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If you fell in love with a former lover


Fell in love with ex

You keep talking and all of a sudden you realize that you still love your ex-boyfriend. Perhaps the love was so strong that you could not fade away, or maybe you just realized that it was this man who suits you the most. But feelings appeared again, and what to do with them is still unclear. Fell in love with the former - why and what to do?

Why are we drawn to the former

Former guys do not seem attractive to us at the time of the break. But a little time passes, and we begin to forget the bad, and pleasant memories of dates climb into our heads, his gifts catch my eye, and your favorite songs that you sang together in the car while driving on the sea are played on the radio. And what to do with all of this - at first you ignore and brush off pleasant memories, and then they overcome more and more and it seems that the ex-guy was exactly the person with whom everything was fine. You just did not understand each other, made a mistake, right? It starts to pull especially strongly towards the ex-boyfriend if you find out that he is dating someone. The demanded man in our eyes has more points than a lonely one. Also, a feeling of jealousy - how could he choose this girl, because you are much better and more interesting than her. Moreover, the former guy is still a native person, the one who loved you, suffered shortcomings and spent time with you. So it turns out that the love of the former returns, quite inappropriately.

Twice in the same river - is it worth starting a relationship again

Should I renew relations with my ex-boyfriend? No wonder the proverb promises the impossibility of entering the same river twice. The problems that were in your past relationships will return, to re-break the relationship is no easier than the first time. Sometimes it’s even more difficult, because you get used to a person even more and pin your hopes on a happy future. And not only in the old insults lies the problem of renewed relations. Once dying feelings are difficult to restore to the same state in which they were in the original time. And if during the separation you also met with other people, some of you will be tormented by jealousy. If you are ready for difficulties, then you can try to return the ex-guy back. First, find out if his heart is busy. It is best to act through mutual friends. So you can connect a support group that will help you get your sweetheart back.

You fell madly in love with your ex-boyfriend again, is this possible? You ask yourself.

Everything is possible in life. Love has a strict structure, and we fall in love according to a certain scenario. At first, experiencing passionate and sincere feelings for a certain person, you hope for reciprocity, expect that he will answer you the same, respond with tenderness. And you are not mistaken in him, he reciprocates you, he is in love. Relationships begin, a love affair is booming, and then, for objective reasons, communication ceases, and you break up. It would seem that everything can start from scratch. But sometimes life presents surprises. And this strange gift may consist in the fact that you suddenly realize that much fell in love with the former husband or (and it happens) in a former boyfriend. Burned with a passion for a friend or suddenly fell in love with a former classmate. What to do in this case, you must decide for yourself, but for our part, we will try to help with analysis and advice.

If you fell in love with the former - it is a matter of moral choice.

Of course, you can say that the right to love is an inalienable right of every person, but it is associated with certain ethical standards. In love, you are free to not only take, you must give, sometimes, more than you received. You know your ex beloved guy like no one else, you know how he will behave in a particular situation, and this makes things easier. You must coordinate your actions in accordance with the situation in which you find yourself, with rapidly changing circumstances. The moment you realize that he is ready to meet you, act immediately, fate very rarely gives a second chance. And do not forget another, very important detail: the time has passed since your breakup, you have changed, your ex-beloved guy has also changed. You cannot enter the same water twice, for the water does not stand still. In the same way, a person moves forward, constantly changing.

Sex with ex-boyfriend

In addition to relationships that can renew with a former lover, sex is also possible, which former heroes of the novel indulge from time to time. Firstly, sex with a loved one has its advantages: a learned body, familiar affection and one hundred percent orgasm, which you can not wait for new lovers. Secondly, one of the couple may be hoping to get back not only sexual joys, but also the relationship itself. Girls are often addicted to unpromising sex with an ex-boyfriend, from whom she receives vain hope of a renewed relationship. However, sometimes the novel still has a continuation, if the girl behaves wisely, does not require anything, has good sex and does this not with the brain of a young man. If you are determined to regain your relationship with this man, then try to enjoy sex without making any complaints about it. Then he wants to meet such a good girl again. But immediately tune in to the fact that with the help of sex it may not be possible to return the ex-boyfriend.

How to stop loving an ex-boyfriend

You will need a little effort to forget your former lover. To begin with, it is necessary to completely break contacts with him. Gifts and other material things reminiscent of him (oh, he drank from this cup, we wrapped up this plaid when watching a movie) should be hidden in a closet, garage, and best of all given to someone forever. Valuable gifts - for example, gold jewelry - do not need to be given, but you can melt them or hide them. Delete it from social networks, ICQ, even from the address book of your mobile phone. Do not call to congratulate him on his birthday and try to avoid contact for a long period. A little later, when you stop loving your ex-boyfriend, then encountering him at some events, you can communicate with him quite friendly. But for now, you need to cross out this person from your life. To forget your love, you need to take a piece of paper and write in detail why you love a man. Write as if you are having a personal conversation with him. Thank him for all the good that was between you and for the relationship that gave you a lot. After that, burn the letter and develop the ashes. This psychological technique will help you put an end to the relationship. Communication with other men will help to finally stop loving the ex-boyfriend. At first it will seem to you that no one can please you more than him. Then you will recognize other men and conclude that some are superior in some way to your beloved man.

A girl who has fallen in love with an ex-boyfriend can be advised to gain willpower, which will help to take a sober look at the situation and decide whether the game is worth the candle. Although a relationship with an ex-boyfriend is possible, we recommend looking for something new!

Is it possible to return it

The relations of two young people rarely end without the right to return feelings, so girls often think about how to fall in love with their former beloved guy again, so as not to lose him anymore.

Before you do things, you need to think about why to make such a mistake again. If a person left you once, is it worth giving him a second chance? Girls in love often make mistakes, forgive betrayal, rudeness and moral violence. To think about how to fall in love with an ex-boyfriend again, should only those young women whose relationship ended due to lack of attention and affection on their part.

Psychologists suggest going through several stages on the way to the return of a loved one. If you do not miss important points and do not go too far in the process of returning a loved one, efforts will succeed.

Where to begin

It is not easy to return a man after parting, this process takes a long time and requires a lot of tears. Guys like strong girls who are ready to cope with problems on their own and not need male support.

If you are thinking about how to fall in love with an ex-boyfriend again, first deal with appearance and behavior. Become better for yourself and for him, make a schedule of the day so that it does not have time for tears and disappointing thoughts.

Appearance and character

If the relationship ended, then that was the reason. Men do not go away from caring and faithful girls, they protect them and give them to no one. If the breakup happened, perhaps the reason is you.

First you need to do appearance, behavior, analyze habits. Bitchiness, aggression and selfishness are not the qualities that modern guys need. If you want to return everything, then work on yourself.

The appearance of a woman is the trump card that they pay attention to. Put yourself in order, go to the beautician, sign up for a hairdresser. Today, losing weight is very simple, just sign up for the gym, find a good coach and eat right. One month after the breakup, you can radically change so that the man wants to return and regrets his mistake.

You can resume relations after breaking up, if you act correctly. If a man and a woman are together for a long time, they probably still have common friends with whom you can sometimes spend time.

Go to a party to them where the former will be. Behave naturally, you do not need to radically change your behavior so that the guy does not suspect you of insincerity.

The young man should see that you feel good without him, you do not suffer and began to look better than before. If you show him that you still feel bad, then this will not impress him. Be friendly, smile, drink delicious cocktails, chat. This behavior will interest the ex-boyfriend, he will want to come back to you again, chat, learn about how you live. If the conversation begins, you need to take everything into your own hands and continue communication outside the party.

Personal qualities

The ability to talk on various topics, have fun, be the soul of the company will help to fall in love with a former man. Work on personal qualities, learn to listen to a partner, give him the opportunity to talk. Provide moral support when he needs it. If you give him proper attention in time, you can again make him love you.

Smart girls will give odds to everyone, so you need to develop, learn to communicate with the opposite sex, attract not only appearance, but also charisma. Men love cheerful girls who quickly join any company and do not create any boundaries in communication. But you need to remember what you can’t do:

  1. Exercise excessive obsession.
  2. Talking all the time in company.
  3. To tell jokes that are understandable only to a close circle of friends.
  4. Laugh out loud.

Only the right behavior will help to become the soul of the company and attract the attention of a former guy who will again be interested in your person.

Self confidence

Confident girls get what they need. If you are embarrassed to communicate, have complexes because of your appearance or figure, then it will be extremely difficult to return a former man. A confident young lady behaves differently - she is sociable, well-groomed and knows her worth.

Every woman should have her own tricks that can be easily used to conquer a man. If you also have them, then feel free to give them a move. A woman should feel that she is strong, independent and ready to cope with any problems. There are men who are attracted to just such young ladies, because with them you can achieve new heights in life.

The main stages of the return of love in a relationship

Returning a beloved man is not easy, for this you need to make a lot of effort. Stages of the return of the former:

  1. Become beautiful, look after yourself, change your wardrobe.
  2. Go in for sports, lose weight to perfect forms if you are overweight.
  3. Start a new social circle, become active.
  4. Learn to emphasize your strengths and hide weaknesses.
  5. Play with a man, give him the opportunity to become a hunter, do not open all the cards at once.

Change your attitude towards a guy only for the better, in order to become ideal and unique for him. Any man needs care, if you provide him with it, then the relationship will be restored.

When all the action is in vain

When the guy left you and found a new girl, he will not be able to interfere with his happiness. If you still have feelings for the former, but you see that the situation is hopeless, just try to let him go. Time will put everything in its place, and fate will give you a decent man.

If there are no mutual feelings, then any actions will be useless. Men rarely leave in order to return. Attempts of girls to return love only aggravate the situation, provoke the emergence of scandals and misunderstanding.

Psychologists do not recommend knocking on a closed door, especially if you open it there is no chance. Increased attention to the guy can only aggravate the situation and make him turn away from the girl.

You together again

Trying to return her beloved, the girl runs the risk of making stupid mistakes, causing him scandals and finding out the reasons for leaving.

When it was possible to renew love, do everything so that the man does not regret that he has returned. There will be no second chance to restore feelings. Become the best for the chosen one, try to constantly surprise him with beautiful outfits, delicious dinners, pleasant conversations. Now only on you depends on the emotional background in the relationship and their duration.

Returning to his former lover, the guy took an important step, perhaps stepped over his principles. Such actions need to be appreciated and respected if the beloved is really dear to you.

Psychologists advice

To independently understand the situation and understand how to proceed, it is worth considering the advice of psychologists. They will tell you how to restore your past relationship. To do this, remember the following rules:

  1. Stay beautiful, desirable and sweet.
  2. It is not necessary to be imposed on a man, it is important to be in his sight as often as possible, showing himself from the best side.
  3. Make him a little jealous, go to meetings with other guys, relax with his friends.
  4. Do not dwell on parting, if the guy is your destiny, then life will bring you back together.
  5. Become confident.

The advice of psychologists will help to cope with the current situation and find answers to all questions regarding the restoration of relations.

Why so drawn to the ex-boyfriend?

And all because during quarrels you forget all the positive aspects, and you see only the bad. And after a few weeks, months pleasant moments, gifts, travels, etc. climb into my head. At first, these sensations are less active, and then memories and feelings are amplified more and more.
You begin to think that everything was not so bad, just simply, somewhere they didn’t finish each other, they made a mistake ..

And even deeper feelings arise when you find out that he has a companion. This is because a man who is needed by someone else besides you is a hundred times more attractive than an ordinary bachelor. How can he choose another? Why is she better than me? All of these issues further enhance emotions.

Should I start from the beginning?

No wonder they say that it’s not possible to enter the same river twice. Those troubles that caused your breakup will return. But parting will already be much more difficult, because get used to the person even more. And sometimes, the feelings that you had are much harder to revive. To this will be added jealousy, if during the break-up there was a relationship with another person.

If you still decide to act, then connect joint friends to this. And accordingly, you need to create a situation that brings you closer. When it becomes clear that the man is also reaching for you, then you will succeed. But, it is necessary to take into account the moment that some time has passed, during which his views, habits and life as a whole can change.

In addition to platonic relationships that break out after some time, former partners periodically indulge themselves with sexual pleasures. The advantages of such sex are already familiar body lines, warm native caresses, and a full orgasm, which at first or not at all with a new lover. And also, in this way I want to return not only sex but also relationships with my beloved. On the one hand, such meetings can be a continuation, if the woman is not too demanding, she behaves calmly without tantrums, and makes no complaints. And the man will definitely want to return to such a calm, warm and comfortable atmosphere. But it happens that these sexual relationships are completely in vain, because as one sex, the depth of the relationship can not be returned.

Just forget the former forever?

For this difficult step, enough time will be required.

  • First cut off all possible contacts.
  • Подаренные и все другие напоминающие о нем вещи (его чашка, одеяло, которым вместе укрывались) спрятать куда-нибудь подальше.
  • Обязательно удалить его из списка телефона, аськи, социальных сетей.
  • Перебороть свое внутреннее желание поздравлять с праздниками бывшего возлюбленного.

И спустя некоторого времени вам станет легче, чувства угаснут, у вас появится своя жизнь. But, the most effective method is to communicate more with guys, it can be either friends or guys who sympathize with you. Although immediately it will seem to you that since the former man you will not love anyone. This is a common mistake of all girls.

Just forget the past and start a new life!