies were identical, later the production of hypertension was transferred to China. And the carcasses of Gotz have changed - they have become thinner and more elongated. Therefore, now, unfortunately, it became difficult for them to change clothes, a very different fit.
- Hands and feet on vinyl, on cups and thick elastic. If the gum has stretched over time, you can change it to a new one.

- Previously, there was a rope behind, since 2016 it was replaced with a screed. Plus, the gap between the torso and the head disappeared, the ropes at the back were not very aesthetic. But how much more convenient it was to make repairs yourself.
Here is a photo of the gap at Kanani. To one degree or another, all hypertension have.

Ropes or screed? I changed the rope to the screed for one doll, but left it at Kanani. I love the authenticity of collectible toys.

- AG is usually photographed in front, in a half-turn, behind. But on the side - the hump on the back is visible on the side. Unfortunately, I don’t know what to do here. The design feature of AG, Our generation and many other dolls with fabric torso is a humpbacked back. This is how it looks.

- The doll is afraid of water, this may cause stains and mold on the body. Previously, if the doll fell into the water, it was possible to remove the packing, dry the body, now it is more difficult. You can’t wet your eyes, some dolls had a silver eye effect, you can read about it here New girls, like, don't have that.
- Hair wigs from Kanekalon, so they are very similar to real ones. Kanekalon is a trademark of modacrylic hair, they are used for human wigs, and sometimes for dolls. For example, kanekalon is also used by Kathe Kruse.
Hair gathered up

For me, the undercoat of the wig came as a surprise - short hairs that stick out if the hair is pulled apart. I remember that even someone complained that it was a disgrace, it was a child playing with a hairdresser. No, these are the design features of wigs.

- Hair requires care. It is advised to comb with a special brush on a separate lock. Someone advises to spray hair with water, someone does not. But if the hair is torn, it will break and stick out in all directions. Their structure will be violated. I think this is one of the reasons why the 8+ sign is on the doll. In general, AG hair is of several types: straight, wavy and curly. No matter how much you love curls, you need to understand that they require special treatment. The less you touch, the better. For a child, it is better to choose a doll with straight hair.
One of the perfect hairstyles for playing with the AG54. Bangs with which nothing happens and straight hair. Moreover, they are not black. If you look closely, there are shades of brown + black. Like real ones.

You can braid or make a tail.

Dolls with a side parting have a nuance, hair climb over your eyes. Therefore, either braid the braid, if the length allows, or wear rims, caps and so on. In the photo is AG53 with a rubber band.

AH has three skin colors, I have only 2: light and medium, no blacks. But even the lightest gives a grayish tint. Therefore, photographing them is difficult, often due to lack of lighting, it turns out darker than it actually is. Sorry, I took a photo in the evening and with a flash, but you can still understand what a big difference a little Gotz has with a light tone. There is a doll with a light and medium skin tone.

Here the color is closer to reality, although also midnight shooting.

It is important to understand that hypertension is not just a doll, but a whole world. Moreover, they surpassed even divorced Barbie. Remember the joke? (,10.html). I often miss this in European toys. The doll is good, but it does not have a concept, positioning, or its own world. Doll and doll. Gotz is trying to do something, but they have more likely thematic sets: hairdresser, birthday. AG unfold to the fullest, they create puppet worlds, be it historical dolls, dolls of the year or even a series of Truly me doll-like girls. All kinds of accessories, books and films go to the dolls. Perhaps thanks to the idea and marketing, American girls have become the standard in this format. I really hope that contrary to all economic and political tribulations, such toys will someday come to our country. In the meantime, alas, rather the opposite.

Buy play dolls you can shop

I can: I make OOAK, wigs, tattoos for dolls, I’ll also be happy to create the whole image, make wigs from any materials

American Girl Brand Brief

American Girl is an American brand that has existed since 1986. Brand products are popular with girls of all ages. The company specializes in the production of dolls. The product range of the brand includes toy clothes, shoes, accessories. The company also produces colorful furniture for baby dolls.

The idea to establish a new toy company arose from the American Pleasant Rowland. This idea came about after she went to the stores in search of gifts for her young relatives. Rowland was surprised to find that not one doll met her needs. It is thanks to this experience that the remarkable products of American Girl appeared on the market for children's products. First of all, it is worth noting one of the main distinguishing features of the brand. The fact is that every toy heroine American Girl has a story.

The company's specialists carefully think through the image of miniature beauties. A team of professionals creates true stories that will not leave anyone indifferent. This approach has made the company popular among parents who are attentive to the education of their daughters. Due to the steady success in the market, the American Girl assortment began to expand rapidly. Every year, brand catalogs are replenished with new products. Young athletes, exemplary schoolgirls, various historical characters become favorite toys for children from all over the world.

You can buy a great corporate gift for a girl in numerous online stores. Here are some of them:

  1. is a marketplace offering a wide selection of diverse toys.
  2. is one of the largest online resources in the world, which is famous for a wide range of products for children.

Full product information can be found on the pages of the official website of American Girl. Similar products are launched under the brands Moxie, Winx, Dream of Doll, Momoko, Madame Alexander. To make the purchase of American Girl products profitable, you need to take advantage of special offers and promotions. Good discounts will help to significantly reduce your financial expenses.

Analog american girl

I’ll tell you about the analogue of the famous and loved American Girl dolls abroad.

Accidentally hit a toy sale in Ozone. These dolls cost only about 200 rubles at their initial price of about 1300 rubles. Took as many as three.

I will say this: for a price of 200 rubles excellent, but for 1300 it would be a shame to get a doll sewn with rotten threads.

Now in order. The doll is almost a complete analogue of the American brand. I even crept in the idea of ​​what they are doing at the same factory, maybe, despite the fact that the doll is new, the sewn-in label was cut to zero. This is visible in the photo. So it was with all three dolls.

My son’s first game ended with the doll’s leg being torn off. The game was to remove the pants, not the dismemberment)))

The doll is 46 cm in size. The body is stuffed, the arms and legs are articulated. It seems to me that it is very similar to its original source. Even a box with a round window.

The quality of the hair and the stitching were not very pleasant: the hair is bald and painfully thin, usually it is on the contrary, thicker in dolls. And this straight straight thin web. When combing, it climbs at the beginning.

I do not exclude that the doll is produced under another brand. On the label is information that the importer is “ooo internet solutions”, they are also Ozone.

Now the same doll costs about 650 rubles with a markdown due to damage to the box.

As a result, I will say that the doll is worthy of attention. Even for 600 rubles worth the money, it's nice to hold in your hands. In children's stores, baby dolls are more expensive. If caught - take it!

P.S. During the time that Masha is with us, she got a little snooze)) on one American site there are patterns for such a doll, I am happy to sew her outfits.