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We bring to your attention a template for home inventory.
Home inventory will be useful if you decide to insure your property, and especially useful if you decide to rent an apartment, office or some other real estate.

This template will allow you to carry out an inventory of home property, add its value to the file, describe the condition and special signs, if any.

How is the inventory

To begin with, we’ll deal with the question of how companies inventory fixed assets and inventory items. First of all, the corresponding order is drawn up. A unified form No. INV-22, a form for OKUD 0317018 was developed for him. It contains the following information:

  • name of company,
  • structural subdivision,
  • composition of the inventory commission,
  • list of checked liabilities, property and fixed assets,
  • time and place of inventory
  • basis for the inventory.

Both fixed assets and assets owned by the organization and fixed assets that had to be rented are subject to inventory.

The list is compiled in duplicate. The first is for the accounting service for compiling a collation statement (if there are discrepancies with accounting). The second is for the financially responsible person (MOT).

Prior to the procedure, the financially responsible person receives a receipt that all documents have been handed over to the accounting department, therefore, they have been accepted for accounting or written off as an expense. It is compiled in a unified form of inventory, below on the title page. A separate document is not needed.

Inventory inventory form

The form “inventory inventory of material assets” is a unified document No. INV-3 (form according to OKUD 0317004), approved by Decree of the State Statistics Committee No. 88. It is necessary during the inventory of materials, goods and finished products. You can download the form for the inventory of inventory items, and then we will tell you in stages how to fill it out correctly. We remind you that an inventory of the results of an inventory of fixed assets is compiled separately.

How to fill out an inventory

Step 1. Fill in the name of the organization, structural unit, OKTMO code, type of values, details of the basis document for the inventory.

Step 2. The financially responsible person certifies with his signature that all goods and materials are capitalized or written off.

Step 3: In organizations where data are automatically recorded in specialized programs, form No. INV-3 is drawn up using these programs. They themselves fill in columns 1-9, and the commission notes in column 10 the presence of objects on the list. The commission determines the actual availability of the inventory property, recounting and outweighing it if necessary. It is forbidden to list data on balances from the words of a financially responsible person or according to accounting data, without checking their actual availability.

In the example below, the item and inventory numbers are the same, but this is not a prerequisite. The column "passport number" (9) is filled in only if the goods and materials contain precious stones and metals.

The result is summarized on each page of the form. The number of pages can be any, depending on the actual availability of values.

Step 4. After filling in all the fields, the last sheet is compiled with the results of all pages, the signature of the chairman and the composition of the inventory commission, which are defined in the order. The commission may include:

  • Organization administrative staff
  • accountants,
  • other specialists.

The persons responsible for the storage of goods and materials confirm the fact of presence on the inventory and sign the statement, agreeing with the actual data that are indicated in it.

Next, you can download a sample inventory list of inventory items.

Filling inventory of fixed assets

The sample filling in the inventory of fixed assets is a unified form No. INV-1. The document for fixed assets is filled in analogously to the example for form No. INV-3. Feel free to use the instructions given.

Also on our website you can download the form of the inventory of fixed assets.

Responsibility for compilation and shelf life

After signing all copies of the inventory of fixed assets and goods and materials, one of them is transferred to the accounting department to identify discrepancies and compile collation statements (unified form No. INV-19, OKUD 0317017). If shortages or surpluses are found, the accounting service offers options for reflecting these facts of the economic life of the organization.

According to the results of the inventory, financially responsible persons may be fined due to damage to the organization.

The inventory commission is responsible for the preparation of documents, observance of the terms and procedure for the inventory. If at least one member of the commission was not present during the inventory, its results may be disputed.

The inventory is stored in the organization for at least five years.

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