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What is needed for a kitten in an apartment?


Before you go after the kitten, You need to buy the most necessary things, without which it will be impossible for the baby to exist in your home:

Here, perhaps, are the most necessary things that you need to buy at home just before you take the kitten to yourself. A more detailed list of cat purchases that may be useful to you and your baby in the future, read the article "What to buy a kitten?"

In the early days, until the kitten is accustomed to a new place, it is better to give him a corner in one room and put everything nearby - a tray with a filler, a bowl of water and food, as the baby may “get lost” and not find the tray at the right time. However, do not bring food and water too close to the toilet so that particles of filler do not fly into the food during vigorous “instillation”.


Experienced owners, choosing from the list of what is needed for a kitten, will definitely remember about a nail clipper. If he lives in an apartment, without the opportunity to walk in nature, then the need to sharpen his claws will quickly become a problem. First wallpaper and curtains, then sofas and armchairs - everything will be in puffs and will get a shabby look. Gently trim the kitten's nails without injuring the paws with a special tool.

Scratching post

If you don’t want to cut nails or don’t succeed, then a specially equipped game corner will come to the rescue. You can buy it in a store, order it to masters, or even make it your own from the network. In any case, it should be made of natural details - wood, hemp, burlap. The parts are fastened with silicone glue or large nails with a decorative cap.

Veterinarians advise to pay attention to:

  • The lack of smell, it should not be. This will push the kitten away and become a source of allergies for humans.
  • Strength. All parts must hold tight, the edges are firmly sewn, and the shelves and pipes can withstand the pressure of the hand of an adult.
  • Security. All surfaces must be carefully stroked with your palms in search of un hammered nails, staples and other things. If there is a stabbing, scratching it will certainly damage either the mouth or foot.
  • Sizes. The house should not be tiny so that the kitten is not stuck or bored.

House or place to sleep

It is not always necessary to arrange a personal house for a kitten so that he feels comfortable. Sometimes a warm blanket on an armchair, an old knitted sweater is enough. The main thing is that it is dry, warm and safe.

But still, so that the cat and then knew his place in which he can sleep, it is better to purchase a house. This will solve the problem of falling asleep on clean or ironed things, wool on them.

The house for the appearance of a kitten and accommodation you need to choose soft, from natural fabrics of soothing colors. Necessarily need an entrance, without curtains and doors to ventilate it. The place to sleep should be regularly fried in the sun and washed.

Care products

Any animals should be looked after - combed out hair, wash. Special combs are sold - carbs that help to prevent hair from getting into the stomach when licking. You can comb out an animal every day. He will like it.

Shampoos for animals have a special composition, which additionally helps to get rid of parasites and improve skin and coat.

A little kitten is a cheerful and agile child, in need of games, entertainment. Clockwork toys, balls and other things will help train running, jumping, and hunting skills. And in joint games, an excellent accessory will be a decoration on a stick, something rustling, soft. To make friends faster, set the kitten a place and time for games.

In stores you can also find useful toys made from vitamins and nutrients of a rodent.

Timely vaccinations and means to eliminate parasites will help maintain health and give the joy of playing with animals. A healthy kitten is a great friend and cheerful neighbor.

Cat toilet

The most important thing for a kitten is a properly selected toilet. Look or ask the breeder which tray the baby used. So that the kitten does not encounter difficulties in the new house, I set my kittens several trays - large and small, open and closed.

Despite the fact that the kitten is still small, at the age of 3 months, he willingly walks in a large mother’s tray. Therefore, it makes no sense to buy a small toilet from which it will quickly grow.

Depending on the filler you want to use, you should choose the appropriate type of cat litter.

For wood filler, select a tray with a grill. Scattering, sawdust of wood filler pass through the grate, so that the cat does not pull them on its paws throughout the house.

DOGMAN open tray with grate

The toilet has a removable grill. It can be used without filler and with wood filler.

Dry closet for cats Nyantomo Seiketu Toire (Kao Cat) It has a beautiful design and easily fits into the interior of the apartment. This Japanese dry closet has a retractable tray and grill, possessing a double degree of protection against odors.

If you like clumping wood or absorbent clay or silica gel, pay attention to an open or closed tray without a grate.

Toilet for cats with a side

A closed toilet is well suited for shy cats and prevents the spread of filler during instillation.

If you bought a cat toilet without a scoop, then pay attention to a product of the IMAC brand. Scoop for toilet with a container. The scoop is easily removed from the stand and is always in place. Suitable for clumping clay and wood fillers.

Cat litter

For kittens, it’s better to start with a wood filler. Kids are curious and try everything on the tooth.

The filler is made of natural wood chips pressed into granules and will not harm your pet.

What are the fillers for cats and which one is better to choose


My cats are very fond of the sisal hexagonal nails. She can be put on the sofa to wean the cat to tear the sides of the furniture.

Made from environmentally friendly, 100% natural corrugated board. It is a rectangular box in which it is placed

a block of vertically arranged corrugated cardboard strips. Compact, mobile and ideal for a modern apartment. The claws of your pet will never get stuck in this claw. The animal can sharpen its claws painlessly, and you will be sure that your pet will not get injured, will not spoil his health and will not spoil your furniture and wallpaper.

Food for kittens

At first, feed the kitten with the food that he ate from the breeder. Switch to a new food gradually, mixing the usual food with a new one so as not to cause an upset stomach in the kitten.

What feeds are and what is the best way to feed a kitten


And in the middle is a clawboard made of corrugated cardboard.

Kittens really like Petstages brand toys.


Toy petstages track 3 floors will not let you get bored alone, while the balls will always be in place.

Thus, having such toys, your kitten will not be bored even in your absence.

Kitten Care Items

Every cat living at home needs to have its claws trimmed with special clippers once every two weeks. Nail clipper is a special manicure tool for animals. Put the cat on your lap and easily push the claw pad to pull the claw out of the case. You can cut off only the tip of the claw - no more than one quarter, otherwise you can damage a blood vessel or nerve.

For those who are afraid to cut off the excess, they produce claws with a limiter. There are models in the form of scissors and the type of guillotine, where you need to stick the claw into the hole.

Brushes and combs

Such natural bristle brush Suitable for kittens. It allows you to carefully take care of the baby's hair. But in the future, this brush will come in handy. After bathing, it is good for her to comb the hair against her growth and allow to dry.

Rubber brushes serve both for combing and massage the skin. They comb out dead hair well. They are used, as a rule, for adult animals.

Eye lotion

For the prevention of eye diseases, daily kitten eye care is required. Good drops are Diamond Eyes drops, Teardrop Lotion, which you can buy at a veterinary pharmacy and pet store.

Kitten in a new house

You brought the kitten home. How to make kitty adaptation in the new house went faster?

To begin with, a kitten needs to be placed in only one room, so that he gets acquainted with new smells and can understand that this is now his house. In the room, put a bowl of food that he is used to (find out from the breeder), a bowl of water, and a toilet tray, which the kitten will probably start looking for soon.

Squat down next to the kitten and quietly call him by name, which he is already used to. Surely he at the same time mews meowingly. Answer him in a quiet, calm voice, which the kitten will quickly get used to.

If the kitten hid in a secluded place, do not disturb him. As soon as your pet dares to leave his shelter, this means that he overcame the first fear. Do not let other kittens and children see the kitten for the first time. The kitten should get used to you. Stroke him, play and talk with him - then he will quickly build up and strengthen confidence and affection for the new owner.

Do not forget that the kitten will now follow you on its heels, run under your feet, climb on you, not realizing that closing doors can be deadly for him. Move around the room very carefully. Such a small creature out of pure curiosity may be in the most unpleasant situation, so keep it in sight constantly.