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How to think positively, or one of the views on positive thinking


Sometimes, even if you play fair, life gives out from the bottom of the deck. There does not have to be a reason for this, but it does happen. For some people, “Life sucks” is when there is no couple at the graduation party, or a big pimple on my nose popped up just before this important event. For others, this may be a call at the time when you and your children are decorating a Christmas tree that says that your spouse just died in a car accident. You can suffer from chronic depression, so even if you know how good everything looks on the surface (for others), nothing could be worse for you. Let's look at some options for how to act when life leaves a large smelly heap at your doorstep.

How to think positively and achieve peace of mind

How often do you hear the phrase “thoughts are material”? And indeed it is. Many of you must have noticed that when the mood is on the rise, then it becomes easy, simple and pleasant to live. All problems are solved as if by themselves, there are positive-minded people who are ready to help and support, everyone around is friendly and sweet, and the world seems to be smiling at you. And vice versa, when the mood and thoughts leave much to be desired, then life is not a joy, the space around begins to seem to confirm your sad thoughts and contributes to their implementation. That is why it is so important to think positively! Positive thinking helps to change your life for the better, achieve inner peace and harmony.

Recently, I had to talk with a large number of negatively-minded people, I really wanted to help them and make it clear that sometimes their troubles and sufferings flow and materialize from their own head. Trying to convey the idea of ​​positive thinking and peering at people, I saw the following: some people say: “Yes, everything is bad with me, but Vaska’s neighbor is worse and that’s good (easier) for me, because my problems are compared to the problems of others not so scary - you can live. "

Others say: “I have everything bad and I don’t give a damn bad or good to others, I only care about my own life, my problems and my feelings.”

Still others say: “Everything is bad with me and it won’t get better, all the good things have already been chopped off by those rich who are raging with fat, or those sectarians who are out of their minds, or those whose salaries are higher, or those who have grass the lawn is greener, and so on. ”

And there are also those who understand the power of positive thinking, but cannot control their thoughts, saying something like this: “Yes, you need to think positively to change your life, but I don’t know how, because I have a lot of problems, I don’t know , where to start, or I don’t know how to remake myself, break it, or where to get the time to work on myself, yes, I need to think positively, because Katya thinks positively, and she does everything and she is fine, so I I can, but just do it for this? And for this, is it necessary to do something else? And I'm lazy (hard, scary, once) ”... Have you recognized yourself somewhere?

And now, based on the categories described, let's figure it out, how to think positively to change your life.

So, let's begin ... We found out that people can plunge into negative in different ways, some begin to elevate themselves above those who are worse than themselves, others envy those who are better, the third is generally indifferent to everyone and everyone except their own person. I immediately recall the words of Shantideva:

«All the happiness that exists in the world comes from the desire for happiness to others. All the suffering that exists in the world comes from the desire for happiness for oneself»

Based on these words, we can conclude that the more you wish and do good to others disinterestedly, the more blessings then return to you, and as a result, everyone is happy and everyone wins. But for this it is necessary to say goodbye to such obscurations as envy, anger, pride, laziness, fear, and bring more altruism, compassion and awareness into your life.

An analytical and evaluative approach to this or that situation, sincere faith in the best and awareness of the law of Karma also help to achieve peace of mind. I know that when negative events happen to me, negative karma simply boils away. This process can be accelerated or slowed down, but you still have to exhaust karma. And when positive events take place in life, I understand that this is a reward for my good deeds and actions. This helps to release any experiences and move on, working on yourself.

Of course, sometimes awareness is not enough to assess the situation soundly and draw the right conclusions from the lessons learned. Then I switch to “standby mode”. Just doing what I have to, what’s needed, blocking negative thoughts (I just don’t let them get into my head) and doing practices that can alleviate my internal condition — it can be hatha yoga, taking a hot bath or listening to lectures on yoga and a healthy lifestyle, reading spiritual and developmental literature. Gradually, the inner heaviness and fatigue recede, it becomes easier physically and energetically, there is a desire to do something for the good and strength for awareness and conclusions.

Sometimes such a phrase inspires me: "There is a goal - go to it, you can’t go, crawl, you can’t crawl - lie down and lie in the direction of the goal." The main thing is not to give up, difficulties are always temporary, and if you give up and give yourself a indulgence or 100 indulgences, it won’t become easier, you just have to go through these lessons and this way again, because every indulgence, weakness or negative thought is a step back from the goal, from a feeling of inner happiness and integrity. This does not mean that you do not need to relax and rest. But even relaxation can be chosen so that it will delight and reinforce a positive attitude towards life, and at the same time bring benefits.

All this helps to shift the focus of concentration from one’s own suffering and feelings to actions to change and rework the current situation. When you realize that everything that happens to you is the result of your actions and actions in the past, the question no longer arises: “WHAT am I for?”, Now you can stop and understand WHY this situation has come to you, and draw the appropriate conclusions. With the awareness of these simple things, peace of mind and balance come, because everything happens as it should, but there are always ways to change your life, karma and thoughts for the better, by redirecting your actions to a more blissful course.

How to start thinking positively

In fact, to start thinking positively, you just need to start! To begin to celebrate positive moments in life: to celebrate what makes you happy, instead of noting what upsets, to focus on what you have, instead of wanting endless benefits and envy, it is important to praise yourself for success, even for the most small, but also perceive adequately constructive criticism in order to change the negative points! You can also make a list of positive thoughts that support and inspire you. Getting started can be difficult, but anything is possible! Try to start the day with a smile and thanks for the precious birth, and in the evening before going to bed, remember what good has happened in your life today and what good you have done. Gradually, you will learn to celebrate positive things, without even thinking about it, you will see good things in people or see in their actions an example of how to behave, and how not to, learn lessons even from unpleasant situations. Feeling guilty about this world, other people and yourself will be replaced by an awareness of your causality and calmness. What if think positively, thoughts materialize in a positive way, and life as a whole will become simpler and more enjoyable.

A very important point in positive thinking - do not draw vivid pictures for yourself, how good you are and how wonderful you are, how wonderful everyone is around and how you love everyone, and they love you. Thinking with pictures means leaving your energy and part of yourself in the imagination. In fact, when our attention is stuck in that which is no longer (the past), that which is not yet (the future) or simply the nonexistent present (imagination), then the energy simply flows away to nowhere, and there is no sense from these visualizations, but there is harm. It doesn’t matter for our mind in what reality you will be happy, in the present or in the imaginary, and it will happily fantasize you all! And when you return to real reality (I apologize for the tautology), it will hurt from realizing the discrepancy between the imaginary and the real, sad from the useless waste of time and psychic energy. Approach visualization consciously and meditate. To really begin to change life, raise your consciousness to a different, qualitatively new level, stop running away from reality, accept it as it is and start acting! Any action begins in the head, allow yourself to think positively. The world will not collapse if you become a little happier! Define a goal, create a plan to achieve this goal and start thinking positively in the process of achieving it! Start small and move on to more. Feel the small positive feelings inside yourself and large positive thoughts will appear. Then you will understand how to think positively with any difficulties. In this practice of positive thinking, as in many other activities, experience and practice are important. After all, if you want to pump up the press, then you will perform exercises to strengthen it and make great efforts to achieve your goal, and in this particular case, to learn how to think positively and do it right, you need hard practice.

How to make yourself think positively

Our life is sometimes unpredictable, and sometimes it’s impossible to predict when and where the next lesson will lie in wait for you. How to think positively with any difficulties? Start small, because "the journey of 1000 miles begins with one step."

  1. Learning to let go of the negative. The practice of yoga and concentration will help you with this. When we do asanas on the mat, it increases our awareness and frees up hidden energy resources. Redirect your energy to a good course - learn how to concentrate on the object, the flame of a candle, water ... The practice of concentration helps you to be more collected and trains you to manage your attention. Thus, you will learn how to quickly and painlessly switch to positive thinking.
  2. Learning to take positive. The problem of some people with a lack of positive thinking is that they consider themselves unworthy of the best. Therefore, it is extremely important to accept yourself as you are without undue self-flagellation. Try to evaluate yourself from the position of positive qualities and qualities that you need to work on. Highlight the main thing and start working on yourself, praise yourself for success - this will help to form a habit of positive thinking and save you a number of unnecessary complexes. Accept the positive, and change the negative. There is such an oriental wisdom: “If you do not like the situation, change it, if you cannot change, then change your attitude towards it.” And indeed, if you are not able to change something, then what's the point of lamenting about this?
  3. Learning to ask the right questions to ourselves. Listen to people who complain about life ... What are they talking about? Of course, about your miserable life, about yourself! Do you think these people have nothing more to tell? Of course have! Try to ask a question to such a person: “What good happened to you today?” And the person immediately switches his attention to positive. You need to ask yourself this question more often. If the answer is not satisfied, then ask another question: “What can I do to change the situation? What lessons did I get today? What conclusions can be drawn? What can I do to be happier? What is true happiness for me? What can I do for family, friends, the world to experience happiness? ”By answering such or similar questions, you will realize many interesting things about yourself.
  4. Learning to relax. Internal work, as well as external activity, can be tiring, so take care of providing yourself with quality rest. Do yoga, take a walk in nature, chat with like-minded people. At the same time, rest is not lying on the couch in front of the TV, various parties with the use of substances intoxicating and intoxicating consciousness, as well as communication with people who lead you to degradation and even more immersion in negative thoughts. If you want to have more energy and a higher quality of life, relax properly.
  5. Learning to do well for yourself. Do the things that benefit you. Here, the ability to ask the right questions will help us. For example: eating 5 chocolates may be tasty, but how good is it for your body? Eat well, get enough sleep, do exercises that recharge you with energy. Try to communicate with sane, positive-minded people who have a beneficial influence on you.
  6. We learn to praise ourselves, to celebrate the good in ourselves. Celebrate the positive events of your life and your good deeds that have benefited other living creatures more often. This will guarantee your good mood and inner upsurge. Over time, you will find that it will be difficult for your mood to be influenced by external factors in a negative way.
  7. Learning to do well with others (disinterestedly). Try just smiling at people. Studies have shown that when we meet a smiling person, then we involuntarily start to smile, as if we are “infected” with his good mood. I am always pleased to see a return smile, and at the same time my own happiness does not decrease if I share it, but it becomes very pleasant in my soul from the realization that it has become easier for someone, and he will go into the world with a better mood and, possibly , also "infect" someone with happiness. Over time, you will want to do good things for other people more and more often.
  8. Learning to celebrate the good in others. To make the world brighter, kinder and more pleasant, try to note their good qualities in the people around you, thereby you give them the opportunity to show their best.
  9. We recharge on the nature. For me, the best recharge and inexhaustible sources of energy are yoga and nature. With the help of yoga you can change your inner energy and raise it up, and in nature you seem to be saturated with the energy of the sea, forest, ocean, mountains, rivers, land and clear sky ...

I hope this story will be useful to you and help you start thinking positively through self-awareness. Get started! And you will understand how to think positively and live to the fullest.

What good has happened in your life today?