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Resize image in


  1. Find and run MS Paint. It is preinstalled on all versions of the Windows operating system. Start> All Programs> Accessories> Paint:

  1. Drag the image into the Paint window or use Menu> Open (Ctrl + O).
  2. In the main menu of the program, find the “Resize” item and select it:

  1. The panel for changing the size and proportions of the image will open. You can specify the value in pixels. Do not forget to check the box "Keep aspect ratio." Otherwise, the image will be deformed:

  1. To increase the size of the picture, click the "OK" button and save the photo.

  • If you cannot set the desired size of the photo without stretching it, you can use the Crop tool to remove unnecessary edges. How to do this is described in paragraph 3,
  • To quickly open a photo, right-click on it and select "Open with Paint" from the context menu
  • It is best to save the image in the same format as the original.

Method 2. How to resize images in MS Photo Gallery

  1. If Microsoft Photo Gallery is not installed on your computer (Start> Photo Gallery), you need to download and install it as part of Windows Essentials 2012,
  2. Launch MS Photo Gallery and find your image file,
  3. Right-click on it and select "Resize ...":

  1. Select a ready-made preset: Small 640 pixels, Medium 1024, Large 1280, etc.

  1. Click "Resize and Save." After increasing the size of the image, the image will be placed in the same folder, the original will also remain in it.

  • If you need to set the exact image size, select the “Custom” item in the drop-down menu and set the size for the larger side of the photo,
  • To resize multiple photos at once, select them while holding down the Ctrl key.

Method 3. How to resize images in Photoscape

You can increase the size of the picture in Photoshop. Or use Photoscape for this.

  1. Download Photoscape and install it. Run the program,
  2. Go to the “Editor” tab and find the photo you want to change:

  1. At the bottom of the image is the “Resize” button, click on it.
  2. Set a new photo size. Make sure the “Keep Aspect Ratio" option is enabled and click the "OK" button:

  1. Save the edited image.

  • If you need to resize multiple images, use the Batch Editor tab. Add a folder and resize all the photos in it,
  • If you do not know the exact size, you can set a “Percentage” of the original size.

Method 4. How to resize an image in IrfanView

  1. Install IrfanView - a great tool for viewing and increasing the size of the picture,
  2. Add a photo by dragging it to the program window, or by clicking the first button in the toolbar:

  1. Go to the “Image” tab, select “Resize / Proportion” (Ctrl + R),
  2. Set the new size in pixels, centimeters, inches, or as a percentage of the original image:

  1. Save the image.

  • You can use standard sizes: 640 by 480 pixels, 800 by 600 pixels, 1024 by 768 pixels, etc.,
  • To maintain high quality photos, make sure the DPI setting is set to at least 300.

Method 5. How to resize images online

  1. To increase the size of the picture online, go to the PicResize website.
  2. Click the Browse button to select a photo. Click Continue:

  1. Select a percentage of the original image, for example, 50% less. The tool displays the size of the image on the output. Alternatively, you can enter the exact size by selecting the “Custom Size” item in the drop-down menu:

  1. Then click “I’m Done, Resize my Picture” and wait a moment,
  2. After that, you can view the new image. Save it to your PC or publish it on social networks:

  • You can increase the size of a picture from the Internet without saving it to your computer. Just change “From Computer” to “From URL”,
  • You can limit the image size to a specific value, and the tool will automatically adjust its quality,
  • With PicResize, you can also batch resize images. From the Tools menu, select Resize Bulk Photos, add several files and resize the images.

We hope that our tips have helped you successfully complete this task.

This publication is a translation of the article "How to Resize an Image: 5 Easy Ways", prepared by the friendly team of the Internet project

Resize with or without aspect ratio

1. In the upper horizontal menu, select: Image → Resize:

Click on the image to display the original size.

2. The Resize window appeared, where in the Width and Height lines we see the true image dimensions - 1600x1200 pixels. We are able to set new sizes both as a percentage (line Percentage) and by setting values ​​in pixels (line Absolute size). More often the Absolute size option is used (by default). To change the image size, enter the desired value in the Width or Height field and click OK:

Click on the image to display the original size.

3. For an example, we will enter a value of 600 pixels in the field of the Width line. The Height field has automatically taken the size of 450 pixels. This happened because Preservation of proportions is configured (there is a checkmark in the Keep proportions checkbox). If you uncheck this box, you can enter your own arbitrary data, but there is a risk that you will not guess and the image will be distorted.

Click on the image to display the original size.

4. To save the image with a new size (600x450 pixels), click File → Save As. and select a place to save the file on the computer’s hard drive or on removable media:

Click on the image to display the original size.

Resize using the “Web Size” command

To open the window for changing the size of the canvas, click in the upper menu Image → Web Size. A similar window will open, as was the first case. It also has fields for specifying values ​​in percentage terms and in pixels, and it is also possible to select the area for fixing the picture:

When applying this method, the image size changes (decreases), but the scale does not change. In practice, the image is cropped to an EXACTLY specified size. I don’t know why, but I don’t like this method, much more convenient, in my opinion, controlled circumcision, which we will consider later.

Resize using the crop to selection command

By cropping to selection, we reduce the size of the image, highlighting the desired area. The method is very convenient, but, as always, there is a small drawback - it is difficult to accurately cut the desired size.

1. For selection, you can use the Select rectangular area tool:

Click on the image to display the original size.

2. Select the desired area and use the Trim command to select:

Click on the image to display the original size.

How to reduce photo size using Paint

Paint is already preinstalled on Windows. With it, you can compress, reduce and resize photos. To edit an image, you need to open it in the program by clicking on the file RMB - To open with - Paint. The status bar shows the initial dimensions:

To reduce the size of the photo, you must click on the "Resize»(In the screenshot above) and in the menu indicate the change in percentage (pixels). Specify the size of the photo, for example, 1280 pixels.

How to reduce the size of photos in a program on a PC running Windows XP? It should be in the menu Picture select "Stretch"And indicate the size in percent. Or: menu Picture - Attributes and indicate the size in points. In the screenshot below, the photo is compressed to 1024 x 768.

Next, the picture must be saved:

  • In the left corner, click LMB, a list of functions appears.
  • Select "Save As."
  • In the additional menu "Image in JPEG."

Specify the storage location file (for example, Desktop), set the Name (for example, Photo 2) and click "Save»:

If you look at the properties of the new file, you will see that the photo size is reduced by 10 times, but the quality remains the same.

Reducing a photo through Picture Manager

Picture Manager is preinstalled on Windows XP, 7.

To reduce the photo, you must:

  • Click RMB on the file,
  • In the drop-down menu, select "Open with",
  • In the list of suggested programs, select Microsoftt Office Picture Manager.

To take a photo, you need to select "Picture", and then "Compress drawings».

In the next window, you need to specify the compression target.

Better to choose "Email message". Then the volume of the photo will be reduced as much as possible and will be 160x160 pixels. If you select the option for “documents”, then the image size will be 1024 × 780 pixels, and for “web pages” - up to 448x336 pixels.

A lightweight photo needs to be saved. The old “heavy” file will disappear and a file with the same name will appear in its place. To save both options, select "Save as»And name the new file.

Adobe Photoshop

To compress a photo, you need to open it in the program window ...

In the top menu, select Image (Image) -> Image size (Image Size).

The next window displays the current image size:

To compress the photo, you need to set the desired size in pixels in the width field, check the box "Proportions»(Constraip Proportions) and save changes.

FastStone Image Viewer

You can compress photos through the program for viewing photos FastStone Image Viewer. Russified application is fast. It receives images from the scanner and processes photos in batch mode: renames, converts files, deletes meta data, and resizes. To reduce the photo, it is necessary in the menu "Edit"Select command"Resize».

When ACDSee starts, all images will be presented as a directory:

At the top there is a menu with which you can change the viewing modes, launch tools, perform actions with files. Below it are pictograms of the buttons for moving between folders and calling up processing modes. By pressing the button "Resize»A window appears in which you need to specify the desired image settings.

Image dimensions in pixels are displayed at the bottom of the XnView window.

To compress the photo, you must select "Picture" (Change of size). Or press a combination Ctrl + S.

In the next window, the item “Change resolution»And set the new size in pixels or percentage. You can also experiment with the interpolation algorithm.

If there is no tick “Keep proportions», The arbitrary setting of values ​​will lead to the fact that the picture becomes elongated.

Compress photo size using online services

If it is not possible to use programs on a PC, you can compress photos online, free of charge and without registering on the sites:

The principle of operation of all these services is similar. To crop a snapshot online, you must upload it to the site via "Overview…», Indicate the desired dimensions and confirm the operation. Image parameters are set in pixels, in percent, proportionally or on one side only. The snapshot is reduced online automatically and opens in the preview window. So the user can evaluate the result. If he doesn’t like it, about by clicking on the “Back»Editing is canceled. The modified online image follows “Download»To download to PC.