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How to open a dog and cat grooming salon?


Today, profiled beauty salons expand the range of services offered. More and more often you can see various themed salons, for example, SPA salons, animal grooming salons, etc. It is about organizing a salon to serve our smaller brothers that will be discussed. To open such an enterprise there is a prerequisite for a beginner - he must love animals. There is no compromise here, because an entrepreneur who cannot tolerate animals will not be able to personally visit his salon and control his work at the initial stage.

Then everything goes the standard way, as in any other business: selection of premises, preparation of a business plan, registration of an enterprise.

We make a resume

The beauty salon for animals provides pet care services at a European level. The short list of services includes pet grooming and washing, nail and ear care, preparation for the next exhibition and daily grooming. Inside, all animals will be surrounded by warmth and attention. The owner can personally attend the procedures, which has a calming effect on the animal. Polite staff and comfortable conditions create an atmosphere of home comfort in the cabin. For animals, high-quality cosmetics are used that do not irritate sensitive skin of pets. She gives their coat a natural gloss of health. A well-groomed animal will delight not only the owners, but also everyone around. The task of such a profiled salon is to provide a wide range of pet care services. After the haircut, many customers will get rid of annoying hair in the apartment during the molting of the pet, which will be possible thanks to high-quality cosmetics and proper care.

The following pet services will be provided in this salon:

  • Grooming dogs or cats
  • Trimming
  • Creating edging,
  • Quality wash
  • Ear and eye treatment
  • Clipping claws
  • Combing tangled tangles,
  • Manicure,
  • Shaving decorative patterns on animal hair,
  • Atelier for animals,
  • Selling clothes for dogs,
  • Removal of tartar and plaque,
  • Brushing your teeth and eyes
  • Consultation and examination by a veterinarian.

The choice of a niche is justified by the fact that such establishments do not yet exist in the city, so it is worth assuming that the level of competition here will be minimal.

Earnings in grooming - is it real?

Just twenty years ago, groomer services were not widely in demand, and people who were involved in cutting animals were called “dog hairdressers”. But gradually the situation changed: people's well-being increased, a fashion for domestic animals of certain breeds appeared. Ladies began to pace with pocket Yorkshire terriers or with a chihuahua in their purse, and there was a general love for Scottish and British cats.

And then it turned out that the pets also need professional care: hair cutting, trimming, caring for claws, teeth, ears and other procedures. Of course, you can trim your dog's claws and wash your hair at home on your own, but the result is not always satisfactory. In addition, after such a “departure” it takes a long time to remove the wool and dirt in the apartment, and some people simply cannot stand the specific smell of wet wool. But you still can’t carry out certain procedures (for example, cleaning tartar) at home.

And there is a special category of animal lovers - breeders of cats and dogs of different breeds (they call themselves "breeders" or owners of nurseries). Before the exhibition, they turn to the grooming studio so that the appearance of their pets is brought to perfect condition, since it depends on what prize place their pet takes (and the more victories and titles a thoroughbred animal has, the more expensive it will be possible to sell offspring). You will be surprised to learn how much grooming costs: owners of nurseries are ready to give up to 30,000 rubles for preparing one animal for the exhibition.

What does the groomer do?

The list of his services includes:

  1. grooming animals
  2. hair care (special cleaning, masks, styling),
  3. combing out and unraveling the tangles,
  4. claw trimming, manicure,
  5. cleaning of ears, nose, eyes, anal glands,
  6. calculus removal,
  7. preparation in the exhibition,
  8. selection of hair care products,
  9. selection of accessories,
  10. massage,
  11. creative haircut and coloring.

As you can see, grooming is in demand and profitable. Now let's figure out how to open a dog and cat grooming salon from scratch.

The relevance of the selected niche

Until recently, the opening of animal salons was considered a futile business. But now there are entrepreneurs who earn decent money on this. This means that people began to pay more attention to their appearance and the appearance of their pets. Before the exhibition, the owners must lead their pet to such an institution.

To give the pet a presentable look, professionals spend up to 6 hours servicing one animal. The quality of such services in the salon will be significantly higher. But the cost will be more expensive. The owner, truly loving his pet, is ready to spend a decent amount on his appearance. If you decide to specialize your salon in pets, then proceed to register a new business.

Grooming salon: choosing a work model

The very first thing you have to decide is the scale of your future enterprise. They depend not only on the size of your ambitions and starting capital, but also on the number of people in the area in which you plan to work.

If you live in a village or in a small village, then opening a grooming salon is working at a loss. It is estimated that on average 5 people should come to you daily to achieve profitability. Therefore, you have two options: either you will open a salon in a city with a large number of people, or you will offer grooming services at home (with a visit to the client), which will expand the habitat of clients.

If there are no problems with potential visitors, then you should determine the size of the enterprise. You can either work independently or hire assistants. You can also buy a ready-made existing business model, that is, invest in the franchise of the grooming salon: this approach will facilitate the first stage of starting a business, but in the future you will have to “play by the rules” of the chosen franchise.

So, when you have decided how many people you will be subordinate to, you will have to solve legal issues related to opening a salon (unless, of course, you are going to act in the legal field and pay taxes). You will have to choose between registration of LLC and IP.

IP is your option if:

  1. you plan to work alone or with a minimum of employees,
  2. you will manage the salon yourself
  3. you are ready to bear full property liability for the obligations of the company,
  4. You are not going to attract investors.

IP is a good choice for those who do not have a large start-up capital, and who are going to delve into all the issues related to grooming and accounting.

Advantages of IP:

  • simple and quick registration procedure,
  • simplified financial discipline (cash desk),
  • you can do without an accountant,
  • lower tax burden than in LLC,
  • the company is easy to liquidate.

If you plan to launch your own network of animal grooming salons, then your choice is LLC.

Is it possible to work without opening an LLC or IP? It is possible, but it is illegal (Article 171 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) and entails difficulties in finding premises for rent, and it will also be impossible to find business partners. Therefore, it is better to open an IP, all the more so since it is not as difficult as it seems.

Documentation Required

First, the founder must determine the legal form of running his business. It can be issued in the following ways:

If the plans do not include the extension of one salon to a network of beauty salons, then you should limit yourself to IP when registering. If you plan to work independently in the cabin, then for him it is enough to open the IP. If you will provide various animal services, sell various related products, open branches, then opening an LLC will be the most suitable option for you. The optimal type of taxation in this case will be UTII, which costs entrepreneurs 25 thousand rubles. For each of the services provided, a code is required. If veterinary services will be provided, then at the opening of an LLC it is tedious to hire a certified specialist, in the case of an individual entrepreneur, he can fulfill this role himself if he has a confirming diploma.

When opening a beauty salon for animals, an entrepreneur bears the following expenses:

  • Consultation of an experienced lawyer if necessary,
  • State duty payment
  • The costs of opening an official current account.

All this takes about 6,000 rubles.

Then you need to get official permissions from firefighters and SES, as well as register with a pension fund. If you approach the matter responsibly, then this procedure will not take much time. Registration in tax takes 1 day.

Permits for the grooming salon

This type of activity, as grooming, is not strictly regulated in Russia. This means that you will not need to buy a license for groomer activities. Moreover, the employees of such a company do not have any educational requirements (but in order for the customers to be satisfied, you must have a professional grooming master who has completed at least courses).

For registration of IP and registration in the tax you will need to collect the following package of documents:

  • photocopies of the TIN and passport (stitched),
  • application (form P21001),
  • receipt of payment of state duty upon registration of individual entrepreneurs,
  • application in duplicate in the form No. 26.2-1 for the simplified tax system (optional).

Documents can be submitted in person, by mail or through an intermediary (in this case, the notary confirms the signature on the application). When filling out the documents for registration of IP, you will need to indicate the OKVED code 93.05 and the OKUDN code 018 317 - the provision of other personal services and grooming of pets, respectively.

Also do not forget that when renting a room you will need permits from the State Surveillance Office.

Organizational moments of opening a business

First you need to inquire about the number of similar institutions in your city, to realize the degree of their popularity today. You need to look at the list of services they provide, as well as their cost. Before opening, you need to decide for whom your salon will function:

  • If you want to open a salon for luxury animals, where only privileged customers will be served, then the interior decoration of the cabin must correspond to the status, and the quality of the services provided must be at the highest level,
  • If your salon will be aimed at a wide range of consumers, then the prices should not differ much from competitors. Otherwise, customers with the same service will prefer that salon, which has more interesting prices for services.

Selection of premises

After deciding to do this type of business, you need to do a room search. It is advisable to choose a place in the city center, near the veterinary clinic, where such services are not provided. It is advisable to place a small parking lot near the pet salon. If you cannot rent a spacious room, it is better to rent an apartment on the ground floor. It should have several rooms to accommodate all the necessary equipment. Typically, beauty salons contain the following equipment:

  • Washing for cats and dogs,
  • Grooming table,
  • Trimming machine,
  • Cupboard,
  • Special manicure set,
  • Cosmetics,
  • Hair dryer or dryer.

After tiring work, the staff should rest a bit, they need to allocate a separate room where they will drink tea and relax after the procedures. Particular attention should be paid to the waiting room, where the owners will wait for their favorites. In this room you need to place one comfortable sofa, table, TV, air conditioning. There should be enough space for such a beauty salon, not less than 50 square meters. m. The main difference between the salon for animals from the usual is that pets need to be painted in isolated rooms, as they may inadequately respond to relatives. The following rooms should be in the beauty salon for pets:

  • The isolated room for various procedures,
  • Cabinet for storing personal belongings and documents,
  • 2 bathrooms - for staff and guests and for washing pets
  • Place for a washing machine,
  • Waiting room for owners with animals.

Beauty salons for animals can be opened in residential buildings. For this purpose, a two-room apartment or 2 one-room apartments on the 1st floor will fit perfectly. After the acquisition, you need to solve the problem of organizing 2 bathrooms. Then you need to get permission to redevelop under the beauty salon for our smaller brothers.

Brief Market Analysis

Any business plan involves the preparation of market analysis. Pet services today are an attractive niche for starting a business. The market of beauty salons for animals will expand in the next 2 years. Our people are madly in love with pets, as evidenced by the huge number of pets living with their owners in residential apartments. This indicates the great potential and prospects of business development.

Marketing plan

At the organizational stage, you need to think about those advertising methods that will be most promising when starting this type of business. To activate the sale of services, you must first develop and distribute a sufficient number of leaflets and offer a free examination by an experienced veterinarian. You must use the following types of advertising:

  • Creation of advertising banners,
  • Advertising in periodicals,
  • Local television advertising.

It will also be possible to do pasting up ads in the courtyards of houses, to give advertisements on housing and communal services receipts distributed throughout the city. You can make a thematic page in social networks and entrust its promotion to professionals, advertise on online trading platforms.

Prices will be set based on the type of service provided. The following factors will influence the pricing policy: solvency of customers, desire and ability to pay for a service, cost of consumables.

Probable risks

This paragraph should be included in any plan, since it is advisable to find out all the risks on the shore so that you can then skillfully find a way out of the current situation. In the process of economic activity, there is the possibility of a partial loss of funds. The following risks can be attributed to them:

  • The emergence of competitors,
  • Various natural disasters,
  • Expanding the list of services offered,
  • Adverse market changes, such as a drop in demand for services,
  • Various thefts and intrusions into private territory.

You also need to consider the seasonality of this business, because the growth in popularity of these services is usually observed in the spring, summer and early fall. During such periods, customer service is based on prior appointment. During street cooling, the number of customers visiting the pet salon drops sharply. During this period, it is better to do staff development, organizing thematic trainings with the involvement of professionals.

Staff recruitment

An important point in organizing a beauty salon for pets is the correct selection of staff. After all, a salon with a low level of professionalism of employees will not have enough customers, so you need to approach the issue of choice with maximum responsibility. For the salon to be profitable and stable, you need to hire 5 experienced employees, namely:

  • Veterinarian, he will perform an additional assistant function for groomers,
  • 2 craftsmen working in shifts
  • Masters-groomers, the work schedule will be from 10.00 to 22.00, since the main stream of owners with pets will be out of hours.

Financial plan

To open such a profiled salon you will need the following investments:

  • The monthly rent for the premises is up to 40 thousand rubles,
  • Redevelopment and repair of the premises - 300 thousand rubles,
  • The purchase of equipment for each workplace - up to 50 thousand rubles are spent on 1 place,
  • Furniture purchase - 150 thousand rubles,
  • Formation of a recreation area for personnel 30 thousand rubles,
  • Quality advertising - 30 thousand rubles.

You can save and buy used furniture, but you need to purchase new equipment, because it will be subjected to daily stress. In addition to the initial contribution, monthly expenses must be taken into account. These include:

  • Rent - 40 thousand p.,
  • Acquisition of cosmetic consumables - 80 thousand rubles,
  • Payment of utility bills - 15 thousand rubles.

Expected profit

Your profit depends on the number of services provided. The main stream goes to wash and blow dry your animal, curly haircut. The time spent on these procedures is 3 hours. The cost of a range of services is 1,500 p.

5 hosts go to dry and wash their pet daily. Такой поток обеспечит прибыль до 7500 р. ежедневно. В месяц выходит 225 тыс. р.Such funds are enough to pay for all monthly expenses, the range can be expanded by selling various toys for animals in the form of combs or collars.

Estimated payback period

Any novice businessman should understand that for 1 year of continuous operation of the pet salon all expenses cannot be fully covered.

To fully recoup the investment, the salon must work for at least 3 years. This point should be taken into account by a businessman when applying for a loan for a certain period.

It will be quite difficult for a person with minimal knowledge in this field to get started in this business and get a decent profit. Typically, these salons are opened by experienced veterinarians, they send their wealthy clients there. They visit the salon, knowing the high level of professionalism of its owner.

No matter how a newbie is ready to conduct his own business, after opening various tasks may arise that arise in the process of activity. At this stage, you may need to consult a person with experience in solving such problems and controversial issues. Over time, experience will come, and regular customers will bring stable profits.

How to position a pet salon in the market?

It is advisable to divide all types of services into 2 classes and 2 target audiences:

  • Careful preparation for exhibitions,
  • Everyday care.

In preparation for the exhibition, masters need to show their creativity, creating unusual hairstyles and beautiful coloring, creative haircuts. It will be better if you have a ready-made portfolio of hairstyles that your masters did at previous exhibitions. To begin with, you can train your skills on your own dog by photographing the most successful moments. You can create a beauty salon for pets, designed for the general public or a pet-style studio aimed at a high class of service.

When creating an advertisement for daily care of a pet, it is worth noting how much time a week and a month saves the owner if he entrusts the washing hands and combing of his dog to the skillful hands of our professionals. It will be useful to create a system of subscribers for daily grooming for dogs with a certain number of sinks, haircuts, trimmings for a certain period of time. With full payment of services for a quarter or a year, the price of a single visit is reduced. The organization of such subscriptions will help to avoid reducing the flow of customers in the cool season, when demand for these services is reduced.

Also, an entrepreneur can organize for this period a system of discounts for a single visit to the salon, create club cards, gift certificates, etc. All these measures will ensure a new flow of customers during the season. If you are madly in love with pets and try to find out everything about them, then this business is for you. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of talking with pets as much as you need, because at the same time your income will grow. At the initial stage, you will have to invest about 500 thousand rubles, the salon will pay for these expenses after 2 years of uninterrupted operation. Do not forget about your staff, annually engage in their development. An excellent level of service and professionalism of the staff will help ensure a good reputation for your salon.

Basics: how to learn grooming

So, the legal aspects are over. But if you plan to cut your own animals, you will have to undergo grooming training. But where and how to do it?

You have several options:

  1. Grooming courses. Twenty to thirty hours of training - and the professional groomer is ready to go! For those who cannot attend classes, online courses are provided. But it’s better, of course, to study “live”, with the opportunity to practice.
  2. Grooming School. In fact, the same as the courses, but can offer more extensive programs in different areas of study with the involvement of specialists from related fields.
  3. Pupil groomer. Sometimes professional groomers hire assistants who are paid a little, but are taught the intricacies of working in practice.
  4. Self-training. Books, webinars, trainings, etc. They allow you to acquire a strong theoretical base that can be put into practice.

Whatever type of training you choose, remember: a good groomer is one that is constantly being improved. Therefore, in the future you will have to invest in additional education.

Choosing equipment for grooming

The king is made by the retinue, and the professional groomer is the cosmetics and equipment that he uses in his work. You can’t save on them: grooming dogs with blunt scissors is torture for both the animal and the master. A cheap non-specialized shampoo can harm the pet, so you should consider only professional cosmetics (in addition, its use allows you to achieve better results).

So, in the arsenal of a beginner groomer should be such tools and materials:

  1. Grooming table. Your main workplace. There are stationary and folding tables (ideal for working with a home call). There are also tables of different sizes, on casters, with hydraulic and electric lifts. The main thing is that the table is equipped with a bracket.
  2. Bath for grooming. Usually selected based on budget and interior size. These bathtubs are both ordinary stainless steel, and with "bells and whistles" in the form of an electric lift.
  3. Hair dryer for grooming. To quickly dry the animal, you need a powerful compressor.
  4. Grooming machine. Trimmers with various nozzles come in handy for grooming both dogs and cats.
  5. Grooming scissors. First you need at least two types of scissors: straight and thinning. The ends on them should be rounded so as not to accidentally injure the animal.
  6. Nail clipper. In a pinch, a cat can be trimmed with nail clippers, but you will need a claw cutter to care for your dog’s legs.
  7. Cosmetics. For cats and dogs sold separately. These are shampoos, conditioners, gels, mousses, perfumes, paints for wool, creams, oils, spray for grooming, etc.
  8. Other tools. Combs, slickers, brushes, furminators, towels, napkins, etc.
  9. Overalls. An apron or bathrobe will be enough. If you plan to go home to the client, you will need bags and cases for transporting tools and cosmetics.

A little advice for those who want to save money: you can buy used grooming equipment. It is advisable to buy in this way bathtubs, hair dryers and tables. But the trimmers and scissors are better to choose new, with factory sharpening.

We recommend these articles:

We draw up a business plan for the grooming salon

Immediately make a reservation that we draw up the basic business plan of the grooming salon. In other words, we will take only the essentials for grooming. The actual final amount will depend on many factors: whether you need repairs in the rented premises, what brands of cosmetics for animals you will use, etc. Also, at first you can do without dozens of types of cosmetics, but you will have to buy a grooming table in any case.

Your expenses for a grooming salon will consist of capital (for organizing a business) and permanent (staff salary, rent, equipment repair, taxes).

Capital expenditures:

  1. Repair in a rented room - from 10 000 rubles.,
  2. Sign (or printing of business cards and leaflets) - from 2500 rubles.,
  3. Furniture and shelving - from 40 000 rubles.,
  4. Computing equipment (computer) - from 40,000 rubles.,
  5. Equipment (bath, hairdryer, table) - from 20 000 rub.,
  6. Grooming tools - from 20 000 rub.,
  7. Cosmetics - from 15,000 rubles.

TOTAL: from 147 500 rub.

Of course, if you plan to engage in grooming at home, you do not need a rented room and part of the equipment, in which case you will need about 100,000 rubles to start your own business.

Fixed costs depend on the number of salon employees and the size of their salaries, on the costs of utilities and legal services, on the cost of consumables, etc. Therefore, it is advisable to calculate them individually.

On average, a single groomer traveling to a client’s house returns the money invested in 2-3 months. Opening a salon with four specialists pays off in about 1.5-2 years. But keep in mind that the price of grooming in different regions of Russia is different, therefore, the payback period may increase.

How to promote your grooming salon?

SP is open, a grooming kit is purchased, courses are completed, but there is no need for a haircut. Where is a beginner groomer looking for customers?

The answer is simple: in crowded pet owners.

It can be:

  • Exhibitions,
  • Veterinary clinics
  • pet shops.

Communicate with the owners of animals, with the owners of stores, with the administrators of the clinics. Offer discounts on your services or deductions for each referred customer. Practice shows that up to 80% of clients come from veterinary clinics and pet stores on recommendation, but to attract them, the cost of grooming will have to be 10-20% lower than that of competitors.

Advertising on social networks and bulletin boards is also necessary. And over time, it is advisable to create your own website on which you will place the portfolio.

And now “dog hairdressers” do not live alone by grooming. Selling cosmetics, clothing and accessories for animals also brings considerable income. And to attract customers you have to resort to creative grooming - haircut ferrets, painting hamsters and painting the shell of Achatina snails.