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How to get rid of addiction


This article is co-written by Trudi Griffin, LPC. Trudy Griffin is a licensed psychotherapist from Wisconsin. Received a master's degree in clinical psychotherapy from Marquette University in 2011.

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If you are not careful, you can easily become addicted to alcohol. When your social life revolves around going to the bar, it’s very difficult to keep everything under control. A good start is to make changes to your daily routine and start controlling the amount of alcohol you drink. If the time has come when you feel that you have crossed the line between alcoholism and just drinking alcohol, it's time to ask for help. Read below how to control your habits so that alcoholism does not become a reality for you.

What is alcohol addiction?

In simple words, this dependence can be described as any other. After a person begins to take a large amount of alcohol and this happens with a certain frequency, the body begins to get used to the high level of alcoholic alcohols in the blood. Any person has these substances, they are needed for the body to work, but they are at a minimum level. After there are more of them and this amount cannot be derived naturally, the very dependence that everyone is talking about appears. The body can no longer be in a normal state, it is simply used to the fact that there is a lot of alcohol in the blood and now requires constant replenishment.

In this case, you must understand how to help a person in this difficult situation. If nothing is done, then everything will end sadly, alcohol will lead to the failure of some organs, surgical intervention and complex treatment will be required, but, in most cases, it all ends in death. And if you are thinking about how to get rid of alcohol addiction, then this is a very important step towards meeting the cure. You can even get rid of the addiction yourself, but it is quite difficult to do.

Professional help for alcoholism

The easiest and most effective way to get rid of addiction is to turn to professionals. Professional doctors and psychologists combine several methods in order to remove alcohol from your body, rid it of toxins and, at the psychological level, convince you that you no longer need to drink alcohol.

You can go to the hospital, get a huge dose of drugs, cleanse your body of alcohol in the blood, but this will not give the desired result. At the psychological level, you will still be subject to this addiction. Therefore, immediately after the hospital you will begin to take alcohol, and everything will be in vain. That is why it is necessary to contact a specialized institution where there will be a person helping you who knows various methods and ways to get rid of addiction.

Of course, you should not think that getting rid of alcohol dependence in a special institution will be a very simple task. No, this is far from the case, you will have to go through a difficult period of your life when your body and brain require alcohol, and you refuse him that. Your subconscious mind will resist, but with the help of specially trained people you will succeed. As a result of the correct physical and psychological treatment, you will again become a full member of this society and will be able to continue a normal life.

Is it possible to get rid of alcohol addiction on my own

Yes, there are cases when people themselves come out of a crisis situation and get rid of addiction. But you need to understand that getting rid of alcoholism on your own is quite difficult. It is necessary to have a very clear and confident psychological attitude. It is necessary to have around reliable and loving you people who will not give up and help you overcome this disease. If you have all this, then you can make bold attempts and save yourself from this ailment.

First of all, the independent disposal of alcoholism requires responsibility and attentiveness. You must stop visiting the usual places where you drank alcohol, avoid dubious companies, stop drinking alcohol completely. Do not reduce the dose and continue to use alcoholic beverages, this will not give you the desired result. You can control yourself only in a sober mind. If you have consumed a small amount of alcohol, you will drink more and more, which as a result will return you to the starting position. And if you are thinking about how to get rid of alcoholism forever, then it is necessary to exclude alcohol to the fullest.

It should be said that the first period after giving up alcohol will be quite difficult, and you will experience discomfort. It is at this moment that those very reliable people around will be required who will not give you the opportunity to give up at the initial stage of your treatment. Such people should be patient, because it will be difficult to call you polite when you need alcohol. Therefore, the people around you will need to move the same difficult period as you yourself. But this is an important element in getting rid of alcoholism.

The basis of your treatment will be you yourself. You must set up your psychology in such a way as to simply convince yourself and your body that you need this alcohol. If you succeed, then the need for alcohol will gradually go away, and you can live a full, sober life.

Components of self-relieving addiction:

  1. The right psychological attitude
  2. Reliable and loving people.
  3. Self-persuasion skills.

Is it possible to code for alcohol addiction

There is another way to get rid of alcohol addiction, namely, encoding. By coding is meant that a person will be introduced such a drug that will cause the body to reject alcohol. If you drink alcohol, you will immediately feel nauseous, even from its smell. This technique really works and can be used by you, but it requires some responsibility.

The thing is that such a way to save a person from alcohol dependence, as a rule, is chosen by his family and people around him. They are simply tired of watching that a person leads himself into a dead end, they encode it. But the main requirement of such treatment is the moral and psychological stability of the patient. If a person continues to consume alcohol after coding, then everything can be fatal. Therefore, before performing such a procedure, you must make sure that the patient himself can withstand the temptation, can at the psychological level relieve himself of the need for alcohol.

Therefore, before performing coding, it is necessary to consult a psychologist. It is necessary to prepare a person and understand whether he can cope with his problem. It is also necessary to initially try the previous treatment options for alcohol addiction, send the patient to a special institution, and try to independently rid the patient of alcohol. It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that it is necessary to cleanse the body before coding. Using special drugs and procedures, doctors will be able to rid the body of a large amount of alcohol in the blood and prepare it for coding.

When to respond to alcoholism and start treatment

The most basic problem is that they begin to treat alcoholism very late. Alcohol not only damages the mind and makes a person inadequate, it also negatively affects overall health and organs. If after many years of alcoholism rid a person of this addiction, then he will continue treatment for his whole life. Damaged organs will not be restored, they will require systematic and professional clinical treatment.

In order to avoid such consequences, it is necessary to respond to dependence in a timely manner. If you notice that a person goes into binges for several days, then this already speaks of dependence. A healthy person who does not suffer from alcoholism will not drink alcohol on the second day. He will be visited by a constant hangover and headaches, nausea and aches in the body will be present. If after taking a large amount of alcohol a person feels normal and continues to drink strong drinks, then this also indicates addiction. The sooner you respond to addiction, the less negative consequences it will cause, the easier and faster you can get rid of it.