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Gorgeous - Addams Family: How Actors Have Changed 25 Years Later


Wensday Addams
Publication History
PublisherThe new yorker
DebutThe New Yorker (1938)
AuthorsCharles Addams
Character Characteristics
Full nameWensday Freydy Addams

Wensday Addams (Wednesday Addams) - the character of the famous series of comic books "Addams Family", as well as series, animated series and movies on them.

A quarter of a century ago, they started shooting one of the best films of our childhood, the friendly and magnificent “Addams Family”. We watched it from videotapes in a terrible voice acting - and were happy, although we did not know either the cult series in the USA or famous comics. The film was wonderful for us on its own.

For many girls Wensday Addams performed by Christina Ricci became a role model. We learned to look hard and say cool and cynical things in a cold tone. It turned out, probably, even funnier than in the movies. But for ourselves, we were cool.

Finally, the full boys were found with whom to associate themselves. Soviet cinema only offered them a choice of Donut and Malchish-Plohish, and in import Italian and French all the boys were thin. Nine-year-old macho rounded shapes were happy to quote a few cues Pugsley Addams performed by Jimmy Workman.

Butler Larch (Karel Streuken) literally everyone remembered as “Frankenstein”.

Strange to admit but Martisha Addams (Angelica Houston) seemed to us one of the best moms on Earth. And her image was so impressive that many took it to their first avatars on the Internet. And on the second. And on the fifth. And forever.

Of course we found Gomez Addams very funny, but ... how romantic he was! Sorry, but Raul Julia died in 1994. We did not even have time to grow up.

But cutie Fester Addams (Christopher Lloyd) is alive, continues to act in dark tales, thrillers and noir, and is still charming.

Just think, but once upon hearing the name “Tully,” we were thinking not about Caitlin Stark and her family, but about a lawyer Alford performed by Dan Hedayi. Wow, rascal!

Margaret Alford played Dana Ivy, and we can swear that she has not magically changed a bit!

Grandma Addams was very good. It seemed to some quite a vital type. Theater actress who played her Judith Raspberry died last April from a stroke. R.I.P. By the way, we also learned this abbreviation from the film.

By the way, it's time to find out that the girl whose cookies were not from real scouts was called Amanda Buckman. She was still in the scout camp in the next Addams movie. And played her Mercedes McNab.

The “Addams family values”, by the way, did not disappoint us. Then they still knew how to shoot sequels! Of course, we were damn happy to see the new member of the Addams family, an exact copy of Gomez. So, he was played by a girl! Her name is Kristen hooper. And she did not become an actress later, unlike Ricci and Workman.

And the grandmother actually was not played by Raspberries, but Carol Kane. As they say, the heroine has changed a lot over the summer.

This time, the main villain did not adopt Uncle Fester, but seduced. And no wonder! How to resist charms Debbie Zhellinskyif her plays Joan Cusack?

And with counselor Becky Martin Granger we later met in The Big Bang Theory. It took a while to get used to that now Kristin Baransky - mother of Leonard Hofstedera.

We hated a couple of Grangers. Becky and her husband Gary (Peter McNichol) were too recognizable type.

It remains only to recall the beloved Venzdey Addams, a sad allergic person Joel Glickerwhom she - cheers, cheers! - taught the bad. And not at all in the sense. We were then very moderately interested in “that sense”. And now, some of us, perhaps, will take a look at David Krumholtz with the same interest :)


In the Addams comics, all members of the Addams family were nameless, and for the first time received names in the series. Wensday was named with a hint of the famous English song-comic, namely the line "Whoever was born on Wednesday (English Wednesday) will be full of grief." She is the sister of Pugsley Addams and Pabert and the only daughter of Gomez and Mortishi Addams.


Wensday is a pale, dark-haired girl (hairstyle - two long braids), who loves everything dark and connected with death. Usually dressed in a strict gray dress with a white collar, reminiscent of a school uniform. He rarely smiles. In the pilot episode of the series it is mentioned that she is 6 years old. In the series, she is less gloomy, although she loves to breed spiders. Wensdy is a ballerina. Favorite toy is a doll depicting Marie Antoinette, which her brother guillotines. Speaks judo. In the film, she was interested in the Bermuda Triangle.

Character image and story of his appearance

In 1938, the artist Charles Addams created a comic strip for the newspaper, the main characters of which were members of the fictional Addams family. His work received a huge response from readers who, with great pleasure, acquired a magazine with stories about these heroes. Comics continued for 50 years and ended only after the artist himself was gone.

The main highlight of the history of Charles Addams is that it was created in the genre of black humor. All members of a fictional family had strange hobbies and terrified the people around them. In addition, the heroes had superpowers, thanks to which they did not feel pain.

One member of the Addams family is a girl named Vensday, the daughter of the head of the family and his wife.

Vensdey Addams is a very serious girl with a gloomy disposition, wears a strict uniform resembling school clothes, and collects hair in braids. The heroine almost never smiles, her skin is very pale, her hair is coal black.

Vensday wants to become a ballerina, although he is fluent in martial arts. She likes to inflict pain and suffering on other people. An interesting fact is that all members of the Addams family did not have names, they received them when they first appeared on television. Three films were created about these heroes. The most successful of them is the 1991 film, which was called the Addams Family

Angelica Houston

65 years old, Mortisha Addams

Angelica Houston grew up in a family of filmmakers. Her grandfather Halter Houston is an actor, and father John Houston is a director. Her family is even listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the only acting dynasty in which she won an Oscar for three generations in a row. Angelica made her screen debut in her father’s film, after trying herself as a model, but later returned to the screen. After several small roles, she again played in her father’s film “The Prizzi Family Honor”, ​​for which she received an Oscar as “Best Supporting Actress”.

Angelica lived for 17 years with actor Jack Nicholson, whom she met on the set of the thriller "The Postman Always Calls Twice." The couple broke up when Houston in 1989 found out that his lover, Rebecca Broussard, was pregnant from Jack. As it turned out later, during the affair with Angelica, Jack also had a daughter, Hanni, from the Danish model Vinnie Hallman.

After a hard break with the cheater, the actress married the sculptor Robert Graham, with whom she lived in marriage until his death.

Character Vensday Addams in the movie "Addams Family"

The film "Addams Family" was created on the basis of comics. The plot of the film tells about Addams and their life. Suddenly, a man appears in their house who says that he is Fester - the brother of the head of the family who disappeared more than 20 years ago. In fact, a person posing as a family member wants to steal the Addams gold, which is rumored to be stored in their house.

The hero himself does not even suspect that in fact he is the very Fester for whom he claims to be. Vensdey and his brother are trying to take Fester to clean water and prove to everyone that he is a treasure hunter.

The performer of the character Vensday Addams is actress Christina Ricci. She played in the movie the role of a gloomy and reserved girl, who, however, is not without a sense of humor. For participating in this film, the actress received an award in the nomination "Best Young Actor." After the successful release of the movie, it was decided to remove its continuation. So two more parts of the Addams Family movie project appeared.

Performer of the role of Vensday - Christina Ritchie

American actress Christina Ritchie was born in February 1980 in the city of Santa Monica. Her parents were lawyers and had nothing to do with the world of theater and cinema. Kristina did not enter the theater institute and did not finish any acting courses. Since childhood, she liked to parody people. At 9 years old, the actress made her debut in the world of cinema, playing a role in the melodrama "Mermaids" - as a child, Christina became a performer of one of the main roles.

When the actress got into the movie "Addams Family", she was only 11 years old. However, she coped well with her role and was able to attract the attention of many producers. This work brought the actress the first popularity and love of viewers. Her heroine Vensdey Addams is a good girl, but she is different from her other peers and therefore they do not want to communicate with her.

Other adaptations

The very first film adaptation of the Addams family comics appeared in 1964. It was a black and white television series that consisted of two seasons.

After the release of the movie in 1973, an animated series was created that tells about the adventures of this strange family. He gained great popularity among adolescents.

In 2013, a series was released about an individual family member named Vensday Addams. The name of the actress who became the leading woman is Melissa Hunter. It tells about the heroine, who has already matured and began to live independently. Left without parental supervision, she finally felt free. Wendsey is trying to be normal, but it is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

Raul Julia

1940-1994, Gomez Addams

Even in a private Catholic school during theatrical performances, young Raul realized that he wanted to devote himself to the game, although his parents wanted to see his son as a lawyer. Nevertheless, the future actor moved to New York, where he enlisted in the theater and tried to conquer television. Julia made her film debut in 1971 in Don Medford's film Organization.

Raul Julia was a well-known philanthropist and was involved in charity and humanitarian projects aimed at supporting youth.

In 1994, 54-year-old Raul was diagnosed with stomach cancer. The actor felt a sharp pain and was taken to a hospital, where his condition worsened sharply. Raul suffered a stroke, after which he fell into a coma and died four days later. The film "And the Raven Came Down" with Julia in the title role was released posthumously.

Christopher Lloyd

78 years old, Fester Addams

At the age of 19, Lloyd left Connecticut's native city to conquer New York, where he played on the stage of the Yale Theater with Meryl Streep herself! His first work on the screen was Milos Forman’s film “Flying Over the Cuckoo's Nest,” where Lloyd played a patient in a psychiatric clinic.

The real popularity came to the actor late when the first part of the Robert Zemeckis trilogy “Back to the Future” was released, where Christopher played the brilliant and crazy professor Emmett Brown.

In 1991, in the first part of the Addams Family dilogy, Lloyd played the role of Uncle Fester. By the way, during the filming the actor really shaved his head baldly! To seem lower, Lloyd had to squat throughout the shoot.

Christopher Lloyd practically does not give an interview, he rarely comes out. In the acting environment, the image of a calm and modest man was entrenched in him.

Lloyd has four weddings and the same number of divorces. The fourth marriage to journalist Jane Wood lasted 13 years.

Judith Raspberry

1926−2015, Addams grandmother

Together with her husband, bisexual artist Julian Beck, Raspberry founded the Live Theater, a radical political theater troupe that gained fame in New York and Paris in the 50-60s. In 1963, due to tax problems, the organizers of the troupe were sentenced to 5 years probation, so the actors had to leave the United States and perform in Europe for some time. In 1969, the company decided to split into 3 groups. Someone worked in London, someone in India, and Raspberry and Beck went to Brazil, where they were later detained for 2 months on political charges. A few years after her husband’s death, Judith married the actor and writer Hanon Reznikov, who took over the leadership of the literary part of the Living Theater.

In 2015, Judith died of a stroke.

Karel Streiken

68 years old, butler Larch

In childhood, Karel was diagnosed with gigantism. The growth of the actor is 213 cm, but it was this physical feature that made him famous. In 1978, on a street in Los Angeles, Karelia spotted an agent for a selection of actors. A woman threw a car in the middle of the road and ran to Streken with a request to come to the casting of the film. And so began the career of Karel.

The actor is best known for his role as a giant from the Black Wigwam in the TV series Twin Peaks, his work on the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation, and, of course, the role of a butler in films about the Addams family.

Karel Streiken is the father of two children.

Christina Ricci

37 years old, Wensday Addams

Christina's acting career began at 10 years old. At first, Ricci starred in commercials, then hit the big screen. Ricci made her debut in the movie Mermaids with Cher and Winona Ryder, and then ended up in the cast of The Addams Families, which made her one of the most popular teenage actresses in the early 90s.

Few young actors manage to stay at the peak of popularity and pursue a career, but Ricci succeeded. Gradually, the actress switched to adult work, the first of which was the role in Ang Lee's film “Ice Wind”.

Kristina met with actor Owen Benjamin, whom she met on the site of the film "Everything is Honestly in Love." The couple was engaged, but before the wedding, it never came. In 2013, Christina married cameraman James Hedergen, with whom she worked in the film Pan American. The couple has a son, Freddy.

Jimmy workman

36 years old, Pugsley Addams

The role in "The Family" became a debut in the movie for the young actor, and he got into the film by accident. The producers noticed the boy while his sister Chanel read the role of Wenzdey (which Christina Ricci eventually got). Casting leaders also asked the young man to read an excerpt from the role of Pugsley and approved Jimmy for the role.

Unfortunately, the following roles of Workman were not so vivid and famous. He played in the films “The Black Sheep”, “It Can’t Be Better”, and together with his older sister took part in the filming of “The Big Fan”. In 2011, Jimmy played in the film "Control of Manipulation", after which he did not appear on the big screen. At the same time, Workman continues to work as part of a film crew in film and television.