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How to make an iPod from an iPhone and vice versa


Apple products are always in plain sight in all the media and people are constantly following this brand. These merits belong to the very talented manager of the company Steve Jobs.

The corporation does not represent a huge number of devices on the market, but if any gadget comes out, then be sure it will enter the top of sales.

In the two thousand and first year, when the company “gave birth” to iPod, a new history of the company began, manufacturers created a universal media player, six years after the presentation of the first iPod, Apple released a brand new iPhone, all this happened at the dawn of two thousand and seven.

A huge number of people have always been interested in me, what are the differences between an iPhone and an iPod. I always answered them, there were a lot of differences, I explained to people that it makes no sense to compare the first iPod with the iPhone, since the first iPods were primitive media players, and the iPhone in 2007 was already a phone. But ... time passed, the iPod brand grew not by years, but by the hours and new versions were released, for example, iPod Touch. You can already try to compare this product with the iPhone, which is exactly what we will do throughout this article.

If you are familiar with English, then translating the name iPhone is not difficult for you, for those who are not friends with foreign languages ​​“phone” is translated from English as a telephone, that is, the name is decoded as a telephone that can be connected to the network.

The history of the name iPod is more interesting than the previous one. A copywriter named Vinnie Chieco, seeing the first product, associated it with a capsule of a spaceship and remembered the film “Odyssey 2001”, in which there was a quote “Open the door of the capsule”, the capsule is translated from English as “pod”, adding the prefix “i” , people got an iPod.

iPhone vs iPad Touch

The first difference between the two devices is that the iPhone was originally designed as a smartphone and the main task of this device was to make calls between people, but the iPod simply does not even have a SIM card slot, but time does not stand still and now you can make calls via iPod using any popular messengers for this.

The second difference is the unique design of the iPod Touch, although it is somewhat similar to the design from the iPhone. Also in iPods they use very bright colors that iPhone manufacturers do not use, for example, bright blue or bright yellow.

Third, a very significant difference in price between the two gadgets, the iPhone is an order of magnitude more expensive than its "brother". Although you definitely can’t call an iPod cheap, under the conditions that it is a very, very functional device, with a huge margin of functions, but unfortunately, it does not support a SIM card.

Compared to iPhones, in iPods, displays are much smaller in size, the same with screen resolution. The cameras of these two devices are identical in their parameters, but if you want to upgrade something on a gadget with a camera, you will only be able to do this with the iPhone. The battery life on the iPhone is much longer than on the iPad.


Apple Corporation, year after year, is developing new and improved models of iPod and iPhone. They are equipped with smart multi-pixel cameras, powerful processors and displays that are created using the latest technology.

To date, both devices have become like two brothers, they can hardly be distinguished at first glance. This dramatic change occurred after the release of iPod Touch, engineers focused on the touch screen in the iPod and the design of the iPhone was closely mixed with the design of the iPod and in order to understand “Who is this?” You need to look at the passport data of each device.

Every reader will probably have a question at the end of the article. What did he still have to choose ?!

It seems to me that this question is not completely posed, since these devices were created absolutely for different purposes initially. If you want a high-quality player without unnecessary troubles, then buy an iPod, if you are looking for it all in one bottle, then take an iPhone, but pay for it.

How to make an iPod out of iPhone 4. No way.

EventMNR May 25, 2014

We make any iPhone / iPod / iPad working (except for SIM)
Verified on all devices (makes all iPhones as iPods)
And so let's get started:

We go to the folder:
(The drive where Windows is installed) / Windows / system32 / drivers / etc and find hosts.
Then there we delete the address where apple and put this one.

But we delete these addresses (if any)


After that, we open iTunes and do the recovery, then it gives an error (do not pay attention) and howl, you can already use any device as an iPod (for iPad and iPhone and iPod Touch 5g this is a super thing)

I wish you all good luck

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iPod, iPad or iPhone as a flash drive. Do it yourself

In order for your iPod, iPad or iPhone to work like a USB flash drive, you need to install the iPhone folders program on your computer, which is a Windows Explorer program: it integrates into Windows and functions like an ordinary Explorer.

Also, you should install Jailbreak on your Apple gadget and, using the Cydia Appsync utility, open access to the file system.

How to make a USB flash drive from an iPhone, iPad or iPod

Follow these tips to make your iPhone (iPad / iPod) work like a flash drive:

  1. Download iTunes from Install it.
  2. Download the iPhone Folders program and install it on your computer.
  3. After this installation, restart the computer.
  4. Connect your apple to the computer.
  5. Then, go to: My computer → iPhoneFolders → Your device (iPhone, iPad or iiPod) → private → var → mobile → create a folder under any name.

In order to minimize the time spent searching for this folder, create a shortcut on the desktop. This will make accessing the memory card of your iPhone easier. Each time, when you connect the phone to the computer, to open the flash card, it will be enough to click on the shortcut of your folder.

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Final actions

Since your new “iPod Touch” does not involve making calls or sending / receiving messages, it’s best to turn off cellular communications altogether. This is not necessary, but this approach will help to significantly save battery power. Why should the phone look for a signal that will never arrive?

On the other hand, the device will completely depend on the Wi-Fi wireless network connection, which also affects the battery consumption.

Let’s figure out how to configure everything correctly:

1. Rummage through Settings and select "Cellular Data".
2. Use the switch at the top: click on it to deactivate (gray color).
3. Return to the basic settings screen and select Wi-Fi.
4. Here, on the contrary, you need to activate the option.
5. Then select your home network from the list and enter the password (if the iPhone has not yet been connected to it).

Useful apps

After completing all the necessary steps, you can download any program for your updated iPod. For example, you can use a music / video player, various podcasts. You can also download several games, movies or TV shows to your old smartphone.

You can use the device exclusively as a music player. This is a very convenient solution for a car, office or gym. A spare phone for music only saves you from a dead battery or losing your main phone while walking or while jogging.

Read the same

We run to the Devices tab, specifically here you can delete all previously made backups. We deleted them all. Now we will make one single freshest backup copy of iPod touch 5 in the same iTunes program:

Connect iPod Touch 5 to your computer using a USB cable. Launch iTunes, in the left side menu in the Devices section, right-click on iPod touch and select - Make a backup. (If you don’t have a side menu, read here).

Prescribing the percentage of charge in iPod touch

The subtitle turned out a little wrong, we will not register the percentage of charge in the iPod itself, but in the backup copy that we just made. The iBackupBot program will help us with this.

We launch iBackupBot and see in this program our only backup copy, we have only one copy, so we won’t get confused (it’s great that we deleted all the old backup copies).

The main task of the iBackupBot program is to help us find the file and edit it by adding the percentage of charge. On iPod touch 5 with firmware 7.0.3, this file is located on the following path: System Files - HomeDomain - Library - Preferences.

Depending on the iOS firmware version, our file may be located in another folder, in such cases integrated search will help. For example, in iPod touch 4G, this file is: Library - Preferences.
Having found the file, we exported it just in case of fire (we right-click on the file - Export Selected item (s)).

After that, click on the Enter file or twice with the mouse, there is a suggestion to purchase the program, but for now we will not do this, click - Cancel and we will run to editing.

Restore iPod touch and see the percentage

Once the code is pasted and saved to a file, you need to return iPod touch from your copy. We use iTunes for the recovery procedure. Previously, we already did the restoration from the backup copy, however, we did it on the example of the iPhone, in principle, the actions are approximately the same.

In the iTunes program, select our iPod touch and in the Browse tab, click the -
Return from copy. See do not confuse buttons. All markers and points should be lined as in the screenshot above.

We select our only backup copy and press the button - Return. ITunes starts recovering iPod touch from a slightly tweaked backup.

The player displays the message - Restoring in progress. After some time, the iPod reboots, and we see how the scale creeps on a black background with an apple.

Interest in iPod touch 5 - done

Charging the battery of iPod touch 5 as a percentage

As iPod touch boots up after recovery is complete, you will see the percentage of charge near the battery indicator. The percentage charge on iPod touch is very useful, because when the player is fully charged, the lightning bolt icon continues to hang, the plug icon has not been used by Apple specialists for some reason in the 7th firmware.

How to do the opposite

In fact, the iPod Touch is the same iPhone, but without the function of calls and text messages. Among its peculiar drawbacks, one can name the fact that access to the Internet is possible only through a wireless connection. And if it’s almost impossible to do without Wi-Fi, it’s quite possible to organize calls from an iPod. Of course, this option is not able to replace a full-fledged phone (even if only because without the Internet it is simply inoperative). But sometimes such an alternative can significantly help out. The whole secret is in special applications that use IP telephony (VoIP services).

Please note that this method only suits Apple players with 3G specifications. For models of iPod 1G and 2G have to buy a microphone.

Visual similarity

Separately, you should consider additional accessories that enhance the similarity of the transformations.

You can turn the player into a phone using the Chinese case Peel 520. Its new generation is equipped with a cellular modem, SIM card slot and GPRS module.

To make the same transformation in the other direction is a little more difficult: while it is provided only for the 6th model of the iPhone. iPod Cover is an innovative solution that looks completely reminiscent of the once-popular iPod Classic. Moreover, the characteristic touch wheel on the case allows you to control music similarly to the original.

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