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How the style of Angelina Jolie has changed from 1994 to the present day


People tend to imitate their idols. They buy the same clothes, use the same perfume, dine in restaurants where celebrities are. Fans have many ways to show their love and devotion, but sometimes these methods become too extreme. 19-year-old Sugar Tabar allegedly did 50 plastic surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie. The results are simply shocking.

Within a few months, the girl had to go through 50 plastic surgeries to become like a star, and it seems that this is not the limit.

Sugar itself has repeatedly acknowledged that "I agree to everything, only to look like Jolie."

In addition to plastic surgery, Sugar constantly dyes hair and uses contact lenses to achieve even greater resemblance to an idol.

To imitate the famous thinness of Angelina Jolie, Sugar has lost up to 40 kilograms.

The appearance of the girl is a constant source of controversy and controversy.

Until recently, the Internet was silent when it came to plastic surgery of adolescents, but today the Sugar account on Instagram simply blew up the information space.

People are worried that the teenager has undergone so many plastic surgeries, and are wondering how the doctors could allow this.

“It is easy for us to sit and discuss all this from the outside, but seriously, the girl should have serious problems with self-esteem. It is not clear why the doctors generally allowed the poor girl to resort to so many surgeries. It is obvious, after all, that the girl needs the help of a professional. This is all very sad. ”

“It's really terrible,” the user writes on Facebook. “On another page, they just posted a photo of Sugar before the operation.”

Others suspect that Sugar suffers from dysmorphophobia and it is this disease that makes it focus on imaginary flaws.
"It is sad. I believe that it is not entirely ethical for doctors to perform such plastic procedures. I am not a doctor, nor a psychiatrist, but it seems to me that the girl has dysmophophobia. This is just my opinion. However, if she is happy, then we have no right to judge her. I think that before the plastic she looked much more beautiful. "

There are also those who question plastic surgery. Some believe that 19-year-old Sugar uses cosmetics and even dentures to look like this.

“Do people really believe that? This is pure Photoshop! You don’t even need to know a lot about Photoshop to understand this. Look at these blurry lines of her body. No doctor would do this to a man! Oh my god guys! ”

“Aw, people, for those who do not know! This is makeup. In fact, she is very beautiful. Stop believing everything they write. This is idiocy. ”

Despite the fact that it is still difficult to say how much Sugar had to change itself, it is bitter to realize the fact that the young girl had to undergo such tests only in order to look like her idol.

Angelina Jolie is not only a world-famous American actress, but also an amazingly beautiful woman whose plump lips and cat's eyes drove crazy more than one million men around the world. Her sexual energy, which is visible with an unaided look, turned her head to Brad Pitt himself, with whom Jolie is officially married. But has always the dizzying beauty Angelina looked like we used to see her today? Let's see.

One of the first photo shoots of young Angie: back in 1994, in the dressing room of the 19-year-old actress, the ball ruled black.

Such a dress in a linen style may be relevant today, but shoes with kilometer noses ... Well, the 90s are behind!

Angelina in the image of Neo from The Matrix and David Dukhovny in a strange brown suit - this photo cannot be forgotten after seeing once.

At the beginning of her career, Angelina Jolie's clothing style was very diverse: she tried on leather trousers, then hypersexual dresses. It is worth noting that nude is very to face Angelina!

It seems that Angie made this set herself under the influence of feelings, combining two curtains in one image. And what are the blue shadows to the eyebrows!

In early 1999, Jolie suddenly appeared before the fans a blonde and in addition tried on a strange outfit in ethnic style. What interesting!

But the love of gloomy images quickly took its toll: Angie dyed her hair gray and from somewhere pulled out a creepy-looking leather skirt on the floor.

During the marriage with Billy Bob Thornton, Angelina devoted not only a tattoo on her forearm to her beloved, but also most of her images. Often Jolie and Thornton were marked by double exits in leather trousers.

Again gray hair and - suddenly - light and gentle image of Angie. True, the jacket was still worth patting.

And in the same year 2000 - hello, old new goth. Angelina tried on the image of Morticia Adams at the Oscars, where Jolie received the coveted figurine in the category "Best Supporting Actress" (the film "Interrupted Life").

The whole world recognized and loved this Jolie (especially the male part): after filming in the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider franchise, the actress adopted the provocative style of her heroine for several years.

Not too successful attempt to look seriously - a massive black dress, "age" pearl thread and eyebrows carefully painted with black pencil.

In 2003, Angie looked simply luxurious: tanned skin, which perfectly harmonizes the color of the dress, shiny hair and a seductive figure. Bravo!

Mini is not Jolie's favorite length, but the rare outlets in short dresses were a success for the star with a bang!

During the filming of the movie Alexander, rumors circulated about Angie’s romance with Colin Farrell. Who would resist such a beauty in red!

Jolie is very gentle, images: silk flying dresses slightly soften the bright appearance of the actress, but do not detract from her attractiveness.

But, of course, one of Jolie's most recognizable outlets is in sexy leather dresses and trousers.

An elegant and light image is not the most familiar for the actress, but definitely worthy of attention.

Over time, Angelina began to appear less often in colored dresses, and in vain - bright dresses also suit her.

Pale porcelain leather, velvet, draperies and a sloppy bun: Angie really looks retro-styled.

Countless leather trousers are clearly a key element of Jolie's basic wardrobe. I wonder how many pairs of such trousers does the actress have?

During the second pregnancy, Jolie preferred feminine and light dresses, emphasizing the appeared softness and roundness.

However, one cannot but appreciate the images in the style of the Greek goddess. Who, if not Jolie, walk these outfits?

An unusual asymmetric cut outfit looks very harmonious on Angie's figure, and bright inserts refresh the image.

Do not know what to wear - put on a leather dress, this is the simplest and most effective recipe for evening outings of the star.

At the premiere of the film “Tourist”, Angelina surprised and struck all those present on the spot with an unexpected choice of attire: the white cashmere dress on the floor looked very stylish.

A rare bright appearance - the green color harmonizes with the eyes of the actress and the color of her hair.

This outfit was unanimously recognized as one of the best at the Golden Globe Award ceremony in 2012, Angie looks like a real red carpet queen in it.

A very successful image, perfect for all fashionistas with a figure like Angie - with a low waist and narrow hips. The notorious feminine forms are easily obtained thanks to the voluminous basque shuttlecock.

The discreet color of the dress is more than compensated by the interesting texture of the fabric and bright eye makeup.

An outlet in the style of Golden Hollywood - a shiny dress with a smell sits perfectly on Angie's figure, emphasizing all the bends, and curls and bright eye makeup harmoniously complement the image.

Unfortunately, Angelina’s most recent release, completing our selection, cannot be called the most successful: the star lost a lot of weight in a couple of years, so she’s better not to choose such outfits. We hope that at the upcoming Academy Award, the actress will again demonstrate her taste and will delight in a stylish and spectacular evening out!

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore, 25 years old and 43 years old

“The truth is that we all are aging, but no one wants to look old. And yet, I prefer not to fight aging. I look at women who do not use fillers and Botox, and I like that by their faces I can read their life story. I want to be natural and understand what kind of changes are happening around, including in my reflection in the mirror, ”Drew said boldly in an interview.

In fact: experts noticed that Drew recently began to look much better. She also does not want to grow old - and long ago she began to struggle with age-related changes. Otherwise, why did the actress inject fillers into her cheekbones? Experts believe that she wanted to raise them slightly to avoid ptosis, and removed the nasolabial folds using contour plastic.

The lips of the star became more plump - this is due to the filler Juvederm, and the forehead smoothed thanks to Botox. Even Drew made rhinoplasty, her nose became chiseled and different from what was in his youth.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, 36 years old and 42 years old

More recently, Angelina opened up with Instyle reporters. She talked about how she’s not afraid to grow old: “I look in the mirror and see how I look like my mother at this age. I see me getting old and I like it. This means that I live. In my face I see all my family. I normally perceive my shortcomings and adequately my age. ”

In fact: Angelina is a big liar, on this she was caught not only by experts, but also by fans, scrolling through collections of photos of different years. As far back as 35, Jolie had rather deep creases on her forehead, facial wrinkles around her eyes, and a contoured oval face.

At 42, she suddenly freshened up. The forehead of the actress has become smooth and now does not express emotions thanks to Botox injections. And facelift (circular facelift) put the oval in place. Angie also improved the quality of the skin using hardware procedures (even her cosmetologist admitted that the actress loves microdermabrasion).

Now Angelina looks better than thirty. And, of course, she does not want her face with wrinkles and bruises to look at her from the mirror.

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore, 40 years old and 57 years old

“I don’t want to blame those people who make Botox, but I don’t think that it helps them to look better. It seems to me that they look as if they really did something with their faces, and those around them instinctively do not find it attractive, ”reporters listened to this philosophy from Moore.

In fact: do not listen to tales that are as amazing as Julianne, at 57 you can only look due to the absence of bad habits and a good face cream. Experts know for certain that Moore did a circular lift. And the result is supported with the help of fillers and the very Botox against which it is allegedly opposed.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum, 19 years old and 44 years old.

“Everyone has their own ideas about what is beautiful and what is ugly. For me, plastic surgery is ugly. Especially when I see redrawn young girls. I think that they will do with themselves at 40, at 50 to hit fans? ”- this is how Heidi told reporters.

In fact: At the dawn of her career, the model made rhinoplasty, closer to her 40s she enlarged her breasts, and then underwent blepharoplasty. And it looks, by the way, chic. So, Heidi, we don’t need to tell us that plastic is ugly. Often the opposite is true, especially when everything is done tastefully and to the best of your ability.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham, 36 years old and 44 years old

“I don't bother about age. I am growing up next to a terrific man - my soul mate. And completely happy, ”said Victoria.

In fact: insiders claim that Victoria is also afraid to grow old. She does not even smile once again to photographers, because she is afraid of facial wrinkles. To prevent wrinkles from showing themselves, experts say she injects Botox, like everyone else in Hollywood.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek, 30 years old and 51 years old.

“I have such a philosophy: beauty is within us, not on the surface. The task of every woman is to find her in herself, to discover it again and again, ”Salma said in an interview.

In fact: at 51, the actress looks great and says that the secret of her youth lies in genetics and grandmother's recipes, which she embodied in her own cosmetic line Nuance. But the experts, looking at the photos of Salma of different years, argue that she did not always look only for her inner beauty. After all, Hayek did rhinoplasty and enlarged breasts.