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How can you become a werewolf in real life at home


3 rituals and 3 legends about how to become a wolf + 2 types of lycans + 10 signs of a wolf in human guise + 10 reasons not to turn into a werewolf.

The transformation of man into a wolf is far from a new topic that has firmly settled in native and foreign mythology.

But is such a transformation possible in everyday life? Do people who are seriously interested in how to become a wolf believe in miracles too much? Can fiction be confused with reality if you consider yourself an adult, intelligent person?

Let's try to consider these issues from all sides.

Spell to become a werewolf

How to become a werewolf at home - there are spells to perform this action and turn into an unusual creature. We cannot say whether it is possible to become a werewolf in real life, but such rites are of interest as traces of ancient beliefs. According to the instructions, in order for the ceremony to turn out, you just need a huge desire.

But before you become a werewolf, find out better who the werewolves are. If you are not ready to take on such responsibility, are not ready to conduct a ritual, then you better not take it. Otherwise, you are angering the higher forces. If you decide to just have fun, then you won’t get a positive result!

There is an opportunity to turn into a werewolf for a while, as needed. This transformation is independent of the moon and other related factors. Previously, magicians needed the ritual to gain extra strength and endurance. The most important thing is to choose the animal you wish to become. Transformation is possible not only into a wolf, but it is possible to become a bear, fox or other animal. For the ritual, you need the blood of the animal in which you want to make a transformation.

Reversible Potion Recipe

Ingredients can not be purchased in special shops. It is not known what there may give out for the blood of the animal of your choice. According to the rules, you must kill such an animal yourself and get blood from it. Then you will be sure that you have received a quality component of your rite. Finally, all you need is to start the mystery of the ritual. It must be done on the full moon. AND

  • the blood of the animal you want to turn into
  • some water from the spring,
  • red glass bottle
  • black candles in the amount of 3 pieces.

Be sure to wait until 12 a.m., then proceed. By candlelight, mix blood and water in one container. What happened should be a little thick.

Spell text

How to become a werewolf in real life, spell:

Blood …. (animal name) give me strength, enter me. Wake your master in me. Give me all the qualities, all the powers, all the power that you have. Make me invulnerable to enemies. Give me strength to fight, give me stamina, endurance, absolute power.

Repeat the spell at least 5 times. Then pour everything into a red bottle, it must be made of glass and hide it. It is important that no one knows where this potion is. You can even bury.

After 7 days you can use this infusion. A conspiracy must be read every day over the potion, this cannot be forgotten !!

It should be used in emergency cases, a few drops will be enough, and you will be invulnerable and strong like the animal whose blood you got. But to become a werewolf, this does not mean to transform into a wolf, bear or fox. A person has enormous power of the animal whose blood he used for the ceremony.

Signs of werewolves - how to recognize them?

How to recognize a werewolf in real life.

To identify the werewolf, you have to work hard. First, you need to know how the person became a werewolf. If this is with a potion, then such a werewolf is almost impossible to calculate. He is the same as all, unremarkable behavior. But if he is a werewolf for other reasons, then you can identify him all the same.

  • Look at the looks of the person you think were a werewolf. Usually such people are rude in appearance. They have high stature, broad shoulders, and rough arms. They have very thick hair and coarse hair.
  • Werewolves communicate with outsiders carefully and deliberately rudely. They do not like abstract topics, do not express their opinions.
  • But such calm is replaced by anger very quickly. This happens to them with a certain cyclical nature. They hold themselves together, but a person’s struggle with himself is clearly visible.
  • You just said hello to him. And he is angry and aggressive. This should definitely alert you. A man, of course, is trying to escape, hide, but can not always control himself.
  • The appearance of the new werewolf does not change in almost anything. Slightly more hair, nails are thicker, eyes are filled with blood, facial features are rough, but this is not so noticeable. Sometimes werewolf growth increases.

A simple ritual to become a werewolf

How to become a werewolf a wolf or a fox - you will need:

  • bat blood
  • wolf or fox fur
  • fresh blood of a lamb.

We put everything into a container and cast a spell:

The forces are dark, I urge you. Fulfill my request, fulfill my command! Make me a werewolf. Make me powerful, omnipotent, able to defeat your enemies with one glance. May I be the master of the animal world, the most powerful and dexterous! Empower me, dark powers, with unprecedented power and might. So that any enemy would be afraid of me, and know that his death would happen if he wanted to harm me. The powers are dark, give me wisdom to use my power for the good, so that it does not cause damage to someone who does not deserve my punishment.

Such a conspiracy must be uttered 13 times. After this, we pour the potion into a dark glass vessel and hide it. Better bury in the ground. In no case should you touch it before the full moon.

Conducting a ritual

In the full moon on the street, with animal fur, stand under the moonlight. You are ready for the ceremony. Rub your entire body with fur soaked in potion. When you are fully plastered, cast a spell:

The power is dark in me. I became a werewolf, consecrated moon, baptized with blood, from now on I’m a brother to wolves and not a brother to ordinary people. As he said, so be it.

After all, remove all the ingredients of the rite. Break and bury the container, always carry a piece of wool with you, but so that no one will ever see it. You are now a werewolf, there is no turning back. So before that, weigh the pros and cons a million times. You cannot always control yourself. Your rage can spread to anyone, even to relatives. One must be careful in conducting such rites.

Transformation without blood and bite

There are some ways that are much easier than described above. Sometimes you can become a werewolf without any effort. For example:

  • Mother was pregnant, and she was bitten by a werewolf, she will give birth to a werewolf,
  • You have werewolves in your family
  • When you are angry with a sorceress, you can get a curse from her and become a werewolf for the rest of your life, but a sorceress can send a death curse, so this method does not always work out,
  • Drink water from the wolf’s trail on the full moon.


But if you did not want to be a werewolf, you were bitten, a curse was sent to you. Remember, you can get rid of it. You are not doomed, believe me. You can never turn into a werewolf. But if you once tried the blood, felt the power of the beast, then as a person you can’t live.

If you nevertheless come to such a decision, it will be difficult for you. This is a dangerous decision. Damage caused can be not only to outsiders, but also to close people. Therefore, before deciding on a spell, weigh everything carefully, and think whether you need it, and is it worth such sacrifices?

Who are the wolf people and what types are they?

The gift of turning into an animal is usually attributed to sorcerers, and in any nation there are stories that their sorcerers could, at their own request, become an eagle, a bear, a fox, and even an insect.

But most often there is a transformation into a wolf, which even received a separate name: lycanthropy.

There are two kinds of people who can turn into a wolf:

    Lycanthropes by birthright. It is believed that lycanthropy is a disease with which you can already be born or acquire it in the process of life, for example, from a bite of a wolf.

A person is not able to control the course of the disease, therefore, turns into a wolf with the onset of the full moon every month. It’s still a pleasure to depend on the lunar cycle, don’t you? Werewolves who received their gift through magic. There are sorcerers who were able to find a ritual (potion, spells), which helps them become a wolf for a while when they need it.

Alas, they are in no hurry to share their secrets.

A werewolf, regardless of how he became one, is made in real life more:

His sense of smell, hearing and vision are improving. Another of the positive acquisitions is animal instinct, which is lacking in our human lives in order to avoid dangers.

Signs of a man who managed to become a wolf

It is difficult to talk about how a person who has turned into a werewolf looks like: like a real wolf or like a monster having both the appearance of a wolf and homo sapiens.

Here it all depends on the imagination of the artist, director and writer.
But we are interested in what people who managed to become wolves look like in real life, right? So you need to turn for information to psychics, esotericists, in general - to those who are connected with the world of magic, to which lycans actually belong.

It is believed that it is almost impossible to identify a werewolf among ordinary people that managed to become such under the influence of a potion or rite, since in real life it is no different from us.

But wolves in human form with the gene of lycanthropy have pronounced features of appearance and behavior that can be considered especially observational:

  1. Powerful physique and tall.
  2. Thick hair throughout the body, especially in men.
  3. Pointy ears.
  4. Strong teeth with protruding incisors.
  5. Fused eyebrows.
  6. Unexpected outbursts of anger.
  7. Moodiness and a rare smile on his face.
  8. Silence and unwillingness to chat on abstract topics.
  9. Caution in words and actions.
  10. Attempts to hide in case of conflict.

Of course, it may happen that all of the above traits of appearance and character came together in one person absolutely by accident, and not at all because he somehow managed to become a wolf.

So do not rush to blame anyone without allegations until you get strong evidence.

The surest (albeit rather dangerous) method is to track who you suspect of full-moon lycanism to see if it turns or not.

If it’s difficult to realize this, then take a look at how the potential wolf looks and behaves in the morning after the full moon. Werewolves can look tired, because they did not sleep all night, be irritable and gloomy.

When you receive evidence, you can ask your friend how he managed to become a wolf. If he tells the truth, then you can join the closed club of wolves.

How to become a wolf? Do you need it?

The attractive muscular Jake from Twilight, for whom Bella nearly abandoned her vampire, the charming strong Scott from Wolf Cub, who defeated enemies much older and stronger than herself, Van Helsing, who only became a lycan, was able to destroy the immortal Dracula ...

And “Another World”, where 5 films are devoted to the confrontation of vampires led by the beauty Beckinsale?

Oh, what can I say - literary and cinematic works about werewolves can be listed for a long time. But does the image of an attractive strong liquor correspond, even with the presence of some difficulties in life, reality?

People who want to become a wolf are welcome to watch a few horror films on a given topic in order to understand what bloody creature that does not control their instincts wants to turn into.

It is possible that you can find a ritual that will help you become a real wolf. But why do you need this?

The disadvantages of being able to become a wolf:

  1. The inability to control oneself in a wolf form, which means a bunch of problems that can be acquired without even knowing about them.
  2. Dependence on the full moon, if you become a real werewolf, and not a “caliph for an hour” under the influence of a spell.

As you can see, it’s not such a simple life for those who managed to become a wolf. So think carefully about whether you should follow suit.

How to become a werewolf at home

It is simple, but a strong desire is needed. Consider what werewolf creatures are.

Not ready to take responsibility for the ritual or do not believe in werewolves - do not anger the higher Dark Forces.

One old rite allows you to turn into a werewolf for a while. The advantage is that you can become one when necessary. You will not depend on the phases of the moon or on other factors.

The ritual was used earlier by dark magicians so that they could gain the strength and stamina of supernatural beings.

Understand what animal you want to turn into - a wolf, a bear, a fox. It is necessary to get the blood of the one in whom you will transform.

It is undesirable to buy such an ingredient in magic shops - it is not known what they slipped. In ancient times, the ancestors killed the animal on their own - they were sure that his spirit would inhabit them when necessary.

When you get the main element, proceed. The ceremony is carried out in the full moon. At this time, werewolf power increases. Make a potion. To do this, you will need:

  • blood of the selected animal
  • some water (always spring),
  • red glass bottle
  • three black candles.

Wait until midnight. At exactly 12 o'clock light candles and mix blood and spring water in one container. Do not make the elixir liquid or thick. Say the spell:

Blood of a wolf (or other animal), give me strength, enter me. Wake your master in me. Give me all the qualities, powers, power that you have. Make me invulnerable to enemies. Give me strength to fight, give me stamina, endurance, absolute power.

Repeat the plot 5 times. Pour the liquid into a pre-prepared red glass bottle. Put the container with the elixir away from prying eyes.

He should stand in a secluded place for seven days. During this time, take out a bottle every day and read the already known conspiracy over it. Over time, you can use the potion. It is used only in emergency situations.

If you feel a strong threat, drink a little liquid. In a few seconds, gain the power of the animal and become invulnerable.

Signs of werewolves - how to recognize evil

It all depends on how the power of the animal is acquired. If you drank a potion - do not distinguish a werewolf from an ordinary person.

Most likely, he will not stand out externally, and his behavior will not arouse suspicion. Other methods can be determined.

Pay attention to the appearance of the alleged werewolf. Usually people who turn into a werewolf have a rough appearance, tall, broad shoulders, on the body a dense hairline.

In communication with other werewolves are careful and rude. Do not talk on abstract topics, do not express their opinion. However, calm can be replaced by sharp flashes of unbridled anger.

This happens at intervals. On some days, people become uncontrollable. They try to restrain themselves, to fight with themselves.

A simple greeting can infuriate a werewolf, and an innocently thrown joke will lead to scandal. With the manifestation of aggression, a person tries to hide so that they cease to notice him.

Appearance will not change much. The hairline will slightly increase, the nail plates will lengthen and thicken, the eyes become bloodshot, the face takes on rougher features. Sometimes it may seem that a person is getting taller and bigger.

This is more of a myth than reality. It is impossible to become a werewolf so as to take on the form of a wolf, fox, bear, other animal. The art of reincarnation is to endow oneself with the power of animals without losing their human appearance.

How to become a werewolf

Perform a ritual to transform. You will need:

  • bat blood
  • animal fur (wolf and fox),
  • fresh blood of a young lamb,
  • some opium.

Put all the ingredients in a container, say the spell:

The forces are dark, I urge you. Fulfill my request, my command! Make me a werewolf - powerful, omnipotent, able to defeat your enemies with one glance. Make me master of the animal kingdom so that no one can stand in my way and cause me damage. Give me unprecedented power and might. So that not a single enemy could step on my path and be afraid of me, and know that death awaits him, if he wants to harm me. Give me the wisdom to use my power for good, so as not to cause damage to someone who did not deserve my punishment.

The plot is read over the liquid 13 times, then the finished potion is poured into a small vessel of dark glass. Cover with a thick opaque cloth. Do not touch the contents to the full moon.

On this day, take out the finished potion and go outside. Take a large piece of fur (like wolf). Stand so that the light of the moon illuminates you completely.

Dip the fur in an elixir and rub the body completely. As you cover yourself with magical fluid, say:

The dark power is now in me. Вервольфом отныне стал, луной освященный, кровью крещеный, отныне брат я волкам и не брат простым людям. Как сказал, так пусть и будет.

Уничтожьте признаки ритуала. Уберите емкость. Hide the wool in the house or carry it with you so that no one sees the attribute.

From now on, you are initiated into werewolves, and there is no turning back. Therefore, before conducting the ceremony, weigh the pros and cons.

Remember that even though you asked the higher powers of wisdom not to harm your near and dear ones, this does not mean that you can control the rage. Be careful with the ceremony and carry out only in the most extreme cases.

How easy it is to turn into a werewolf

You can become this creature if:

  • your pregnant mother was bitten by him,
  • one of the werewolf’s relatives,
  • angered by the sorceress, and she cursed eternal life in his guise. The method is dangerous, since the witch can cause damage to death, and not curse languor in the guise of a beast,
  • drank water from the wolf’s footprint at exactly midnight on the full moon,
  • killed the animal you want to turn into, skinned and wear thirteen days on your naked body. However, the effectiveness of the method is not very high,
  • use a belt.

The attribute is smeared with the fresh blood of the slaughtered animal and worn on the victim.

If you were bitten or passed on to the gift of a werewolf through a generation, this does not mean that you are doomed.

You may not become a werewolf. The process is irreversible if one day you learn the taste of human blood and flesh.

Being a werewolf in real life is difficult. Using spells that can turn into a monster is dangerous for you and your loved ones. Before you perform a ceremony that will endow animal power, think about whether it is worth doing.

Become a wolf? And what do legends say about this?

There are a great many legends about how a person managed to become a werewolf. Each nation has similar stories.

Perhaps reading them will tell you how to join a closed club of lycans.

Here are the most popular legends about wolves in human guise:

    North American Indians. An angry man, constantly wearing a wolf skin, is able to acquire the character traits of this animal, and gradually learn to turn into it.

But first you will have to do many evil deeds so that the powers of darkness give you a chance to become a wolf. Slavic. Our ancestors believed that the werewolf was a man turned into a wolf. Its resemblance is changed by an evil sorcerer and it is enough to find an “antidote” (potion, spell, beauty's love) in order to regain its human appearance.

So - try looking for a sorcerer who wants to make you a wolf. Classical The main version of the origin of lycans is the bite of this monster that an ordinary person experiences. Almost all nations have legends about this.

The only thing left is to find the magic wolf and ask him to bite you.

How to turn into a wolf

How to become a wolf: rites

The description of the rituals with which you can become a wolf is freely available. But no one will answer whether they will help you or not.

If you are willing to take risks and contact the forces of darkness, try one or more of the rites that you will find in the tablet below.

The best time for rituals to become a werewolf is the full moon.

Rite DescriptionSpell
1.Get the blood of a bat, lamb and tincture of opium, as well as the skin of a wolf (a fur coat from this beast is not good, you need a skin).
Mix both blood and opium in a bowl and 13 times above it, read the text of plot No. 1. Cover the bowl with a black cloth, place it in a cool, dark place, and leave it until the next full moon.
When the moon rises again in the sky, take out the potion, go outside, undress, rub your body with infused blood and throw a wolfskin onto your naked body.
Read plot number 2.
Now it remains only to destroy the traces of witchcraft by bathing and burying away all the objects that you used for the ritual.

Conspiracy number 1.
The forces are dark, I urge you. Fulfill my request, fulfill my command! Make me a werewolf. Make me powerful, omnipotent, able to defeat your enemies with one glance. Make me master of the animal kingdom so that no one can stand in my way and cause me damage. Empower me, dark powers, with unprecedented power and might. So that not one enemy could not step on my path and was afraid of me, and knew that he was waiting for his death, if he wanted to harm me. The powers are dark, give me wisdom to use my power for the good, so that it does not cause damage to someone who does not deserve my punishment.
Conspiracy number 2.
The dark power is now in me. From now on, Werewolf became a consecrated moon, baptized with blood, from now on I’m a brother to wolves and not a brother to ordinary people. As he said, so be it.
2.Kill the wolf yourself. Take out his brain and drain a little blood.
In the full moon, cover the table with a black tablecloth, light 3 red candles, which need to be placed around a plate with wolf brains and a cup with its blood.
Eat a piece of the brain and drink some of its blood, and then cast the spell.
My brains and your brains merged, O Great Wolf, our blood mixed. So give me your strength and your protection from enemies. Make me invincible and invulnerable.
3.Find a wolf’s footprint in the forest. Pour spring water brought with you into it and enjoy from the puddle formed. After you need to wear 3 days without removing the wolf skin. By the next full moon, you should feel the change.

There is another way that is not related to magic, but rather to psychology. It is believed that in every person there is a beast in the stomach and the only thing needed to become a wolf is to release this beast to freedom.

Develop your subconscious. Learn to think like a wolf. Imagine what you could feel if you became this beast.

But here it is important not to overdo it, so as not to end up in a crazy house, where you will be pacified by a shirt with long sleeves and medicines.

It is possible that you will find a recipe for becoming a wolf. And then in the future you will regret that you have become a monster of your own free will, but you will not be able to return anything back.

Remember that there are errors that cannot be fixed later. So maybe it's better to restrain yourself and not do stupid things?