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Full range: how to create a rainbow on your face?


However, if certain rules are not followed when applying such “colorful” shadows, people around you may think that you did not wash off the makeup after performing in the circus.

Follow a few simple recommendations when experimenting with bright shadows, so that in the end you get not a clownish look, but an attractive intriguing image.

The rest of the makeup is neutral

When you apply bright eyeshadow, they should be in the center of your makeup. It’s a bad idea to combine flickering blue eyeshadow with bright pink lipstick or theater lilac blush. Having more than one bright element in one make-up gives the whole image an incoherent, ridiculous look. Ultimately, makeup looks overloaded and hard to grasp.

When using shadows of bright colors, the rest of the makeup elements should remain extremely simple. The right option is to try to improve your natural, natural shades. Use lip balm or nude lipstick instead of shine or bright lipsticks. Apply a pale blush that enhances the natural pink color of your cheeks.

We pay attention to eyelashes and eyebrows

When experimenting with bright shadows, for best results, it’s important to “activate” eyelashes and eyebrows.

If you wear bright pink eyeshadow and one layer of mascara, eyelashes will be lost against the background of colorful shadows, your eyes will seem “unbalanced”. The same applies to eyebrows, if you create a gradient of flickering blue to the eyebrows, but you do not adjust the color of the eyebrows themselves, it will appear that you do not have any eyebrows at all.

To make the eye makeup look expressive and balanced, bring the eyelashes and eyebrows to the same level as the eyelids. Correct and color eyebrows to emphasize their natural shape. From this point of view, it will be useful for you to know about the procedure for permanent eyebrow makeup. When applying several layers of mascara, follow the basic rules, consider options for laminating or eyelash extensions.

Use the right colors.

Each eye color involves the use of its own specific shades of eye shadow that are in harmony with eye color. At the same time, there are other shades that conflict with the color of the eyes, and make your eyes look blurry or discolored.

When applying bright eyeshadow, it is important to make sure that you are using the right shades for your eye color, for example:

  • Violet and orange create a harmonious complement for blue eyes.
  • Pink and purple tones are good for green eyes.
  • Blue, pink and orange shades provide the perfect backdrop for brown eyes.

Read more about choosing the eye shadow palette according to eye color here.

Do not be afraid to mix colors

When using shades of bright colors, try mixing them with each other, this will help to achieve the desired shade and create a bright complex makeup.

However, many hesitate to mix different shades of shadows, especially considering the time spent on working with bright shadows. There is a natural fear that over-mixing will cause the shadows to lose their color and eye makeup will not look so bright.

To mix, use a large brush with a round tip, to get a “smooth” even tone, make sure that the shadows are mixed thoroughly.

Apply the obtained shades evenly throughout the entire eyelid to the eyebrow, otherwise, if you stop halfway, the makeup will look unfinished and unconvincing. Detailed step-by-step instructions for applying the correct shadows can be found here.

Use different shades

When applying eyeshadow in bright colors, do not stop at choosing only one color. If you cover the eyelids in one color, in the end, the makeup looks unprofessional, as if in a hurry you have painted your eyes. If you are going to wear colorful eyeshadows, it is important to demonstrate that you have the skills to apply them correctly. Read about the most common make-up mistakes here.

You can combine several different light and dark shades of the same color to create complex makeup. In addition, it is also possible to combine completely different color families into one colorful look. For best results, try choosing color schemes that include complementary colors: mix gold with green or blue, pink with purple or shimmering silver.

Using eye shadow in vibrant colors can seem like a complicated project. However, it can help you learn makeup skills and gain experience with choosing and mixing a color palette. Using the tips described above greatly facilitates the process of creating a bright attractive makeup.

Below is presented some ideas to create eye makeup with eye shadow bright colors for your inspiration.

Rainbow on the face: how did the trend appear?

Rainbow strobing is an Instagram trend that does not lose ground. The results of the first experiments with multi-colored radiance on the face appeared on social networks in the spring of 2016 - and so far, dozens of new photos appear on the Instagram hashtag #rainbowhighlighter every day.

Beauty brands quickly caught the wave and began to produce not only the corresponding highlighter pallets (such as Maybelline, for example), but also separate brushes for rainbow strobe. However, it’s not necessary to hunt for these products, you can create iridescent overflows on the skin with the help of cosmetics that are already in your cosmetic bag. Read more about how to do this in the next section.

Gigi Hadid ©

How to draw a rainbow on your face?

As you know, the rainbow has seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple. However, when creating rainbow makeup, you can limit yourself to five, “combining” blue and cyan, as well as orange and yellow. Instead of the first “duet” use only blue, instead of the second - only yellow. When blending the borders between red and yellow, it will turn out orange, and when blending blue and violet - blue.

Most often, a rainbow is drawn using highlighters or shades of different colors on the cheekbones - here the modulations will be most noticeable. But you can draw a rainbow as part of eye makeup.

Makeup artist NYX Professional Makeup Maria Belova drew up a short step-by-step photo tutorial on exemplary rainbow strobing on the cheekbones at home. Model - beauty blogger Lissa Avemi.

For this image you will need:

Palette Love You So Mochi, NYX Professional Makeup ©

Apply shades in the following order, moving from top to bottom: 10, 5, 7, 8, 4. Then, blend the borders between the shades with a clean brush.

The rainbow on your face is ready! If you want a more noticeable rainbow (for example, to be visible in the photo), duplicate the shadow layer.

How else can you achieve a rainbow effect on your face?

Rainbow haunts beauty bloggers, and draw it not only on the cheekbones. The choice of the most courageous girls - "rainbow eyebrows." But if for you this is too extreme, then there are options and easier.

Have you ever tried on “rainbow makeup”? Share your tips and secrets!

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1. Align the tone

Before you start eye makeup, you need to even out skin tone. Very often small capillaries are visible on the eyelids or there is a slightly greenish tint. So that these shortcomings do not spoil your make-up, you can use a regular foundation - the same one that you apply on the entire face. The main thing here - not to overdo it - one small droplet of an easy remedy is enough for a moving eyelid.

2. Use the base

This is not the first time we have been saying this and will not tire of repeating it: it does not matter what kind of shadows you have, it is important what base is under them. A good primer will hold even the most inexpensive shadows. You need to use it immediately after you applied the tonal remedy, adjusting the skin tone of the eyelids. However, there are bases under the 2 in 1 shadow, which cope with two tasks - and adjust the shade, and help the shadows not to crumble. For example, the Lancôme or Urban Decay brands have such a primer.

“Draw” eyes: 14 best pencils for a seductive look

3. Buy cream shadows

Many girls are afraid to use cream shadows, but in vain! They are able to hold much longer than friable. Moreover, with creamy textures, the problem of shedding does not exist at all. You should know the following things about cream shadows:

  • They can be used as a base. You simply fill the entire space of the moving eyelid with cream shadows of the desired shade, and then adjust the makeup friable - select the outer corners with a darker color, and the inner ones with a light color. Done!
  • Apply them with your fingers. The creamy texture best fits if you use not the brush, but the tips of your fingers. The fact is that the heat of the hands heats the product and helps it “open” - as a result, the shadows are applied more evenly and do not roll.

4. Choose the right beige shade

Beige shadows will save you in a situation where there is almost no time for makeup. To create the simplest make-up in the nude style, you only need the corrector, the base and the “same” beige shadows. If we figured out the first two points, then finding “your” shade of shadows is not so easy. Follow simple rules: if you have dark skin, then get beige shades with a peach undertones.

If the skin of the eyelids has a slightly lilac hue, then you can “block” it with yellow-beige shades. White-skinned girls are advised to stay on sandy shades, but pinkish-beige is generally for everyone! In the case when you are not sure that you can choose the right color just for yourself, stop on pale pink.

5. Powders under the eyes

Before starting to apply eye shadow, prepare the area under the eyes - adjust the color of the skin with a concealer, and then apply a generous layer of powder. The fact is that when you use dark shadows, something will definitely remain under your eyes. If you start to remove the shadows with a cotton pad, you will also erase the concealer, which means that you will have to start all over again. If you thoroughly powder this problem area, then the showered shadows can then be easily brushed away with a soft brush along with the powder.

How to pick the shadows

  • Winter Girl with dark eyes, dark hair and fair skin should look at the cold shades of shadows. Perhaps this is the only color type that suits blue, plum, dark green. But coffee and chocolate shades of shadows you better avoid.
  • If you are girl spring" with blond hair, slightly darker eyebrows and light eyes (green, gray, blue), then your shades of shadows should be warm - it's peach, brown, green. However, if we are talking about cold shades, then choose a light purple or even blue.
  • The girl is "summer" (light or brown-ash hair, blue, gray-blue or green eyes) all gray shades of shadows, gray-blue, lilac, light gold will do.
  • And finally autumn girl (with red, brown, copper hair and dark gray, green and brown eyes) should pay attention either to shades that are combined with the color type (gold, bronze, ocher, peach), or to very contrasting colors. For example, plum, violet and bright green shades are perfect for you. And in no case do not use blue or blue - this is definitely not your story.

7. Use pearlescent shades (yes, this is not a joke!)

Many girls avoid mother-of-pearl shadows - that’s it, because they were scared of us by women's publications, promising that such shadows will certainly look awful. In fact, in your arsenal should be satin and pearl texture. How to use pearlescent shadows? With bright shimmering shadows, you can safely highlight the inner corner of the eye - this is a classic makeup technique that really works. In addition, they are useful for the area under the eyebrow - a light shine here will not harm anyone. But to paint a moving eyelid with pearl shades is really not worth it - not every professional can do it, so it’s better not to risk it.

8. Work with the shape of the eyes.

We all strive for an almond-shaped eye shape, and if nature has not rewarded it, it can be easily achieved with makeup. And the shadows are your best assistant in this business!

The problem of the impending century must be solved exclusively with matte shadows - mother of pearl is contraindicated in this. The very upper eyelid, which hangs a little, was highlighted with the help of medium saturation shades, and paint the fold between the upper and mobile eyelids with a dark shade.

If your eyes are wide apart, then you need to darken the outer corners of the eyes, without going beyond the borders of the eyelid. That is, you make the dimming matte or shiny shadows from the middle of the moving eyelid to its outer edge, in no case by not stretching the line like an arrow.

With eyes that are set close, you need to do exactly the opposite: stretch dark shadows from the middle of the century towards the temples with a beveled brush. And the inner corners of the eyes were highlighted with light pearlescent shades - then the distance between the eyes will visually increase.

If the outer corners of the eyes look down, then, firstly, do not highlight the lower eyelid with dark shadows and, secondly, work with the upper eyelid. Apply dark shadows of any texture from the outer corner up, towards the eyebrows.

9. Use at least three shades of shadow

Basic eye makeup consists of three shades - that is why in most finished palettes there are just three. The easiest make-up is done in three stages:

  • First, apply a medium shade to the moving eyelid, completely filling it with shadows.
  • You highlight the outer corners of the eye with the darkest shade. It can also be used for the lower eyelid, as well as for the fold between the movable and upper eyelids. By the way, the brush in this case is better to use a rounded, natural pile.
  • You highlight the inner corner of the eye with the lightest shade. Done!

10. Master Wet Shadowing

Wet application of shadows differs from the usual dry one only in that you work with a wet brush. It is this technique that will allow you to save money and turn the shadows for daytime makeup into evening ones.

A slanted brush with wet application can turn dark shadows into eyeliner - apply them on the ciliary edge and blend. This technique is suitable for smoky eyes makeup, and you don’t even need a pencil.

If you just want to achieve a more saturated shade, then wet the round brush with water and apply the shadows just like you usually do. It is worth noting that this method is more suitable for shadows with shine than for matte ones.

Thanks to these life hacks, you should no longer have questions about how to use eye shadow. And if you still have questions, ask them in the comments!

Types of shadows

Shadows are classified by type of pigment and texture. With pigmentation, everything is quite simple. There are coloring agents with a shimmer and matte. You also need to highlight pearlescent. Such shadows are complemented by iridescent reflective pigment, due to which they can change their color depending on the lighting.

By consistency, there are shadows:

  • Baked (Avon True Color Eyeshadow - Avon). The most common. They are characterized by a dense structure, manufactured by pressing and subsequent heat treatment. Due to the prolonged exposure to high degrees, some colored particles melt and acquire a pleasant metallic tint. They are known for their ease of application and duration: even after a long time they are not rolled up into lumps, Sealed Shadows
  • Powdery or pressed (L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Les Ombres Quadro - L'Oreal, Naked by Urban Decay). Powder eyeshadows can be several shades at once. Они производятся аналогично запеченным, но для их изготовления не используется обработка высокой температурой. Могут иметь разный помол, поэтому при выборе стоит отдавать предпочтение маркам премиум-класса.Otherwise, it will begin to roll in front of your eyes or even damage the delicate skin of the eyelids when applied, Powder shadows Powder Shadow with Shimmer
  • Liquid or creamy (Tammy Tanuki, Max Factor Drama). They are also called shadow pencils, in order to correctly use this makeup for the eyes, you need to apply them on top of a dry matte base. Then they will lie evenly over the entire surface of the eyelid without gaps. A feature is the ability to give a wet shine, which allows you to create many different looks in the makeup.

In addition, there are two-color shadows (where two shades are combined in one stick or pencil), three-color, four-color and more. Most often, such sets combine shades of their similar colors or suitable to create a certain type of make-up (evening or day).

How to apply eye shadow on the eyelids in steps

The simplest way that you can apply shadow: to shade the upper eyelid at the cavity and properly brighten its main part. This will allow you to "open" your eyes and make them more expressive. Two shades will be enough for daytime makeup, and three for evening or holiday makeup.

How to apply shadows

How to step-by-step correctly apply shadows in a classic way:

  1. A base is applied to the main surface of the skin. It can be a dense foundation or BB cream, powder or shades of a soft beige shade. The first layer should be dense enough to completely smooth the skin and eliminate greasy shine, Drawing base for eyelids
  2. The first strokes are applied to the cavity at the upper eyelid. It is most convenient to do this when the eye is open. With soft movements of the brush or sponge, you need to distribute the shadows along the entire length of the fold. Do not worry if it seems that it turned out very dark - then the shadows are shaded and the effect of a graceful haze is created, Crease darkening
  3. The middle of the century is shaded by light or pearlescent shades that suit your color type, natural skin color and previous shades. If you use a set, you need to choose a shade a couple of tones lighter than the first, Applying light shadows
  4. The corner of the eye and part of the nose are lightened with the lightest color. Instead of shadows, you can also apply a highlighter. Also, a few strokes of the brightener will make the eyes brighter and shinier, Using Highlighter
  5. To make the whole image harmonious, you need to blend the shadows. With the impending century, dark colors stretch to the upper part of the fold - this will visually make it smaller. The remaining colors are gradually connected by shading to create the effect of a soft transition (a la, ombre). With wide-set eyes, the shadows also stretch to the top, but for the amygdala, the most common option is suitable - stretching to the temples, Eye shadow
  6. After that, a thin eyeliner line is applied along the eyelash growth line - it darkens the contour and highlights the hairs. Due to this, after applying the mascara, they will look much thicker and more spectacular. Eye shadow

Video: How to apply and blend shadows

Video: How to apply eye shadow

There is not a single girl who would not dream of making herself a smokey ice. This is a special type of eye makeup, for which a certain pattern of color matching must be observed. With the right technique and shading, the effect of a soft veil that envelops the eye will be created.

Smokey eyes step by step

How to apply dark shadows for smokey eyes:

  1. A wide peach line is painted over the prepared base. It is universal and suitable for almost all girls (with the exception of blacks). With a brush, the shadows are shaded almost under the eyelids, leaving a neat darkened part on the cavity, Peach Smokey Is
  2. The next applied shade is more pigmented and dark. It can be brown, burgundy, purple, gray, blue and other to your liking. They are applied on the same principle as peach - shading as much as possible along the fold of the eyelid. But not so high. That is, between the eyebrow and eyelid there should remain a small strip of peach color,
  3. The most important thing in smoky eyes is thorough shading. Colors should flow as smoothly as possible into each other. To achieve this effect, you need a brush with a dense natural pile. The sponge will just rub the pigment into the skin, Correct shading smoky ice
  4. The darkest color is applied to the main surface of the eyelid and shades up to the rest. After that, you can once again walk along the bright lines with shadows of the corresponding colors to fix the result and make the makeup more catchy, The principle of distribution of shades
  5. In the corners of the eyes, a dot is placed with a highlighter or the lightest shadows available. The lower line of eyelash growth is drawn by a thin line of dark shadows. This is followed by a line of less dark color, which, like the upper eyelid, is sure to shade well,
  6. It remains only to tint with mascara and adjust eyebrows.
Evening peach makeup

Loose shades of a dark shade can be with sparkles - this is a great idea for a festive make-up.

Eye Shadow Matching

Each makeup will look even more profitable and interesting if you choose the right color scheme. For any eye color, there are more or less winning shades. For convenience, we have identified the main ones.

Eye shadow selection

Brown Eye Shadows

The shades of green and purple (lilac, lavender, lilac, indigo) look most advantageous. Brown color is favorably emphasized by almost the entire warm palette (it is peach, pink, dark brown), but it can ugly shade the eyes, making them more tired and dull. Therefore, eyeliner should be an almost constant attribute in the makeup of brown-eyed girls.

Green eyes

Bright and unusual green eyes can be made even deeper and more sensual if brown, golden, warm-pearly and pinkish shades are used in the shadows. If you prefer matte shades, beige and copper tones, for example, like the Maybelin The Nudes, are best suited.

Eye shadow

Gray and gray-blue-eyed owners

Smoky blue and gray eyes look great under the shade of copper and coral shades. Liquid metallic colors look great, especially the warm palette of orange and pinkish-ash.

Eye Shadow

To girls with blue eyes

Crystal blue eyes are considered the most universal: almost all known shades of shadows are suitable for them. This sky color is especially favored by cold violet, purple and silver metallic. Warm orange, pinkish and beige tones look no less bright and charismatic. We recommend using classic black eyeliner to accentuate all of the listed tones.

Eye shadow

How to apply eye shadow on eyebrows

If you are tired of pigmenting eyebrows with a tattoo machine all the time, then there is a simple way to solve this problem: color them with shadows. Eyebrow shadows are produced most often in a set. Which includes two options for shadows, wax and brush.

Instructions on how to gradually color eyebrows with shadows:

  1. A small amount of shadows is typed on the brush. A thin contour line is drawn along the tail of the eyebrow along the edge of the tool. This stroke goes up to the bend, Contour drawing
  2. After the outline of the main eyebrow is drawn - above the eye. As well as when coloring the tail, the line is drawn exclusively by the edge, so that it turns out to be thin and even. If necessary, it can be trimmed, Ponytail breeding
  3. Inside the eyebrow is filled with pigment. Note that the darkest area should be in the second quarter of the hairline, and as light as possible to the nose. The tail is drawn in a dark shade, Eyebrow pigment filling
  4. Excess shadows are brushed off from the hairs, the lower part of the eyebrows is emphasized by the light tone that painted the face. For an evening look, you can also use a highlighter, Eyebrow Highlighter
  5. To consolidate the effect and give the hair shine, a thin strip of wax is applied over the shadows.