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Herpes on the lips: how to cure quickly


According to statistics, 90-95 out of 100 people regularly or previously experienced rashes of herpes virus on their lips. Such rashes will bring the patient little pleasant and significantly affect the usual pace of life. When the first symptoms are detected, it is important to know how to quickly remove cold sores on the lip.

It is worth noting an important nuance: it will not be possible to completely overcome herpes - today medicine does not know the methods of total destruction of the infection and its expulsion from the human body. However, it is possible to quickly cure herpes on the lip!

Rapid treatment of rashes can be carried out by pharmacy and all known means or using traditional medicine.

Consider the most common ways to combat the disease.

Medicines against labial herpes

How to quickly get rid of herpes on the lip? Consult a doctor or go to the pharmacy for an already proven remedy!

With any manifestations, especially on the lips, the symptoms are obvious and palpable: it can hardly be confused with an ordinary cold. Among the most striking are:

  • Characteristic pain in the affected area,
  • An unpleasant burning sensation at the epicenter of the appearance and adjacent area of ​​the skin,
  • Redness.

So, finding herpes on the lips, treatment can be quickly carried out with antiviral drugs.

Herpes antivirals

Such medications are prescribed by the attending physician at the initial visit. Subsequently, with relapses, you can independently take or use the tablets, ointments prescribed by a specialist earlier.

The most common medications for cold sores on the lips:

  • Based on Acyclovir. Bright representatives of the line - Zovirax, Virolex and Acyclovir itself,
  • Based on Valacyclovir. These are Valtrex and Valciclovir,
  • Based on Penciclovir,
  • Thromantadins.

The funds listed are transformed in the body or absorbed by it on the principle of the “father” of antiviral drugs - Acyclovir. When cold sores are found on the lips, a quick treatment with the listed remedies can be carried out only on condition of exposure to the lesion with the first symptoms: then the treatment will take 2-3 days, the usual course lasts up to a week.

Other remedies for the quick treatment of labial herpes

How to treat herpes in addition to the named remedies? Less common drugs:

  • Allomedin. It is recommended for use in the initial stages of the appearance of rashes on the lips,
  • Dexpanetnol. Available in the form of a spray or cream. Significantly speeds up the healing of wounds and ulcers,
  • Dr. Mom. Dr. Mom ointment can stop inflammation, remove traces of the manifestation of herpes - wounds and ulcers. Due to the likelihood of allergic reactions, it is recommended to use it extremely carefully.

It is important to consider that, contrary to the widespread misconception about the benefits and effectiveness of treating the manifestations of the virus with medical alcohol, iodine or brilliant green, they have no effect.

Moreover, in inexperienced hands lead only to complications in the form of chemical burns. They do not have a curative effect on education; they are only good as drying agents. Must be used with utmost care.

What is herpes on the lips

Herpes is often called a “cold on the lips,” although this name is not entirely accurate, since the disease does not have a direct connection with typical colds — the flu and ARI. Herpes on the lips (labial herpes) is caused by the herpes simplex virus (Herpes simplex) of the first type or HSV-1. Less commonly, the causative agent is genital herpes virus (herpes simplex virus type 2 or HSV-2). According to various sources, HSV-1 virus affects from 55% to 90% of the human population. And this means that no one is safe from this disease. Although the severity of the disease can be affected by hereditary factors.

The herpes virus, in fact, is a DNA molecule surrounded by a protein coat. Once in the body, the herpes virus finds a neuron (in the case of labial herpes, it is a trigeminal ganglion neuron) and is embedded in its DNA so that the DNA of the nerve cell itself reproduces the virus. In this state, the virus is practically inaccessible to the body's immune forces. This means that the herpes virus in latent form can be in the human body almost until his death. However, the virus usually does not threaten the health of its owner.

Under normal conditions, viral particles that extend beyond neurons are immediately destroyed by the immune system. However, in some cases, immunity can be weakened, and then the viral particles can affect other tissues, such as skin epithelium. The most common trigger for an infection is acute respiratory infections and influenza, that is, diseases that are commonly called colds. Thus, herpes appears on the lips only at the moment when a person has a cold. Hence the common name that has a labial herpes - "cold on the lips."

Other reasons for the weakening of the immune system, sufficient to cause the disease are various immunodeficiency states, including AIDS, taking drugs - antidepressants and glucocorticosteroids.

But the herpes virus can be activated not only due to weakened immunity. Herpes can also appear on the lips for the following reasons:

  • damage to the lips, eyes or mouth,
  • injury or surgery
  • radiation therapy,
  • UV irradiation
  • exposure to wind or sun.

Traditional medicine for quick fight against cold sores on the lip

How to quickly cure herpes? Does traditional medicine help solve problems caused by the virus? Let's figure it out.

Sometimes a situation may arise that you can’t get to the pharmacy for one reason or another, and there are no medications at hand. The choice of folk remedies will be advisable. Most of the methods for treating herpes in this way are carried out easily and quickly: all that is needed is already in your refrigerator or kitchen table.

As an independent tool, alternative methods are not effective enough and quickly cope with the "sore" will not help. But as a "base" before exposure to pharmacy drugs - they will do quite well.

Consider how to treat herpes on the lips at home and how to treat it if there are no medications at hand. May fit:

  • Salt or soda, which absolutely anyone can find in their own kitchen. Their use will become especially effective at the stage of wound healing, and when the inflamed area rapidly begins to grow. Such means are used by applying small amounts of grains of salt or soda powder to the affected area up to 3 times a day,
  • Paste. Ordinary toothpaste. Any person has a home. It is characterized by excellent action, as a drying agent, has remarkable disinfection rates. It is recommended to apply before the occurrence of vesicular formations,
  • Grind on the shelves, for sure there will be an extra clove of ordinary garlic. He will become really good as a kind of “ointment”. It is used as follows - the affected area is rubbed abundantly with a cut lobule several times a day. At the stage when the vesicle bursts and wounds appear, the use can be painful and better avoided.
  • Honey. Just bee honey, like garlic, traditional medicine prescribes to use as an ointment. Honey will bring relief from the first symptoms - itching and burning, thereby facilitating the formation of rashes. It can be used in conjunction with garlic. You will need to squeeze some juice from a clove of garlic and mix it in a ratio of 1 to 1 with honey. The resulting composition can be lubricated "sore" up to 3 times a day throughout the illness.

Summing up, we note: in order to quickly cope with the manifestations of the herpes virus and overcome them, pharmacy products are better suited. Usually, the full course takes a week, but with the re-formation of rashes and the condition for influencing the inflammation with the first symptoms, the duration of the course decreases significantly - 2-3 days. Traditional medicine will be an excellent addition to the treatment with medicines, but as an independent measure in the fight against infection, it will not be able to quickly overcome the rash on the lips. Garlic, honey, salt or soda are auxiliary agents to a greater extent than the main ones.

In cases where the virus first appeared, a visit to the attending physician will become necessary, without an opinion and consultation, the independent administration of medications is strictly contraindicated.

Symptoms of a cold on the lips

Herpes on the lips is usually easily diagnosed by its symptoms. Symptoms of labial herpes include sores and blisters in the corner of the mouth, including on the lips. Bubbles usually have a diameter of 1-4 mm. Sores on the lips are usually accompanied by gingivitis. Ulcers may not heal within weeks, often accompanied by itching and burning. However, the manifestations of the disease can be observed not only on the lips and in the mouth. If the patient often touches his face, then through the hands of the virus can move to other parts of the body, and there cause similar symptoms.

Treatment for "colds on the lips"

Herpes on the lips greatly spoils the appearance of a person. But the matter is not only in cosmetic problems, but also in the fact that the virus “colds on the lips” can spread throughout the body, causing diseases such as, for example, herpes keratitis. Also, a sick person should limit their contacts with others, because herpes is extremely contagious. Therefore, the desire to quickly get rid of the herpes virus is quite natural.

Herpes on the lips has been known to mankind for a very long time. And, nevertheless, they did not know how to treat this disease before. Only in recent decades have reliable means for combating it appeared. This is not surprising, because the causative agent of herpes was discovered only in the 1940s.

It should be noted right away that the complete elimination of the virus “colds on the lips” that got into the body is impossible. The purpose of anti-virus drugs is to prevent its reproduction in the active phase when the virus leaves the neurons.

The transmission of the herpes virus to another person can occur through open wounds and body fluids. The transmission of the causative agent of “colds on the lips” through the skin is also possible. In the external environment, the herpes virus can persist at negative temperatures for up to 5 days, at a temperature of +50 ° C it dies within half an hour.

Anti virus

The virus should be treated, first of all, with various drugs. At the forefront of the fight against the herpes virus are etiotropic antiviral drugs. As a rule, these are preparations containing acyclovir. The latest antiviral drugs include valaciclovir, famciclovir, penciclovir. But acyclovir so far remains the most reliable and proven means.

The principle of action of acyclovir and similar drugs is based on the fact that the substance is embedded in the DNA of the herpes virus and prevents its reproduction. Preparations containing acyclovir are available both in external form, in the form of ointments and creams, and in the form of tablets. Tableted forms of the drug are usually used when herpes has taken a severe course and the effects of creams and ointments are not enough. Acyclovir preparations can be purchased at pharmacies without a prescription.

Other types of medicines for herpes have an auxiliary value. For example, antibacterial agents prevent the attachment of a secondary bacterial infection. And means for tissue regeneration allow facial skin to quickly return to normal after an exacerbation of the disease has passed. Can be used in the treatment of herpes and alternative recipes. However, all folk remedies also do not affect the herpes virus itself, but only contribute to the rapid healing of tissues.

To reduce soreness with herpes, paracetamol, ibuprofen can be taken. Local anesthetics such as lidocaine can also be used.

“Colds on the lips” can be cured quickly, but it should be borne in mind that the rate of cure from the acute phase of the disease depends on at what stage its treatment was started. If this occurs with the first symptoms, then treatment may take only a few hours. But if herpes on the lips is started, then it can take many weeks.

Various medicines used to combat the “cold on the lips”

Type ofAppointmentExamples
Antiviral drugsDestruction of the herpes virus emerging from neurocytesAcyclovir, valaciclovir, famciclovir, penciclovir
Antibacterial drugsPrevention or treatment of herpes-associated bacterial infectionAmoxicillin, Ampicillin, Azithromycin, zinc ointment, Levomekol ointment
Anti-inflammatory drugsThe fight against pain and inflammation in herpesIbuprofen, paracetamol

How to use acyclovir ointment

With a "cold on the lips" ointment should be applied to the affected surface with a thin layer for 4-5 days. Keep your hands clean. After applying to the skin of the hands, it is recommended to wash to prevent the spread of infection. This ointment for herpes can be used for children and pregnant women, since its components do not enter the systemic circulation.

Features of the treatment of “colds on the lips” during pregnancy and lactation

Herpes is often found during pregnancy, since the immunity of a woman's body is somewhat weakened. However, pregnant and lactating women should not take antiviral medication pills, as they may enter the baby’s body. Preference should be given to local funds.

When feeding a child, it is necessary to wear a mask. In addition, a mother with a cold sore should not kiss the baby.

Natural herpes remedies for natural herpes

Aloe vera is a plant that has proven itself in various diseases, including herpetic eruptions on the lips. In this case, aloe vera juice has healing properties. To alleviate the symptoms of the disease, it is recommended to press a freshly cut piece of the plant stem to the wound on the wound and fix it with a patch. Keeping the patch with aloe is recommended during the night.

A similar procedure can be done with fir oil. The oil is applied to the cotton wool and fixed with a plaster. The duration of the procedure is 10 minutes.

Sea buckthorn oil is a proven remedy that cures many diseases, and not just “cold on the lips”. It contains many organic acids, carotenoids and vitamins. All these components greatly facilitate wound healing. The most effective oil at the stage of herpes, when the bubbles on the skin disappear and crusts form.

It is also recommended to apply tea tree essential oil, crushed mummy on the affected area. They can be used for cold sores several times a day. Another remedy is a clove of garlic. It can be applied to the wounds that form after ulcers on the lips, 6-7 times a day, every half hour for 3 days.

Helps with herpes and squeezed Kalanchoe juice. They need to moisten the fleece and apply to the affected areas 5-6 times a day.

Another recipe for fighting colds on your lips includes propolis. You can use both the pharmacy tincture and prepare the medicine yourself. For this purpose, it is necessary to pour 20 g of propolis into 80 g of 70% alcohol. Infuse the solution for a week. Propolis tincture is recommended to lubricate sores until they disappear.

Proven remedies such as black tea, herbal toothpaste, and regular honey may also work in the fight against herpes. Toothpaste and honey can be used to lubricate the affected areas, and black tea bags can be applied to them.

In addition, to get rid of the manifestations of herpes, lemon juice, ginseng tincture and a decoction of rose hips can come up. The last two remedies should be taken orally.

Zinc ointment has proven itself well in cold sores. It has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and drying effects, prevents the spread of the virus and promotes the healing of ulcers.

Sea buckthorn oil, aloe juice and Kalanchoe will help with scar healing after the acute phase of the disease has completed.

Of course, it must be remembered that all these funds will be useless without taking medication and using ointments with antiviral drugs.

Diet for the disease

An important role in the period of fighting herpes is diet. The purpose of changes in nutrition is to strengthen the immune system and the body as a whole. Avoid eating:

  • chocolate
  • spices
  • nuts
  • oily and spicy foods
  • alcohol
  • tomatoes
  • strong tea and coffee,
  • sweets.

In addition, you must stop smoking cigarettes.

But what products are welcome for a disease:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • seafood,
  • milk products,
  • lean meats
  • onion and garlic,
  • greenery,
  • herbal tea.

Disease prevention

As noted above, if the herpes virus once enters the body, then there is nothing to “smoke” from there. Другое дело, что большинство носителей вируса и не подозревает о его существовании в своем теле, поскольку у них болезнь не принимает острых форм. Лишь в том случае, когда у человека нарушается иммунитет, болезнь проявляет себя.Most often, this occurs in the spring, during the period of maximum seasonal weakening of the immune system.

Thus, the main cause of the disease is the general unsatisfactory state of the body and immunity. Therefore, in order to avoid the acute phases of the disease, it is necessary to keep your body in good shape. And this implies:

  • rejection of bad habits,
  • treatment of infectious diseases of the respiratory tract (ARI, SARS and influenza),
  • good nutrition
  • healthy and long enough sleep,
  • minimizing hypothermia, overwork and stress,
  • exercise or sports.

People suffering from the active phase of the disease need to ensure that the virus is not transmitted to others.