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How to buy a new iPhone original


Buying or selling a used iPhone is a very responsible matter.

Especially when buying an iPhone from hand, as unscrupulous sellers have been and always will be. In our comprehensive manual, you will learn how to properly buy or sell used iPhone.

How to buy used iPhone

Let's start with the most complex and important process - buying an iPhone from hand. Sellers can deceive customers in a variety of ways, from issuing the device to a newer model, ending with hiding information about the inactive functions of the device. If after acquiring the iPhone you don’t want to bite your elbows, it’s better to prepare for the deal.


The iPhone you intend to buy must be carefully checked and examined. For this you will need:

  • Laptop with iTunes and iTools installed.
  • A working SIM card in a format that is compatible with the purchased iPhone.
  • A paper clip or needle to open the SIM card tray.
  • Headphones.

Immediately on the size of the SIM card that support the iPhone. IPhone 5 or later models install a nano-SIM card. IPhone 4 and iPhone 4s have micro-SIM. Older iPhone models have a regular full-size SIM card.

Do I have to bring a laptop with me? The ability to connect the iPhone to a laptop, or to a stationary computer, is necessary not only to check the originality of the smartphone and the correct functioning of the charging connector. The iTools utility will allow you to determine the state of the iPhone battery, which in used devices can be deplorable. More details about this process are described below.

Originality Check

The first thing you should do when meeting with the seller of the iPhone is to check the smartphone for originality and compliance with the claimed model. This is necessary in order to dispel the main fears, for example, that the device is a Chinese fake or that they are trying to sell iPhone 6 instead of iPhone 6s.

A basic check is performed by determining the iPhone serial number on the official Apple website. For this:

1. On the iPhone, go to the “Settings» → «The main» → «About device"And find the line"Serial number».

2. From your smartphone or computer, go to the site checking the eligibility for service and support for Apple devices.

3. Enter the serial number of the purchased iPhone in the graph, specify the captcha and click "Continue».

Important! Be sure to make sure that you enter the serial number correctly.

In case you have the original iPhone, the service will tell you which model it is. Thus, you can most easily calculate whether the seller is trying to give out another model instead of one. Most often, sellers resort to a similar fraud scheme by giving out iPhone 5s for iPhone SE, iPhone 5 for iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 for iPhone 6s. In addition, the service will indicate the availability of the right to service and repair.

If you have a fake, then the Apple service will display a message about the wrong serial number:

An even more thorough check is made possible by special third-party services, for example, SNDeepInfo. They work on a similar principle to the official Apple website. You need to enter the serial number or IMEI of the iPhone being checked and get information about the device. In addition to the model name and the right to service, such services show additional information, including the exact model number, color of the case, year and week of release.

Advice! Pay particular attention to iPhone color information. In the secondary market there are a huge number of refurbished Apple smartphones.

Check unlock status

After you have determined that before you is the original iPhone of exactly the model that is declared by the seller, you need to check the status of the unlock. Locked iPhones are tied to specific foreign operators and do not react to SIM cards of other operators, including domestic ones. Having bought a locked iPhone, you cannot use it as a phone.

A locked iPhone is extremely easy to calculate. To do this, insert your SIM card into it and make sure that the smartphone has caught the network signal. To be sure, you can make a test call.

Note that the iPhone can be unlocked programmatically. In this case, the truth will be revealed even while removing the SIM card tray. If the smartphone is unlocked by software, a special chip is installed in the SIM card tray - Gevey-SIM. iPhone with Gevey-SIM will work in the networks of our operators, however, updating iOS on such a smartphone is impossible without a paid upgrade of the Gevey chip. Such iPhone is better to bypass, since the subsequent sale of a smartphone with Gevey-SIM can be quite problematic. And few people want to refuse iOS updates.

Functionality Check

If everything is fine with the iPhone - it’s not Chinese, of the very model that you buy and is not locked, it's time to check the device for functionality. Of course, a really complete picture of how the iPhone works for you will develop only after a couple of days of active use, but you can immediately see the main disadvantages.

So what should you pay attention to?

Carefully inspect the housing for dents, scratches, or roughness. Pay special attention to the screws on the bottom of the iPhone. They must be of the correct form ("asterisk") and be intact. Otherwise, the smartphone was opened and repaired. It is recommended to peel off the film (or protective glass) of the iPhone display. Quite often, scratches and other defects are hidden under it. Also check the functionality of all the iPhone buttons and the correct iOS response to their pressing.

Evaluate the quality of your iPhone camera. To do this, take a few shots and make sure that they are not blue or yellow. Conduct similar testing with shooting video. The camera eye itself must also be inspected. It should not be dust.

Check if the sensor works on the entire display area. To do this, hold down on one of the applications on the main screen to switch to the movement mode, and move the icon throughout the display. Focus on the edges of the screen. The problems with the sensor will indicate the inability to move the icon in specific places. Inspect the screen for dead pixels (at full brightness).

Be sure to check the Wi-Fi module by creating an access point on another smartphone. Verify that geolocation services are functioning properly. To do this, activate them in the "Settings» → «Confidentiality» → «Geolocation services", And then through the application" Maps "determine your location.

You should definitely make a test call from the iPhone. During the conversation, it is necessary to evaluate not only the audibility and quality of the connection, but also the speakerphone. Do not forget to connect the headphones to the iPhone to make sure that the audio jack is in order.

In the secondary market, previously recessed refurbished iPhones are often sold. Therefore, during the inspection of the purchased iPhone, it is extremely important to determine whether the smartphone had contact with water. Apple smartphones are equipped with special indicators of contact with the liquid, which turn a deep red color if the iPhone comes in contact with water. The standard color of these indicators is white or silver. The liquid contact indicators are located in the following places:

Check battery status

We recommend that you check the battery status in a special way using the iTools utility. To conduct the check, you will need to connect the iPhone to the computer via a USB cable and launch iTools.

When the iPhone is identified in the program, you must click on the battery icon, which is located under the image of the device.

A lot of different information will be presented in the window that opens, but we are interested in the following three lines:

  • FullCycle - the number of complete charge / discharge cycles of the battery.
  • Actual Capacity - current battery capacity.
  • Design capacity - declared battery capacity.

In this simple way, you can find out how actively the battery of the purchased iPhone was used and how much its initial characteristics have decreased. On average, over 500 charge cycles, battery capacity drops by 20%. This, by the way, is fully confirmed by our working iPad, whose battery has consumed 20.7% of its resources in 470 charge / discharge cycles.

How to buy an iPhone cheaply and with a guarantee

The surest way to purchase genuine Apple products is to buy an iPhone from one of the company's official representatives in Russia. For example, our online store offers a huge selection of all popular iPhone models in any color. Of course, the benefits of buying a “white” smartphone do not end with just a wide range. Official products are provided with a guarantee, which is valid in any service center of the company in all cities of Russia. Also, buying the original iPhone at Best - magazin. com, you can count on the possibility of using applications from the App Store and you will never encounter the troubles that can lead to the purchase of “gray” goods. And believe me, there are many of them.

Unscrupulous sellers often sell so-called “refurbished” smartphones, that is, restored to their original state. Who would like for a lot of money to get a product that was previously driven "tail and mane"? However, in this case you will at least get a device with declared functionality. If, seduced by the low price, you buy, for example, a test sample or a stripped-down version for a certain region, you can find out the lack of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth modules, the inability to work in 4th generation networks (LTE) and other unpleasant moments .

So, the most reliable way to buy the same iPhone X - This is to choose official products. By the way, all smartphones in have an official guarantee in Russia. And that means:

· Support for all countries and Russian SIM cards,

· The ability to work at all frequencies of any operator in Russia,

· During the year to exchange the phone in case of marriage.

In the catalog of our online store you will see both iPhones, which were imported to Russia by official suppliers, and phones, which are delivered in small batches from Europe. We responsibly declare that for the buyer there is practically no difference between the one and the other option. Indeed, even the claimed iPhone warranty with a PCT (or EAC) sticker for a period of 2 years is truncated - during the first year, the manufacturer gives a full guarantee, and for the second - a partial one. This means that in the event of a breakdown, you will have to pay for broken parts from your pocket.

When making your choice, be sure to consider that customs costs are included in the price of “white” smartphones. For the buyer of legally imported products, this fact will result in an increased cost of 15-20%. At the same time, the mega-popular iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X in our online store they are sold at a significant discount and have an official European guarantee for a period of 1 year. Does it make sense to buy a more expensive iPhone with a PCT sticker for the sake of a ghostly chance to get 12 months of technical support, only you can decide. However, if you take into account the high reliability of Apple technology, as well as the amount of overpayment of more than 10 thousand rubles, the choice is obvious, is not it?

What threatens the purchase of a “gray” iPhone not from Europe

According to the rules adopted by Apple, Russia belongs to the European region, so if the gadget came to you from the United States, the Middle East and other countries, then, most likely, problems with the guarantee can not be avoided. Of course, individual stores give their own guarantee, promising to solve the problem if it occurs, but what if the trading platform closes? Of course, you can try to resolve the issue using the “worldwide warranty” declared by Apple, however, as practice shows, official service centers are extremely reluctant to respond to such moments.

Anyone can argue that the iPhone have exceptional reliability, and will not be far from the truth. However, the purchase of a “gray” device from non-European regions threatens not only problems with warranty repairs. So, you may encounter a situation when a brand new “apple phone” cannot update the iOS version or after some time refuses to work with a Russian SIM card.

And at the same time, it is not difficult to find out the origin of the device - just look at the letter combination that is indicated in front of the model number:

· AB, AE - countries of the Arabian Peninsula (UAE, Qatar, etc.),

BG - Bulgaria, etc.

By the way, the model number should match not only on the box and back of the smartphone, but also in the menu item “About this device”, which can be found at “Settings” - “Basic”.

How to check iPhone for originality

If you still decide to buy an iPhone at a suspiciously low price, or by hand (according to an ad like “they gave me two of the same, that's why I’m selling a new one in the package”), be sure to check the balance on your smartphone or tablet. The latter will be needed in order to connect to the Internet and check the originality of the iPhone from the manufacturer. To do this, follow these steps:

1. In the menu item "About the device" indicated earlier, find the line "Serial number".

2. Visit the Apple website, namely the device verification page by serial number. For a quick transition, you can use this reference.

3. Enter the serial number specified in the menu in the corresponding window and click on the “Continue” button.

4. If the device is legal, you will receive information about which model your combination of numbers matches, as well as an offer of support from the Apple team in telephone mode.

5. A line that indicates that your serial number is not valid and the offer to enter data once again indicates that the device has obvious problems.

As you can see, checking the originality by serial number is easy. However, you may not even need to do this if you try to switch to the standard iOS app store - the App Store. If instead a picture from the Google Play store appears on the screen, then this indicates that the gadget under test is running Android, not iOS. It is just as easy to detect a fake and when you try to sync iTunes from a connected computer - the latter will not even be able to detect a new device.

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that every little thing is important in determining the originality of “apple” smartphones, because Apple is trying to achieve excellence in everything - from the quality of packaging and printing to the perfect ordering of components in the box. However, you should not trust only the appearance of the smartphone and the colorful packaging - be sure to check if the IMEI matches the number on the label and the tray of the SIM card, look at the call statistics, check if there is an inscription “Refurbished”, etc. However, you can always do without such research if you make an order in our online store. We guarantee the authenticity of the products and, if necessary, provide documentary evidence of the originality of any Apple product displayed in our virtual storefront.

What to bring

The arsenal of an ordinary buyer who goes to the place of a potential transaction looks like this:

  • laptop (preferably with iTunes installed),
  • external battery,
  • a smartphone with a stable internet connection,
  • headphones,
  • working SIM card format that is compatible with the iPhone,

clip to open the SIM tray.

Such a gentleman's set will help to verify the operability of the device.

Visual inspection

iPhone 6 or 6s. We look at the presence of the letter S - this is your main guideline.

iPhone 5 or 5s. Everything is a little more complicated here, because before the release of iPhone 6, Apple released several versions of the same smartphone, and 5 and 5s are very similar in appearance.

IPhone 5s models: A1456, A1507, A1516, A1529, A1532,
IPhone 5 models: A1428, A1429, A1442.

Pay attention to the shape of the camera flash:

For iPhone 5s, it is double in the form of an oval (TrueTone), for iPhone 5 it is round single.

To the Home key:

The iPhone 5s has a TouchID sensor and there is no characteristic white square.

iPhone 4 and 4s. We carefully study the model number indicated in the form of a five-digit code: A1332 or A1349.

IPhone 4 models: A1349, A1332.
IPhone 4s models: A1431, A1387, A1387.

For iPhone 4s, it is on the left and right sides at the top, and for 4S, it is near the headphone jack.

View a detailed description of the appearance of different generations of iPhones on Apple official website. This will help determine “by eye” which model is in front of you and not fall for the scammer’s bait.

Checking the serial number and IMEI will save you from the “self-assembly” smartphone that has passed the procedure of replacing the case from the new donor model to the old one.

Serial Number Verification

The seller with the box always inspires more confidence. But here there are some nuances.

Open Settings - General - About this device and pay attention to two points: Serial number and IMEI.

We take the box, which the seller proudly demonstrates to us, and check the serial number and IMEI.

If the numbers do not match: The box is not from your device. If the seller didn’t mention this in advance - it makes sense to check the iPhone more carefully, or refuse to purchase if the presence of the box is critical.

For the future, selling a device with a box is easier, so never throw it away.

Если номера совпадают: двигаемся дальше.

Теперь берем фирменную iСкрепку и открываем лоток с SIM-картой. Переворачиваем его и сверяем номера.

Note: у моделей iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus и 6s Plus лоток SIM-карты может не содержать номера.

Если номера не совпадают: Это может быть аппарат «самосбор», либо модель Refurbrished. В первом случае понять, что находится внутри устройства крайне сложно. Во-втором – девайс был куплен явно ниже рыночной цены, а над устранением неполадок работала сама Apple.

Цены на устройства из категории Refubrished вы найдете here.

Обнаружили подложку-подкладку в виде схемы? Это Gevey-SIM и о ней расскажем ниже.

Если номера совпадают: совет да любовь – двигаемся дальше.

Look at the IMEI engraved on the back of the smartphone and also compare it with the box, SIM tray and settings menu.

Now we will use the services to check IMEI and learn a little more about the smartphone. Three sites will help in, and To calm the soul, check immediately for three.

By specifying the IMEI number, you will receive complete information about the device, ranging from technical specifications, model number, color of the case, and up to the release date.

Remember, the information provided by the seller must be true. Otherwise, immodest questions beg.

Locked, unlocked and what does it mean

IPhone Category Neverlock (not unlocked) - works with any operators in any compatible networks without dancing with a tambourine.

Category Lock (locked) - as a rule, is sold under the terms of the contract and is tied to a specific operator. The work of SIM-cards of our operators without additional settings is not supported.

Category Softunlock - unlocked software iPhone.

Friendly advice - always buy neverlock. Savings of $ 100-150 subsequently turn into a headache. It is difficult to sell such a device, to throw it away is a pity, it will become impossible to use over time.

How to understand that iPhone is locked? There are a number of signs:

  • A SIM card is installed in the SIM card tray. it Gevey-sim, which allows you to bypass the binding to a specific operator.

The thing is very demanding on the version of iOS and requires constant updating in case of firmware upgrade (costs around 10-30 dollars).

  • iPhone supports the latest firmware version (at the time of writing this article is iOS 9), but the seller is categorically against the update. You can find out whether the device supports the latest version of iOS at Apple official website(scroll to the bottom).
  • Open Settings - General - About this device. Pay attention to the item Operator.

In this place should be the name of the operator whose SIM card is now installed in the iPhone. If only Beeline and MTS are operating on the territory of the country, the inscription Verizon or Carrier automatically means that the device is locked.

  • You can understand that the device is locked during reboot. Ask the owner to restart the smartphone and pay attention to how long he has been catching the network, is it necessary to call some number to activate it.

Hardware and “Does Everything Work?”

If the iPhone has successfully passed all the previous stages of verification, you can temporarily exhale - in front of you Unlocked, not a self-assembled device with an exact model.

It's time for a total inspection and verification of the hardware of the device. And there is where to roam.

Body. Scuffs, dents and roughness are not critical, but damage to areas where the antenna module lies can cause poor communication. Dents or chips indicate that the iPhone has fallen and you can’t guarantee its continued failure-free operation.

Screws. On the edge where the 30-pin port or Lightning port is located, there are two asterisk screws. Make sure they are in the correct shape without damage or scratches.

Otherwise, the smartphone opened.

Hardware keys. Pay particular attention to this item. Replacing failed keys is an expensive pleasure.

  • Lock Lever / Mute. Does it turn on / off freely, does it hang out. Turning on / off should be accompanied by a vibration response.

Shake your smartphone in your hand - a loose switch Mute speaks of its possible imminent demise. Feel free to turn it on and off several times.

Home key. Press the Home key several times. Open with a dozen applications and then roll them off one by one. It should react from the first press and, in no case, stick.

TouchID Sensor (if there's). Ask to configure the scanner for your finger and check its reaction. Whether he reads the print with lightning speed or refuses to work at all.

Volume keys. Make sure that pressing is accompanied by a characteristic elastic click, and the volume control bar immediately appears on the screen.

Power Key. Lock your phone several times. Hold Power and turn off the iPhone completely, and then turn it on. Reacts? It means everything is OK.

Camera. Visually inspect the camera eye. Is there any dust, condensation or debris inside (especially the iPhone 5 / 5s models sinned). Take some pictures.

The color temperature of photographs should be true: blue or yellow indicates damage to the sensor.

Screen. First of all, inspect the screen for broken pixels - black dots or dots with a "rainbow color" regardless of the displayed image. Turn off and turn on the smartphone. At the time of switching on, take a closer look at the screen (preferably in a dark room or covering it with palms). Pay attention to the uniformity of the backlight.

Open Settings - Screen and brightness and change the brightness from minimum to maximum and vice versa. Does the brightness change at all stages?

Try with confident, but not strong clicks around the entire perimeter of the screen to identify an extraneous crunch or creak. The presence of such may indicate that the screen is changed.

Sensor. Tap on one of the icons and hold until you enter the editing mode (the icons will start to tremble). Slowly and smoothly move around the entire perimeter of the screen, observing the smoothness of movement. Jitter at certain points or refusal to move (jumps, jerks) indicate that the sensor may be damaged.

Open the keyboard in any of the applications and check each key - this will help determine if there are any “dead zones” on the screen sensor.

Geolocation. Run the application Cards and determine your current location. Pre-enable GPS in the menu Settings - Privacy - Location Services.

Battery. Turn on the percentage of battery status by opening the menu Settings - Battery - Percentage Charge (on old firmware: Settings - Basic - Statistics - Charge as a percentage).

Remember the percentage value and launch the camera application. Shoot for 1.5–2 minutes. A 2–5% discharge indicates a normal battery condition. If in a few minutes the battery runs out by 10 percent or more - immediately after purchase you will find a replacement battery.

Phone. Ask to install your SIM card (note that it must be cropped to the appropriate format). What format in which smartphone can be found on Apple official website.

Dial a friend or friend and talk for a few minutes. Pay attention to audibility (both ways), the quality of communication, change the speaker volume, turn on the speakerphone.

Headphone port. Connect the headphones and make sure that when turning the plug there is no extraneous noise and crackling, both channels are playing (left-right), the plug does not drop out of the port. The main thing is to make sure that your headphones themselves are working.

Check the behavior of the device at maximum volume, for which remove the restriction from the item: Settings - Music - Volume Limit.

Speaker. Listen to the sound of the speaker. Does he wheeze, does the sound distort (sign drowned man - more on that below). For an objective assessment, use the built-in ringtones that have the right balance.

Please note that all iPhone only ONE SPEAKER. Therefore, the second grille on the case, inherent in the iPhone 3g, 3gs, 4, 4s, 5 and 5s models, serves only as a diffuser. The dynamics are not there.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Once again for beginners: Bluetooth on iPhone DOES NOT TRANSFER files to other smartphones. This is normal. To check the functionality of the module, connect a wireless speaker or headset.

Connect to any available Wi-Fi point (you can create an access point from your smartphone by switching it to Modem mode) and check the Internet is working.

Connect to iTunes, charge. Connect your smartphone to your laptop and make sure iTunes has detected the iPhone. This is an extra confirmation that you have the original device. Did the charging process go and in general, does the smartphone respond to the connection to an external battery or laptop.

Drowned or not?

Almost every buyer is afraid of this. In appearance, the perfect iPhone may have a sad "water past." In other words, a drowned man. The worst thing is that if a potential seller managed to dry it quickly, then the device will work for several more months. And then…

Let's not talk about sad things. On the official site of Apple there is a whole section devoted to the so-called "red markers".

These are tiny strips that allow you to determine whether the device was in direct contact with water. Any moisture ingress is not a warranty case. All information about such red marks is here.

Before giving money

Required require the owner to disable the function Find iPhone and perform a full reset of the device with you. Then set up your iPhone Like New and make sure there’s no trace of your previous Apple ID in your settings.

To do this, check the following menu items: Settings - iCloud and Settings - iTunes Store and Apple Store. In both cases, the fields with the account name must be empty.

You can check the binding on the iCloud service. Open site and in the bottom menu of the page find the item Check lock and activation status.

Enter the IMEI or device serial number and click Continue.

The screenshot option proposed above and the consistent implementation of all points of this instruction is the guarantee that the purchase will be profitable and the iPhone will not disappoint the new owner.

Be vigilant and have a good shopping.

Come to our friends I will give you a sale, only there you can buy an original iPhone for only 12,000 rubles!

(4.85 out of 5, rated: 34)

The last, most important stage

iPhone checked, you are happy with it - it's time to buy. It is at this final stage that many people make a fatal mistake - they do not check the status of the activation lock of the smartphone.

The fact is that the previous owner of the iPhone has the ability to remotely lock the device through iCloud using the Find iPhone feature. Fraudsters with this function are perfectly “friends”. After selling the iPhone, they simply block it and require a ransom for unlocking from the victim.

To protect yourself from such a development of events, before you give money for the iPhone, ask the seller to disable the “Find iPhone” function and perform a complete reset of the device in the “Settings» → «The main» → «Reset» → «Erase content and settings". When the iPhone returns to the factory settings, configure the smartphone as a new one and check once again that all information about the previous Apple ID account from the gadget has been erased. Check should be in two places:

  • On the menu "Settings» → iCloud.
  • On the menu "Settings» → iTunes Store and App Store.

In both cases, the fields with the account name must be empty.

Important! Fraudsters may claim that they leave you with an Apple ID, which stores many expensive applications and games. In no case do not fall for such tricks! You must set up your iPhone under your Apple ID account.

It is recommended that you perform an additional check through the official Apple service for checking the status of activation locks. To do this, go to this site, enter the IMEI or serial number of the device under test, specify the captcha and click "Continue". If the message “Activation lock: off” meets you in a new window - everything is fine, you can safely buy the device and activate it on your account.

If you see the message “Activation lock: on”, as in the screenshot above, then the previous user did not deactivate the function. You can’t give money to the seller before turning off the function!

How to sell used iPhone

Everything is much simpler if you are the seller. All you need to do to prepare your iPhone for sale: create a final backup for subsequent recovery on a new device and perform a full reset of the smartphone.

Important! Manually disabling the Find iPhone feature before selling is optional. By performing a full reset, you’ll automatically unbind your gadget from your Apple ID account.

How to backup iPhone through iTunes

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. If iTunes is not installed on the computer, you can download the latest version of the utility on the official Apple website.

2. Select iPhone in iTunes, go to the “Intelligence", Check"This computer" and press "Create a copy now».

3. Wait for a backup of your iPhone.

How to backup iPhone via iCloud

1. Go to the “Settings» → «iCloud»On the iPhone.

2. Select “Backup copy».

3. Activate the “ICloud Backup».

4. Click “Back up". Wait for the operation to complete.

Done! You have created a fresh backup of your iPhone, it is ready to reset to factory settings.

Important! Going to the reset is only necessary after you have created the backup. Otherwise, you may lose some of your data.

How to reset all data from iPhone

1. Go to the “Settings» → «The main» → «Reset».

2. Click “Erase content and settings».

3. Confirm the reset and enter the password of your Apple ID account to remove the iPhone from the list of linked to the account.

That's all! Your iPhone is ready for sale. You just have to wipe it with a cloth, collect all the documents and accessories that come with it and go to meet with the buyer.

Happy shopping and honest sellers!

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