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How to draw mickey mouse in stages


Mickey Mouse is the wonderful Disney hero we will be drawing today. Of course, you don’t need to tell who it is, you probably know everything yourself :)

How to draw Mickey Mouse with a pencil

If you do not have colored pencils or markers, it does not matter. In this example, we will use only a regular pencil and an eraser. So let's get started!

The first step is the easiest. At the top of the sheet, draw a circle. Try to make it look even.

Divide it into four parts with normal lines and draw two more circles on top. These circles will be his famous huge ears.

Now draw the trunk and limbs. Hands raised high up.

Well, the sketch is ready, we are now going to drill down. We draw the face as in the picture below. We will talk about how to draw his head in another example in more detail.

We erase the auxiliary lines and circle the remaining ones one more time.

We carry out the same procedure with the rest of the body. First, make a sketch, and then detail.

The drawing is ready!

How to draw Mickey Mouse in 5 steps

Now let's draw our mouse in steps. We decided to choose a slightly different pose, namely, when he makes a bow.

Stage 1
We make the skeleton the simplest lines.

2 stage
Draw directly along the lines as in the picture below. If this method seems too complicated for you, then you can start drawing from the head and traditionally finish with your feet.

3 stage
We finish small and fairly simple parts of the body, legs, tail and so on.

4th stage
Now we take an eraser and erase everything superfluous, and also paint over part of the head with ears in black.

5 stage
We take color pencils or felt-tip pens and colorize. If you wish, you can add a background or some other characters nearby.

How to draw a Mickey Mouse face

As we promised earlier, an example of drawing a head. So, we will try to parse as detailed as possible.

First, draw a circle divided into four parts.

Oval ears should be big enough.

We draw the contours of the face, they should turn out symmetrical, therefore, try.

A curved line and two sharp ovals - they will be the eyes of our mouse.

We finish the eyes, nose and mouth. Everything is simple here.

Under the line of the mouth we draw another one and draw the tongue in the hole with the Volhynian.

We erase all unnecessary.

Now colorize. Be sure to leave a highlight on the nose, it will give the drawing more cartoonishness. By the way, if you want to draw in a cartoon style, it is best to use markers or felt-tip pens, but not pencils.

How to draw a minnie mouse girl

Let's draw Mickey's girlfriend named Minnie. Some call this character “Mickey Mouse Girl” - this is wrong. Her name is Minnie and let's draw her!

We make a simple sketch.

At the same time, we detail different parts of the body. By the way, her ears are also large, like the previous character. But her ears are tied with a bow, she’s a girl :)

We draw a dress, shoes, tail and other small details.

Now we erase everything unnecessary and colorize.