Useful Tips

Cleaning velvet, fur and plush at home



Velvet is very sensitive to environmental influences. If the velvet is crushed or dirty it can be restored by well cleaning vacuum cleaner or brushand then cleaned with a clean, non-shedding, soft cloth dampened with gasoline, alcohol or vodka. Stains on velvet should be removed very carefully. Stains from coffee, tea or milk You can try to wipe with a cotton swab or a cloth soaked in vinegar water. If your velvet has greasy and oily stains, they are removed like this: attach hot sand in a bag to the stain, then hold the crushed place for several minutes with the wrong side over the steam, as close to it as possible. Steamed, still hot places are quickly wiped with a brush against the pile. Steaming should be repeated until the pile rises. Accepted areas should be thoroughly moistened with gasoline or alcohol.

The velvet thing needs to be dried thoroughly and wiped along the pile with a brush slightly and evenly greased pure almond oil or good not salty pork fat. This will give the velvet its former shine. Velvet cannot be washed in a washing machine. Best used hand wash. Rubbing and twisting velvet is not recommended. The washed velvet needs to be dried by spreading it on a terry towel and curled into a not tight roll, and slightly pressing it to get wet. Across 10 minutes shake the velvet product and leave to dry on a dry terry towel. It is better to iron a product from velvet Aweighhaving previously sprinkled water from the wrong side. Iron gently, gently touching the fabric, until the steam straightens the wrinkled pile.


By carefully removing the dust, especially at the seams, the velvet item is soaked on 15 minutes in cold water mixed with ammonia (1 tablespoon per 5 l). For cleaning prepare soap foam from a good soap (like soap shavings) and, allowing the solution to cool, put a velvet thing in it. During cleaning, the velveteen should not be rubbed and twisted, you just need to wash it with soapy water. After cleaning, rinse the item without twisting or squeezing it until the water is completely clean. For drying, velveteen clothes are hung on the shoulders, but only not oninside out. In the process of drying the velveteen thing you need to pull several times
at the seams to give it the desired shape.

Cleaning plush

The embossed plush is cleaned with a solution that consists of two glasses of warm water, two tablespoons of liquid soap (which can be washed with hair), two teaspoons of ammonia, two tablespoons of gasoline, and two tablespoons of denatured alcohol.

Pour the finished mixture into the dishes with a lid and shake until foam appears. Wet the rag with a solution and clean the plush. The remainder of the solution is removed with a damp cloth soaked in water.

Of course, all fur, velvet and plush products can be cleaned with a steam cleaner. But if you do not have it, then these practical tips will be very useful to you and will provide maximum assistance in cleaning products.

Velvet Care

Before washing velvet, removing stains and ironing, you need to study the product label, and first try the dry cleaning method, including exposure to steam.

  • If necessary, use a hand wash. It is possible to wash velvet items in the washing machine only if indicated on the product label. In other cases, it is not recommended.
  • Use powders for delicate fabrics, capsules, washing gel, fabric softeners.
  • Velvet shoes must not be washed or wet with wet cleaning.
  • Dust particles and small debris (animal hair, fluff, thread, etc.) should be removed with a special brush or roller with adhesive tape.
  • Simple steaming brings velvet back a fresh look. First you need to shake them well or blow air with a hairdryer covered with a thin towel to get rid of dust and small debris. The overall thing can be vacuumed. After steaming with a steam generator from the wrong side or hang over boiling water over steam. At the same time, the pile can be combed with a brush or comb with small teeth.
  • Items sewn from velvet should only be stored on hangers. When stored on shelves in a cabinet when folded, small folds, creases are formed on them, which are then heavily smoothed out.
  • When packing velvet items in a suitcase or travel bag, they should be turned inside out and rolled up. Upon arrival at the place hang on hangers, and a small bruise will smooth out itself.

Dry cleaning velvet

When washing is not required, then dry cleaning can be applied to remove stains, renew the color and gloss of the fabric.

  • To add freshness to velvet curtains, a suit or dress, you can use steam. Hang the product on a hanger in the bathroom, put a container under it without a lid with boiling water or dial a hot bath. Close the door and wait 2 hours. Or if the item is small, hold it over an open pot of boiling water.
  • You can renew velvet color and shine with a soft-bristle brush dipped in refined gasoline. Wipe the material with it against the pile, and then in its direction.
  • Dust can be removed from velvet curtains with a damp cloth or foam sponge. Gently wiping them without pressure.
  • Ammonia will remove stains from food and drinks from velvet. Moisten the sponge in a solution of ammonia (1 tbsp.spoon) and water (250 ml) and wipe the stained area. For faster removal of stains, pre-treat the thing with steam.
  • You can restore the former appearance to the marshed areas using a solution of ammonia (1 tablespoon) and cool water (200 ml). With a sponge moistened with ammonia solution, wipe the affected areas, and immediately treat with clean water using a foam sponge.
  • To remove a greasy or oily stain from velvet, you can use corn starch. They need to sprinkle plenty of stain. After 2-3 hours, brush off the starch and wipe it with a damp sponge or rag. Or dilute a tablespoon of wine alcohol or vinegar in a glass of water. With a sponge soaked in this solution, wipe the grease stain.
  • Removing wax from velvet will help warm alcohol or turpentine. They dissolve it. To remove large pieces of wax, remove large pieces of wax with a blunt object. Moisten a sponge or soft cloth in one of the products and apply on a wax stain for 20-30 minutes. Then wash the item or the stained area in soapy water and rinse well. This will remove the smell of alcohol.


The simplest thing is to give it to dry cleaning. But velvet can be washed at home by hand.

  1. Pour water into a basin (t 30- 35˚C), add detergent for delicate fabrics or in liquid form.
  2. Turn the product from velvet inside out and place it in the prepared basin.
  3. Gently rinse the item in soapy water. For hand washing, velvet items must not be rubbed or twisted with zeal.
  4. After removing from the soap solution, run your hands from top to bottom, so you can remove excess water from the product.
  5. Rinse 2-3 times, changing the rinse water. Then there will be no soap stains, traces and stains. When changing, the water should become cooler.
  6. At the last rinse, add conditioner or a few drops of vinegar to the water. This will make the fabric soft, preserve the color and luster of the material, and prevent the appearance of small folds and wrinkles.

For hand washing, granular dry powder can also be used. It must be completely dissolved in advance in a glass of warm water and added to the basin. Then the granules will not accumulate in the folds and will not stick to the velvet villi.

Dry things only in a horizontal position, spread out on a clothes dryer or board in the bathroom, which at first should be covered with a non-colored terry towel.

How to dry

After washing, lay the velvet things on a horizontal surface on a non-colored terry towel and roll it up. Press lightly on it so that the towel absorbs moisture faster. Then change to dry and repeat the procedure.

After that, lay the product evenly on a dry towel, without creases and wrinkles in a clothes dryer or a bathroom board. The thing will dry on both sides at the same time.

Do not dry velvet in an upright position. They stretch and lose shape.

How to iron

Clothes, velvet curtains do not iron. But if such a need arose, the product should be slightly moist and turned inside out.

You can steam, smooth the creases with steam - drive with an iron with the "steaming" function or with a steam generator at a distance of 3-5 cm from the fabric. Observe the temperature regime indicated on the product label. In this case, turn the wet thing inside out and hang it on a hanger. First, steaming large parts, then move on to smaller ones - sleeves, ryushechki, pockets, etc.

Ironing can ruin the velvet. He will smooth the villi in different directions. In order not to spoil such things with ordinary ironing, you can resort to one trick. Arrange on a terry towel with a large pile so that the velvet pile penetrates into the towel pile. And carefully, without pressing from the wrong side, iron at a low temperature.

In addition to dry cleaning at home, you can use different methods of cleaning such a delicate material. And tips for the care and storage of velvet items will help to preserve their original appearance for longer, and they will continue to delight with their brilliance and softness.