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US average teacher salary


No matter where in the world you are, education will occupy a key place in society everywhere. Just not in every country the situation of teachers corresponds to their real significance. The last remark does not apply to the United States. American teachers receive one of the largest salaries in the world, they are confident in their social security, and the process of their education is incredibly diverse, which gives students the opportunity to shape their individual teaching image.

Obtaining professional teacher education

Teacher education in the USA is received at colleges, institutes and universities. The system, as for other specialties, is three-stage: undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs. There are several training models. One is prevalent mainly in colleges. In it, special pedagogical disciplines interspersed with general education subjects. Another model is accepted at universities, institutes and a number of colleges. Following it, the first few years students receive special education in the subject that they plan to teach, and in the last year they take a course in professional pedagogy. Usually it includes theoretical disciplines and one to three months of practice.

In any university, additional courses are provided that help to improve professional skills. They speak, talk about modern teaching methods, teach different approaches to the child and psychological techniques.

Requirements for a teacher at different levels of education

For teachers in kindergartens and elementary grades, the minimum requirements are the presence of a bachelor's degree, the subsequent passage of trainings and passing exams. An important condition is continuous training, so many will immediately receive a master's degree.

The basic requirements for middle and high school teachers are the same as for primary teachers. The only difference is that at the second and third levels of education, teachers are certified in one or several subjects, when as an elementary school teacher, he has a multidisciplinary specialization.

Teachers of higher education institutions must have relevant experience and qualifications. This means having a doctorate and conducting ongoing research.

The beginning of a career as a teacher in the United States

Regardless of whether you received education in America or came as a ready-made specialist, you need to get a professional license to get started. Pedagogy in the USA is diverse, certification requirements depend on the state, your specialization and the educational level at which you want to work. So, in some cases, professional suitability is confirmed by passing some tests (for example, Praxis I). Sometimes a specialist needs to go through a preparatory program and pass an exam. Accreditation is not required if you plan to become a tutor or work in private schools.

In universities, institutes and public schools, even after receiving all the necessary papers and licenses, it’s so simple that you will not be allowed to see children. The first step in the professional life of a young teacher is mentoring or mentoring. At this time, the senior teacher helps the beginner to adapt, create his own individual style and develop assignments for students.

Proof of Professional Excellence

In order to work in America, a foreign teacher must first confirm his diploma. Results may vary. If the curriculum of your university corresponds to the basic program in the USA, all that remains is to get certification. Otherwise, you will have to go through additional educational courses at schools, centers or universities. They are very common in America and are popular even among local professionals as continuing education programs.

Admission to US universities

All universities for teachers in the United States have a special vision of their future student, so the requirements for admission are different. For example, some colleges do not take common language and standardized tests, but arrange their exams. However, the conditions for admission are largely the same. Below we have given the common requirements for foreign applicants.

School average salary

U.S. educators in high schools receive about $ 4,800 per month of work. Salary levels vary by region. For example, in California and New York, wages are $ 7,500, and in South Dakota, $ 3,200.

In addition, salary depends on the following factors:

  • Type of school
  • Kudos to the school and its place in various educational ratings,
  • State
  • Work experience
  • Teacher qualifications.
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Features of work

The number of teachers in the country is several million people. Of these, 76% are women, and 24% are men. The load on one teacher may be different depending on the state, which is one of the determining factors in the formation of salaries.

The working week of a university teacher, teacher in a school or kindergarten should be 40 hours a week, leave is two months in the summer. During this period, teachers have the right to work in other institutions.

The following factors also affect wage levels:

  • Extracurricular work,
  • School team training,
  • Leadership circles
  • Conducting additional classes,
  • Level of higher education,
  • A certificate that confirms the specialization in pedagogy, or diplomas confirming qualifications in the subjects taught,
  • The results of exams that teachers take for work in public schools. This allows you to get a teaching license.

Obtaining such a document provides the right to work only within one state.

If you wish, you can issue a so-called nationwide license, which allows teaching in different cities.

Teachers who own this type of license receive high salaries, bonuses and bonuses. In total, the amount will be up to 150 thousand dollars a year.

Thus, the salary of a teacher in the United States will grow in proportion to the experience that a teacher gains.

The principles of payroll

The average salary of teachers of various educational institutions in America is 50-70 thousand dollars a year. Despite the increase in remuneration at a university, school or kindergarten, teachers practically do not feel anything. This is due to the ever-increasing inflation rate, so the salary level actually grows a little more than 1% over 10 years.

A positive aspect in the teacher’s work is that it is possible to take advantage of benefits, insurance, and high pensions.

The obvious differences in salaries are not traced at the state level, but this can be seen against the background of the states. For example, a teacher in a private school, college, university, or kindergarten teacher in the United States earns the most money than educators in public and public schools.

At the same time, teachers' salaries in America are lower than salaries in Japan, Turkey, and South Korea.

The gradation in payroll varies significantly between states. Young specialists who have recently graduated from a university should work on average from 5 to 25 years, in order to receive the maximum salary. Such a gap exists due to various requirements, incentive systems, accrual of bonuses and bonuses. The following premium system exists:

  • Extra charges in the amount of 1 - 4.5% of the basic salary,
  • Establishment of limits for premiums that cannot exceed 1 thousand dollars. Such amounts are enshrined in the states of Virginia, Vermont and Washington,
  • In Georgia and neighboring states there are two types of bonuses, the size of which is 25 and 50 thousand dollars.

In America, a novice specialist can receive 8 thousand dollars less than university graduates working in other fields. Over the years, this gap widens and can reach 23 thousand.

The formation of a salary is also affected by the fact that a teacher works only 1314 hours a year, and specialists in other fields - 1928 hours. It does not take into account that teachers work at home, go to conferences, write articles, and constantly improve their qualifications. But, despite this, teachers receive less than IT employees, economists, accountants, etc. This suggests that the more people worked hours, the more they can get.